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Dear Readers,

A few months ago I shared with you how I went about purchasing the Jresponder medical alert system for a relative of mine.


The feedback has been amazing and many of you have shared that you had purchased a Jresponder alert for yourselves or for your relatives. The timing of the article couldn’t have been better as many families were looking for solutions for their relatives who were staying home alone during COVID. One woman even mentioned that she bought one in the name of Kibbud Av v’Eim – Her mother who’s 104 and has been wearing one for many years just informed her that she’s no longer a young girl and now needs one for herself too!!

I decided to do a follow up and share with you some of the heartfelt stories I’ve heard. (Names and some details have been changed to protect the identity of the protagonists.)

I had always envisioned these devices as life savers for people experiencing a stroke, a heart attack or choking – where every minute counts. What I didn’t foresee is the sheer amount of times the device enabled people in mildly difficult situations to get the help they needed in minutes, preventing these situations from escalating into tragedies chas v’shalom.

Sarah is a young baby boomer who lives alone in Passaic, NJ. She woke up one morning on the floor beside her bed and had no idea how she landed there. She didn’t have the strength to pull herself up and no one was within earshot to hear her cries. Fortunately, as she always wears a Jresponder around her neck, she pressed her button promptly to call for help. The specialist who answered offered to call a neighbor to help her get up, but Sarah asked him to call Hatzolah instead, as she felt more secure being checked up by an EMT for internal bleeding. Hatzlolah arrived momentarily, but then quickly realized that although Sarah had registered her Shabbos combination lock with Jresponder, she had inadvertently double locked her front door. Chaverim was promptly called to gain entry to her home. Thankfully Sarah was not in dire danger, and knowing that she was in good hands, Sarah did not panic while waiting. She was taken in for a check-up on the advice of her doctor, and returned home within a short time.

David from Brooklyn lives along with his wife in an assisted living facility. Twice a week she drives him to a lab for dialysis, and he returns home with special transportation. A few weeks ago, he was stranded at the lab for over an hour with no transport in sight and was too exhausted to wait any longer. He wanted to call his wife who was out shopping, but his cell phone wasn’t charged and he couldn’t recall her cell phone number. Out of options, David pressed his Jresponder button and asked the specialist to call his wife. She was on the way within a few minutes and he was finally able to get the security and rest he deserved. David now feels even more reassured when he wears his Jresponder under his shirt.

I also heard a few classic stories about people who had fallen in every room you can imagine and were away from their phone. One person even lives in a nursing home but wasn’t able to reach the emergency cord on the wall. They all got the help they needed baruch Hashem by pressing their medical alert which they always wear around their neck. What I like about the Jresponder is that it’s shower resistant so people wear it when they are most prone to slip and fall chas v’shalom.

A woman reported that she got locked inside her bathroom and all she needed was to be able to call her son to come and unjam the door. Fortunately for her she was able to do that easily through her pendant.

What became apparent to me upon hearing those stories, and the reason why I’m sharing them with you here, is that people living alone even part-time can find themselves in situations where all they need is to be able to make a quick phone call. Unfortunately they’re sometimes away from their phone or their phone isn’t charged, and if they hadn’t gotten the help they needed within the first “Golden Hour”, their physical or emotional well-being could have rapidly deteriorated. Jresponder came to the rescue as it’s always charged and only needs cradling once a month.

I could just imagine how much more critical this device is when people find themselves in imminent danger, where even dialing Hatzolah’s number becomes a real challenge. The simplicity of use that a medical alert device provides in these situations cannot be overstated.

From my experience with the company, they are very responsive to customers’ inquiries and are very attuned to getting all the customer’s information right, should they ever need it in a difficult situation.

And to get back to my relative whom I bought the Jresponder for, although she was a little apprehensive to wear it at first, as it made her feel somewhat vulnerable, she now realizes that it actually allows her to be more independent and secure. I hope she never needs to use it but I’m glad she proudly wears it daily, and it gives the family real peace of mind.

Do you know of anyone who could benefit from a medical alert device? Do them and yourself a favor and contact Jresponder today. The registration process is fairly simple and you will never look back at your decision. Their number is: 732-719-7021. Wishing everyone long and healthy years with as much independence as possible!


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