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Before we start with the news from Israel and the Middle East, I couldn’t help but notice all the hoopla this past week in the U.S. concerning certain celebrities and athletes supporting Louis Farrakhan, yemach shmo.

I certainly don’t think these folks should be given a pass (they should all certainly be banned from Israel and all Jewish institutions and events); however, I think it’s important to point out how incredibly cognitively challenged they all are. It’s like a who’s who of stupidity.


Ice Cube and Madonna have a combined IQ of 7, and I’m not sure which of them has the 4. There are a ton of Jewish comedians out there – where they at right now? It’s time to mock these morons unceasingly. Happy to do my part. On to the news!


Not Just in Iran

As seemingly cyber-activated explosions continue to rock Iran, Israeli apparently launched at least three attacks on Iranian allied targets in Syria Monday night. Tons of damage was caused and it appears somewhere between 5-10 Iranians/Iranian allies were killed.

Most of those killed are reported to be Syrian, but Hezbollah announced that one of their members was killed and unconfirmed reports have an Iranian general being killed as well. A little different than what was going on during “The Three Weeks” period a few thousand years ago.



The only thing seriously attacking Israel right now is the coronavirus. The number of newly-infected continues to grow, but some experts say that it’s leveled off and things will start getting better soon. Others say the opposite.

Unfortunately deaths continue to climb as does the number of seriously ill. Of course, many people are recovering as well. It’s very confusing.

There is a solid game of tug of war going on between Prime Minister Netanyahu and some of his fellow Likud Knesset members over which restrictions should be put in place to stem the spread of the virus. An announcement will be made that restaurants are closing, but then the Knesset committee will vote to reopen them right away. Same with gyms and pools.

It’s pretty funny and so Jewish. Pretty confusing times. Some good news is that it was announced this week that Jewish students from the Diaspora will be allowed into Israel to study at yeshivos and seminaries. This is very important for their Jewish identity and also for the Israeli economy.


Extending Sovereignty

Nothing. Continued silence. I still think it’s going to happen. As Winston Churchill said, “I’m an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.”


Chevron – No, Not That Chevron

Chevron – not the biblical city, but the energy superpower company – has purchased a large share in the natural gas rigs off the Israeli coast from Noble Energy.

It’s a multi-billion dollar deal and has the potential to advance Israel’s now vast natural gas holdings to new markets around the world. Some nice economic news during some generally rough economic times.


Protests Continue

Protests against Prime Minister Netanyahu have continued. This week, the protesters were more honest about their political leanings – very left – and even raised a “Palestinian” flag at one point in Paris Square in Jerusalem. If Netanyahu doesn’t get moving on extending sovereignty, some “right-wing” folks out there might take to the streets too.


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Rabbi Ben Packer is the director of the Jerusalem Heritage House.