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Dear Dr. Yael,

I am an avid reader of your column and I appreciate that you always share ideas to improve people’s lives. A while ago you ran a column on JResponder and I purchased the pendant. I unfortunately lost my husband and I live alone and I am not young. I am Baruch Hashem still able to drive and maintain some autonomy. I also Baruch Hashem have wonderful children, but as long as I can live in my own home where I shared so many happy years with my husband, I would like to do so.


My children wanted me to get a lifesaving piece for years, but I never listened to them. Then you wrote the column and my children read it as well. I have great neighbors who know the combination to my house and have a key when I double lock the door. Before the summer, I went in the morning to the bathroom, and I felt weak and dizzy. Baruch Hashem, I was wearing the JResponder pendant and I pressed the button. I did not want to call Hatzolah but JResponder called my daughter who called my neighbor. Once I was securely back in bed, my daughter came over and took me to my physician. I drank a lot and then when I arrived at my physician, he checked me out and felt that I must have a bottle of water near my bed and drink more since I was probably dehydrated. I unfortunately try not to drink too much before I go to sleep since I like not to wake up at night. In short, my physician explained to me how important it is to hydrate myself. However, had I not had the pendant I had no way to get out of my bathroom. I should have called Hatzolah but I didn’t want all the noise and action.

I could say with certitude that the Jresponder pendant saved me from falling. My kind neighbor immediately made me drink and called all the people that I needed to help me. Jresponder is owned by a frum person. When purchasing this item, he sends you all the instructions how to use it properly. The owner also responds if you have any problems ever with your piece.

Thank you for running that column. I feel safe wearing this JResponder pendant. I even wear it when I drive. I also use the physical therapist that takes my medicare and comes to my house. You are always recommending ways to help people improve their lives physically and psychologically. I already have a bit of a personal relationship with the owner of JResponder. He is a caring young man with a family who lives in Lakewood. So, if you need a lifesaving piece get one ASAP. JResponder is clearly the best choice available. Thank you. Dr. Yael Respler!


Dear avid reader,

I sincerely appreciate readers’ feedback on my columns. It’s this kind of positive feedback that gives me the impetus to keep on sharing with you sound advice, based on the experience I’ve accumulated over the years both in my professional and personal life. I’m glad you’ve followed through and got the Jresponder for yourself. Thank you for sharing your anecdote with us as well. I’m glad it had a happy ending B”H. It’s an amazing hashgacha that you were wearing the medical alert pendant at that time, and that you had the presence of mind to use it.

I find it interesting that some people, like you, are very enthusiastic about wearing their medical alert – they look at it as a device that gives them more independence to age at home. Others though are very reluctant to do so – it reminds them of the fact that they’re aging and are vulnerable. Fortunately, stories like yours and other very similar harrowing accounts I’ve heard, prove that living in denial is not the answer. One never knows when they may require assistance, and it’s best to always be prepared to call for help, whether you need Hatzolah or simply your family members.

Based on the feedback I keep getting on the Jresponder, months after my first article on them, and based on my personal experience with them for my family member, I strongly encourage those who live alone to consider getting one. For those who don’t have their number saved, it is: 732-719-7021.

Wishing everyone a happy and refreshing rest of your summer.


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