Dear Dr. Yael

It is always possible to overcome a tough situation through out of the box thinking, and not give in to the only options you think you have to pick from.

See Ya Later Dater

How you present yourself is key. Both your character and your appearance should be refined to reflect who you are accurately and to your highest standard.

Dear Dr. Yael

My husband expects me to be the tzaddaikes and always give into my mother-in-law for kibud em. He says that Hashem gave him a difficult mother, but he chose me to be his wife.

After All

Please don’t think I am minimizing what you feel, but you must immediately expand your circle, your horizons, and your world.

Dear Dr. Yael

I believe that in therapy if both husband and wife work on their individual issues, and then show positive loving feelings to one another, the marriage can improve dramatically.

Getzlight – Conclusion

I stared over at Binyamin. Not that long ago I had cared for him, Shaindy, not deeply or passionately, but enough to look forward to his coming home, enough to worry about his health and well-being. Had he ever cared about me?

Dear Dr. Yael

Please Dr. Respler give me ideas on how to parent my grown children properly.

Getzlight – Chapter 7

Forty-five minutes later, he called. “You’re a witch! What are you doing to me?” “What happened now?” I held the phone three inches from my poor ear. “As if you don’t know.” I took a bite of toast. “Tell me.”

My Own Pesach Vacation

This is of course your right and there is certainly the argument that sometimes we all need to recharge, to take a break, and to step back when we feel beaten down or overwhelmed.

Dear Dr. Yael

Networking is also a very good medium. We let the word out when we were initially looking to adopt; we told many people. She should let the word out to people she knows outside of her state.

PPP: Pesach Program Tips

Your willingness to learn and grow is already an asset in the shidduch process. There are, however, some ideas that might help you during this time.

Getzlight – Chapter 6

I tried to communicate with my eyes – stop, no more tricks! – but he shuffled over to Binyamin’s side and whispered in his ear.

Dear Dr. Yael

I was shocked to read that R.N. refers to the young men as boys. If they are boys, then maybe the mothers are right to have reservation with the suggestion of the shadchan.

You Quinoa Do It!

You are doing so well. Dating is a challenge that often feels like a race without rules. Perhaps now is the perfect time to breathe and regroup.

Getzlight – Chapter 5

What in the world had Hashem been thinking when He put me and Binyamin together? Why was I condemned to suffer?

Dear Dr. Yael

My mother thinks of herself as a superior person, has very little feelings for other people, and probably suffers from a deep lack of self-esteem.

Big Blessings

Of course, you are intimated and overwhelmed. The more focused you become on their bottom line, the more bargain basement you will feel.

Getzlight – Chapter 4

Binyamin is responsible and industrious, an excellent provider. At times he can be quite generous. When I married my husband, we were penniless, you know. I didn’t know if his business would succeed or not, but I took the chance.

Dear Dr. Yael

Please do not behave passive-aggressively with the shadchan by continuously avoiding the shadchan's call, in regards to your response after a date.

Getzlight – Chapter 3

Everything changed from that day. No more smiles, no more evening walks, no more asking about the other’s day. Nothing between us would ever be the same.

Party With Care

There is always safety in numbers. Travel with a friend or two and agree to look out for one another and to travel back to your homes together at the end of the evening.

Dear Dr. Yael

If it is your mehalech to drink wine (as per your Rav), then please make sure to be in a safe place and conduct yourself with dignity.

It’s Fine. I’m Fine. Everything’s Fine!

You get along and have not found any distinct deal-breaking flaws in one another. But marrying someone because they are just “fine” is not a kindness to yourself or to them.

Getzlight – Chapter 2

I heard Binyamin walking up the stairs. I shoved the book back into Binyamin’s jacket. The door creaked open. I took a breath. Another one, and tried to shake off that sour sensation in my stomach.

Dear Dr. Yael

All who have gone through this know the look. My mom then told me to lie about the years of my marriage and say two years, so that maybe their faces would not give you that look of “Oy, so sad.”

Buy One Get One Free!

Be open with this special man, communicating your concerns so he can validate, problem-solve, and reassure you. Work together to assess your comfort level, his, and hers. Your willingness to “try” will be meaningful and precious to him.

Getzlight – Chapter 1

I read in a magazine that the secret to marital harmony is having separate bathrooms. All my woman stuff that littered the medicine cabinet and sink counter– you know, the tubes and creams and make-up – well, they grated on his nerves.

Dear Dr. Yael

Clearly if he feels rejected, he may be using the passive aggressive jokes as a way of expressing his feelings.


Something that is valuable is often not placed on display. Money in a bank, jewelry in a safe, passports tucked away. Relationships that are meaningful and strong are also in need of protection and privacy.

Dear Dr. Yael

Of course we are all human and can make mistakes, which can be hurtful, but we still need to all work on thinking before speaking.


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