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One of my friends mentioned to me a recipe involving pastrami cooked overnight and gnocchi. It sounded complicated, but amazing. I was determined to make a dish like this, but in my own way. Normally one associates pasta with cheese and milchigs, but there’s something about pairing meat or chicken with pasta that is unsurpassed. I always order these types of dishes in fleishig restaurants, as I find them satisfying and delicious. It’s also a great dish to make on Chanukah, a different alternative to so much dairy.

I chose boneless flanken, because when it cooks in a slow cooker, it literally gets so soft it falls apart. When paired with the gnocchi, it is comfort food at its finest. Gnocchi and meat can be super heavy and filling, so I added a bright green pop of asparagus for a crunch element. Try it, I am sure you will love it! #yumyumyum



Flanken Gnocchi (Serves 4-6)


2 frozen packages of gnocchi (Pasta Authority)
2 lbs. boneless flanken
1 bunch asparagus
2 c. cabernet sauvignon
2 tbsp. onion soup mix
½ tsp. coffee
½ c. BBQ sauce
Garlic Salt
Olive Oil



Place the flanken in a crockpot.

Add the coffee, garlic salt, BBQ sauce, onion soup mix, and the wine.

Turn the crockpot to low and let the meat cook for 6 hours.

Add 1 tsp. cornstarch mixed with a cup of water to the liquid in the crockpot to thicken it before serving.

You can also pull the flanken apart to bite-sized pieces.

Then, boil the gnocchi for a few minutes according to package directions. Drain well.

Add the gnocchi to the crockpot and stir.

Wash and check the asparagus well. Trim into bite-sized pieces and sauté in olive oil with some garlic salt on high heat for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. The asparagus should still have a crunch and bite to it.

Toss the asparagus into the crockpot and mix all the ingredients together.

Turn the crockpot off and serve immediately.


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