The Great New York Earthquake Of 2024: Lessons For Financial Preparedness

Unpleasant surprises that induce feelings of helplessness can also strike our personal finances. In fact, the likelihood of adverse financial events impacting our nest eggs is far higher than experiencing an earthquake.

The Seder’s Annual Reminder: How To Be More Intentional With Our Finances

The essence of this message is simple. It’s to continue living by the same traditions and values that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Remembering Daniel Kahneman: The ‘Zeidy’ of Behavioral Economics

The biggest stumbling block for many investors is themselves. The tendency for people to get in their own way is usually what prevents folks from achieving success in the markets.

Personal Finance Rules Of Thumb (With A Frum Twist)

This week I’ve decided to compile some popular rules of thumb to share with readers and offer my own thoughts on the relevance of each rule. Keep in mind that it’s OK if your personal situation doesn’t alight exactly with every rule.

Are Annuities A Good Investment?

Annuities have a bad reputation, and rightfully so. In my opinion, they are a jungle of high fees, moving parts, and lack of transparency. In short, they are not usually the best choice.

The Golden Calf, Vanderbilts, And Touro Synagogue: Money Lessons From The Parsha

When I meet with affluent families, I endeavor to frame money as a tool and not a scorecard. Communicating this viewpoint is often even more impactful than the investment recommendations or tax mitigation strategies I implement on their behalf.

The Most Important Financial Decision: Who You Decide To Marry

I share this dose of reality: You don’t get a pass on math. If you do not have a high household income, you can’t live an extravagant lifestyle. You will need to make compromises on where and how you live.

We Just Sold Our Home For $2.5 Million – What Do We Do With...

To get you started, below I share some common discussion points that come up frequently in my practice when strategizing with folks who just sold their primary residence and are also approaching retirement.

Sticking With Your Learning And Financial Resolutions In 2024 And Beyond

When it comes to personal finances, there are also many cool things out there. However, the determinant of success always comes down to sticking to the basics.

ParkBridge’s Outlook For 2024: Seven Mistakes To Avoid In The New Year

As I say every year, it’s important to keep in mind that these predictions are nothing more than educated guesses, wishful thinking, and marketing.

Seven Ways To Invest In Israel Today Given The War In Gaza

There are also other ways of advocating for Israel. This may include peaceful rallies and writing letters to your local politicians. While it may feel like our elected officials have their own agenda, the reality is they like their jobs and can’t totally ignore their constituents.

Financial Planning Checklist: 20 Ideas To Consider Before Year-End

The end of the secular year typically coincides with certain deadlines. It is also a great opportunity to set the stage for a financially successful new year.

Thanksgiving: A Time To Be Thankful (Even During Challenging Times)

No matter how challenging the environment, there is always reason for hope and items for which to be grateful. This is true for life as well as investing.

Is College Still A Good Investment?

When I discuss college planning strategies with clients, I typically focus on how to afford these steep tuition costs.

The Reverse Obituary

I’m inspired by the people all over the world, Jews and non-Jews alike, who are donating time, money, supplies, and food, to help defend Israel.

Back To The Basics: Using The “Bucket Approach” To Financial Planning

For any reader who made it through this article, congratulations! You now know more about financial planning than the overwhelming majority of your friends and fellow countrymen!

Back To The Basics: Investing Is Like A Birthday Cake

Technically, stocks have unlimited upside. That’s why they may be the best vehicle for long-term investors who need their money to outpace inflation over that long period.

Why My Year In Israel Was One Of The Best Investments I Have Ever...

The theme of living a Torah lifestyle became much more important to me and guides my decision-making process today.

Reflecting On The Past Year: 6 Lessons For Investing And Life

One of the biggest determinants of financial success is the ability to stick with a strategy through many different environments.

What Should My Son Do With The Money He Made This Summer Working As...

At this stage of your child’s life, the most important thing is to engage them in discussion about basic financial literacy.

Should I Incur Credit Card Debt To Pay Yeshiva Tuition?

While sacrifices need to be made to live a frum lifestyle, NO family should be expected to accumulate credit card debt to send their kids to yeshiva. It's the yeshiva’s responsibility to do more to help parents in this scenario!

Mid-Year Financial Checklist

Freeing up cash from unnecessary expenses can give you the flexibility to spend more on areas that are more meaningful for you, like family, vacation, or making necessary home improvements.

I’m Proud To Be An American Investor

The urban legend is that in honor of Haym Salomon's pivotal contributions the 13 stars, representing the colonies, on the back of the dollar bill were arranged in the shape of the Star of David.

Laid Off Before You’re Ready To Retire? What To Do Now?

It’s important to note that while you are allowed to collect Social Security and unemployment benefits simultaneously, depending on where you live, your unemployment benefits might be reduced.

The Futile Pursuit Of Perfection: Lessons For Torah Study, Life, & Investing

Sensitivity to taxes can also manifest itself in portfolio construction. Certain investments are more tax efficient than others.

Is It Wrong To Go On A Lavish Pesach Program?

I don’t oppose lavish vacations. In fact, as long as someone is living within their means, saving for their future, and giving to tzedakah, they should be able to go on the most extravagant and over the top vacation that they want.

Shidduchim & Money: Should Finances Play A Role In Who My Child Decides To...

Yes, finances are a very important consideration when dating. In fact, I would rank it among the most important criteria.

The Four Sons And Striving For Investment Simplicity

Sadly, there is no combination that is more dangerous to your nest egg than overconfidence mixed with a lack of experience.

Is My Money Safe In A Bank?

Start-up companies were the bank’s major clients, and they tend to borrow a lot of money. When rates were low, business was easier. When rates climbed, it became much more expensive to run their business and things gradually became more challenging for them.


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