What is the Law of Attraction? According to David Steele, the founder of the Relationship Coaching Institute, is simply this: Be the partner that you are seeking. Live your life authentically and consciously, knowing the more you express who you really are, the easier it will be to attract a partner who will love you because of who you are, instead of in spite of it.


   This means that if you want to have a particular life style that is free, fun-loving, not rigid or guided by a career, parents or anyone else’s approval, then it is totally up to you who you actually attract to yourself. Think about the kinds of people you attract in your life.


   For example, are you just thinking about how each person lives by the Torah lifestyle? How frum they are? What they practice and preach? How they dress? What locations they live in? What kind of parents do they have or who the person really is inside? Are you not waiting patiently to go out on a great date with someone that sounds interesting on the phone? Are you dating people that are unappealing to you that you prefer not to even meet him/her for a date?


   By using the Law of Attraction with complete understanding of who you are, what you need, want and require for your partner, then it becomes unbearable to go out dating. You can start feeling bored, depressed, stressed out because you are not looking to find the right person for yourself.


   How do you find the right kind of person for yourself? When you begin to think positively about your needs, wants, requirements, goals in life, choosing to want children, planning where you want to live, what hashkafa you want to follow, etc., then you will start to ask your shadchan for the kind of person you need in your life for a lasting nurturing marriage.


   Remember that “marriage is for life” and you want to meet a special person who fulfills that part of your life in order for you to feel complete and happy.

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