Give And Take

To expect financial support without any impact or input is immature and unrealistic.

So Close Yet So Far

Since this girl has known you for the same amount of time that you have known her, you have to assume that she has made her decision with careful thought and deliberation.

Single Sukkos

You’re tired, and I get it. Tired of being the single sibling, tired of helping the most, and tired of everyone treating you like you can’t possibly be OK on your own.

Dating After Divorce

If someone interesting is suggested and he sounds promising to you, go out on a date. Date with honesty and integrity, and expect the same from the men you are set up with.

The Numbers Game

Unless your crystal ball works better than mine, no one can predict the future of any couple or knows what life may bring.

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Eating at a restaurant can be expensive, but by paying the bill you are showing the girl that while you know that she may be able to afford her own meal, you don’t want her to.

The Waiting Room

If you happen to be traveling to another city and someone wants to set you up while you are there, go out on a date.

Name Shame

It is disturbing that so many boys and girls continue to be careless with their casual chatter about the people they have dated.

Skin Deep

With more urgency, people started coming over to take a peek inside the box. The more we “oohed and aahed,” the more people rushed to look.

Single And Stuck

Perhaps they see your dating as an affront to your siblings, or they are worried that people might think that something is wrong with the older two if they focus on you.

Be A Winner, Not A Whiner

Now is the time for you to focus on what you have to offer to this world, to your community, and to a spouse.

Brain Freeze

When you find that flavor, whether it’s cookies and cream or butter pecan, you need to order the cone.

Flying Solo

So, while you are likely a wonderful girl, sitting at home waiting to win the Powerball is not a viable plan.

Travel Trouble

Politically correct wording and trending topics aside, every woman’s objective must always be to find her bashert so she can create an everlasting Jewish home in which she can raise her children.


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