Different can be exhilarating, especially if you have a tendency to be more circumspect and careful. Different suddenly allows you to enjoy the fun that spontaneity and a sense of adventure often offers.

The Shidduch World: Seven Lies And Shenanigans

You have to assume everyone is at least two or three notches lower than he or she appears in the profile picture simply because many people will be two or three notches lower in real life.

Dear Dr. Yael

Most people do not realize that we are causing our physical, emotional and behavioral health problems and generally try harder to go faster.

Get Engaged Already!

It is heartwarming to hear that you both found a way to date that was safe with backyard benches in the place of hotel lobbies and local restaurants.

Finding F.L.A.W.

He believed that there was a myriad of choices and thus it was his prerogative to analyze every single one.

Make sure you get outside daily. Yes it is hard to get out and there are a lot of restrictions, but getting fresh air daily can help keep depressing thoughts at bay.

Shidduch Silence

While you may struggle to talk and share, you can be a great listener. Prepare open-ended questions before the date and really listen to the answers given.

How Do I Know That He Is THE ONE?

There are three categories that must be met before a couple can decide if they (with Hashem’s help) could make a happy life together.

Safety Solution For Seniors Living Alone

Most home-based landline devices consists of a button, either worn as a pendant or a bracelet, and a base in the home with a speakerphone.

Solitary Seder

G-d willing, next year you may look back at this precious time with your parents where you had their undivided attention for eight days.

Corona Anxiety

Once you are feeling anxious, it is imperative to try to calm yourself down so you can set yourself up for success.

I Refuse To Get Engaged

You were happily dating when suddenly Covid-19 changed the game and forced you to prematurely think about timelines and wedding dates.

Coronavirus Cancellation

Surely, we were close. Yet, again we drove and after circling and then circling again, we found ourselves back at-nowhere.

Dear Dr. Yael

If the daughter-in-law learns to change her reaction and validates the criticism in a positive way, the mother-in-law will likely not know how to respond.

Stop the Ride!

It’s hard to go to singles events. It’s hard to smile, and nod, to introduce yourself, to offer your most charming one liner – and then turn and do it all over again.

Move It Or Lose it!

I certainly appreciate the gift of living near your family and what a tremendous blessing it can be.

Dear Dr. Yael

Big people say, "You were right"; bigger people are willing to say, "I was wrong."

It’s Not You, It’s Me

You feel like a fraud, about to be exposed for the interloper that you are, a child raised in a home filled with conflict.

Put Your Phone Away

My son goes home from school on a van every day with eleven other boys. Nine of them have cell phones.

The Fairest Of Them All

Men are attracted to women with a positive attitude; to women who approach life with enthusiasm and grace, packaged in genuine self-confidence.

I Need A Deeper Boy

You also consider yourself to have depth, so it is natural to want to meet someone that approaches life with a similar lens.

Dear Dr. Yael

The more love we share and the more confidence we build in our families, the safer they will feel.


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