Shenkman’s 2023 Personal Finance Outlook

Investors should remember that despite what is happening in the world, the markets and humankind have always prevailed.

Beyond The Numbers: Retirement And Investing Lessons From My Zeidy

Little did he know that he taught me much more about investing and retirement planning than the training program at a major Wall Street bank early in my career.

The Best Gift For Chanukah This Year Is A Good Financial Advisor: Here’s How...

It’s tempting for clients to want their fees to be the lowest possible. However, working with someone just because their fees undercut the competition may be shortsighted.

Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps: A Frum Person’s Perspective

For folks who are deep in debt, getting to a $1,000 emergency fund is a big accomplishment.

Personal Finance & Thanksgiving: There Is Much To Be Thankful For

I am also thankful that we have a well-established system for handling bankruptcy just in case an investor overextends themselves on any speculative investments. Most people deserve a second chance after they learn from their mistakes.

Supporting Kollel Kids And Retirement: A Difficult Puzzle To Solve

High-interest debt is a cancer to personal finance. It can quickly grow out of control and become insurmountable. To dig yourself out of your financial hole and begin building wealth, you need to get rid of your loans.

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Home?

Attempting to time your home purchase with the optimal market conditions is like trying to time when to invest in the stock market. In both situations, you will most likely not be successful.

A Time For Spiritual & Financial Introspection

The social pressures that come with living in a tight knit community or having a close group of friends may be some of the most difficult money challenges to overcome.

Creative Strategies for Giving Tzedakah

These trusts are a wonderful way to benefit charity and achieve a family’s retirement and estate planning goals in a tax advantaged manner.

Student Loan Forgiveness: What It Means For The Future Of Higher Education

Current estimates suggest that Biden’s program would cost around $300 billion, or about $2,300 per U.S. household. While this burden would not actually be shared equally across all households, it provides some perspective on the cost of the program.

High Holiday Seats, Building Campaigns, And A Framework For Giving

Many congregants feel the costs to daven in shul are unwelcome or unnecessary. Their frustrations are valid. A frum lifestyle is expensive, and shelling out more money is a challenge for many.

Affording College: Important Considerations For Every Parent

Any college-bound person should fill out the FAFSA a year prior to matriculation. Remember, your family doesn’t need to have a low income to qualify for assistance.

College Is A Financial Decision: Plan Accordingly

College is an investment: Don’t let any admissions officer, friend or family member sway you with less important factors like campus life, extracurricular activities, junior year abroad options, national rankings, how many alumni are Nobel laurates, or the university’s sports team.

What Is Bitcoin And Should It Be In My Portfolio?

If you are baffled by this definition, you are not alone. Yet, this confusion hasn’t stopped many folks from enthusiastically investing in and utilizing this asset.

Should I Pay For The Young Couple’s Shana Rishona In Israel?

While you seem less enthusiastic about your son’s plans, your in-laws may be ecstatic about the idea. They may be more than willing to pick up the tab.

Money Advice Every Parent Should Give Their Children

Financial planning is not only about the accumulation of wealth, it is also about the transmission of values to the next generation.

The 10 Commandments Of Personal Finance

There is a tendency for investors to find, and pile into, the hot investment du jour... When things go south, having an overly concentrated position in any one area of the market can be devastating.

Enjoy Your Herring And Retirement Too

Besides mortgage and insurance payments, there is a myriad of costs associated with maintaining a home. It’s important to factor in these annual upkeep costs to ensure you are purchasing a home that you can actually afford.

Should We Get Out Of California?

Despite what may seem like my impassioned defense of Los Angeles, I have only been there as a visitor. I can appreciate a great dinner with friends at Pat’s on Pico... However, I can’t pretend to fully understand the daily struggles of the average frum family there.

Pesach Cleaning And Portfolio Maintenance

Taking the time to go through a checklist of items to ensure that your investments and financial plan are all up to date is imperative to achieving one’s goals.

Should We Be Concerned About Inflation?

If you are a few years from retirement or in retirement, inflation becomes a bigger concern. You may no longer have a paycheck, can’t take as much risk with your portfolio, and don’t necessarily have the luxury of waiting out a long inflationary cycle.

Investment Strategy For Turbulent Times

It’s important to remember that this is not the first time that the world has been on edge.

New Research On The Finances Of Orthodox Jewish Life: Lessons For All

One of my most interesting observations is that the folks who accumulated the most assets were often not the ones with the highest incomes.

Is Spending Yeshiva Break In Florida Financially Prudent?

The rule of thumb is to have three to six months’ worth of expense money in your account as a cushion in case a need arises.

Appreciating Tradeoffs And Living Your Rich Life

When deciding where to live, there may be a tradeoff between the percentage of your income that goes towards housing costs and the number of options for frum amenities which are more plentiful in high cost of living communities.

Affording A Frum Lifestyle: Increase Your Household Income

You may be surprised how many companies would be open to having the right candidate work remotely regardless of their location.

Affording A Frum Lifestyle: The Benefits Of Relocating

Housing is the obvious example of potential cost-saving by moving. I am always astounded when friends and clients in other parts of the country tell me how much they spend to purchase a new home.

Affording A Frum Lifestyle: A Proactive Approach

None of these strategies are easy, but they may all be effective when taken seriously.

Nissim, Niflaot, And The Power Of Compound Interest

Some readers may be concerned about putting all their money into the stock market since its fluctuations can be nerve-racking.

Downsize, Upsize, Or Stay Where I Am?

Downsizing is a great time for retirees to go through their own things and dispose of items that they no longer need. It’s also a great opportunity to gift more sentimental items to children, grandchildren, or charity.


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