Remote Learning – A First World Problem?

I shared with my kids that many teachers in impoverished countries didn’t have internet access at home ... they couldn’t afford to use the (very slow) dial-up access for very long, and the bandwidth wouldn’t be able to accommodate Zoom.

Appreciating Tradeoffs And Living Your Rich Life

When deciding where to live, there may be a tradeoff between the percentage of your income that goes towards housing costs and the number of options for frum amenities which are more plentiful in high cost of living communities.

Yisro: History’s First Management Consultant

Next time you find yourself burdened by the weight of a task, know that you aren’t G-d and that it’s okay to ask for some assistance.

The View From Above

Moshe's actions on top of the hill displayed a complete trust in G-d that deeply affected everyone. By emulating Moshe, the people became worthy of salvation.

Affording A Frum Lifestyle: Increase Your Household Income

You may be surprised how many companies would be open to having the right candidate work remotely regardless of their location.

The Calendar In Egypt And The Modern Workplace

It is important to take a step back to appreciate our ability to track and measure time, one of the prime examples and expressions of freedom in the Torah.

The Interview: Learning From Moshe Rabbeinu

I lacked belief in myself and my innate talents. Growing up in Pharaoh's home I learned a great deal about leadership, however I also noticed the tension between “being there for the masses and being there for the missus,” that is, my wife.

Affording A Frum Lifestyle: The Benefits Of Relocating

Housing is the obvious example of potential cost-saving by moving. I am always astounded when friends and clients in other parts of the country tell me how much they spend to purchase a new home.

Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE)

Yosef had committed 14 years of his life to what was likely a very demanding role in the public spotlight, with thousands, if not millions, depending upon him. Perhaps Yosef decided that it was OK to step down.

Od Avinu Chai

As the secular year draws to a close, it’s a great opportunity to review not just our contributions to our family, community and workplaces, but to evaluate our spiritual performance and consider our spiritual legacy.

Affording A Frum Lifestyle: A Proactive Approach

None of these strategies are easy, but they may all be effective when taken seriously.

The Importance Of Being Second

Although the environments in which Yosef finds himself are radically different, upon closer inspection, he plays a similar role in each of these situations.

The Varied Career Path Of A Rabbi

How does one approach a career in a field with so many options, where it is unclear what step will come next, and how one’s career trajectory will play out?

Nissim, Niflaot, And The Power Of Compound Interest

Some readers may be concerned about putting all their money into the stock market since its fluctuations can be nerve-racking.

Daniel, Nevuchadnezzar And Lessons on Success

If there is one lesson that we can learn from this, it is that no matter the degree of our success, all of our accomplishments come from one source: on high.

Downsize, Upsize, Or Stay Where I Am?

Downsizing is a great time for retirees to go through their own things and dispose of items that they no longer need. It’s also a great opportunity to gift more sentimental items to children, grandchildren, or charity.

Learning To See

Many people can list their weaknesses with relative ease (just don’t do that on an interview please!), but have a harder time claiming their unique strengths.

Climbing The Career Ladder: Struggle Or Opportunity

Let’s remember that we are “Children of Israel” and in our DNA is the courage to continue, and even the ability to thrive, despite the struggles we face.

Name Dropping

As we approach the biggest travel period of the year, be open to striking up a conversation with the person standing in line with you before boarding, or seated next to you on the plane or bus.

Keeping Up With The Goldsteins And The Importance Of An Investment Policy Statement

You will hear all about the investments on which your friends made a windfall but will never hear about the duds that cost them a fortune.

The Measure Of A Woman (Or Man)

Regardless of where you are in life, start preparing now for the next time you are asked, ‘Tell me about yourself.’

Jewish Communal Fund Sends Out Record-Breaking $456 Million in Grants in FY 2019

In FY 2019, JCF distributed 23 percent of assets, well above the industry average.

Answering to a Higher Authority

Forget every business manual out there, Eliezer Gross looks to Hashem for every business decision he needs to make - no matter how big or small.

Star-Studded Speakers List Unveiled for Upcoming Anglo-Israeli Business Conference in Yerushalayim

Attendees at the conference will have the opportunity to personally network with the presenters and follow up on a one-on-one basis.

Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce Endorses Minister Ze’ev Elkin for Yerushalayim Mayor

Religiously observant, Minister Elkin made a major kiddush Hashem when he walked a great distance one Shabbos to receive urgent medical care.

2018 J-Biz Spurs Powerful Networking; Atracts Leaders in Business, Government and Major Media

Judging by the plethora of Israeli entrepreneurs at J-biz, the event made a particular mark on the Israeli economy and US-Israel relations this year.

New Details: J-Biz Expo and Business Conference to Feature Star Presenters and More

These speakers and others will cover the gamut of topics that will help both new and seasoned entrepreneurs find greater success: real estate, marketing, e-commerce, communications, entrepreneurship and more.

Hundreds Attend Trailblazing ‘Anglo-Israeli Empowerment Conference’ in Jerusalem

Over three dozen exhibitors showcased their business and/or services.

Venture Capital Pioneer Dr. Erel Margalit and Other VIPs to Present at “Anglo-Israeli Empowerment...

Dr. Margalit founded the famed “Jerusalem Venture Partners” firm, which has raised over $1.1 billion in investment capital and spearheaded some of the most successful business ventures in Israel, the United States and Europe.

Leading Anglo-Israeli Business Figures RSVP to Network at OJC’s Inaugural Israel Networking Event

This is the place to be if you want to broaden your horizons and make inroads in the Anglo-Israeli business world and beyond.


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