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Throughout our lives our family is the basis for our stability; family consisting of parents and however many siblings one has. The parents, in most cases, take on the main role of setting the foundation for a good and healthy upbringing. The siblings have their share too, in molding a child’s life, and all in the family and friends one grows up with, have a lot to do with the person one becomes, as they become adults.

There is one major focus that I feel keeps us as individuals alive, and that is the heart of our mothers.


A mother will give everything she has to help out her children. Whether it’s her last penny or her last piece of food, the shirt off her back, or anything else she feels will help her child in need.

The whole process of childbirth binds the mother to her child for life, and that fact lasts forever, whether or not they have a great relationship. Even if they don’t really get along so well, the mother is always there for her child.

There is a story of a mother who saw that her child was stuck under a very heavy object and in great danger, and she suddenly had great energy to lift it, in order to save her child.

There are many songs sung about a mother’s love for her child, and so many stories written about a mother’s true devotion to her children over anything else in the world.

A child’s age and a mother’s love only grow as the years go by. While the children are young, the problems are small just like the child. And as they grow older, so do their problems.

I have a son who is 26 years old. Lives with some friends and has a life of his own. The daily contact isn’t very frequent, however from time to time we do speak and catch up on what’s going on.

This past week, my son was in great distress, he had come down with some illness and needed my help desperately. And suddenly from no contact or hardly any, there I was running around for hours trying to get the best help possible for my son. Making phone calls pushing off my daily appointments. Looking out for my son that needed me more than anything else in the world. Needed me to hold him in my arms just like I did when he was a small boy.

This is the heart of a mother, no matter where on earth her child is, if they need her, she will be there. No matter how great the problem she will solve it. The energy and love that a mother has for her child is in fact what makes the world run.

A mother who is determined to help or save her child from danger or from an illness, will use all her energy to do this.

That great energy is sent forth into the world and actually makes a path for a change in a place that normally would not have changed. Her major love and devotion to her child can move mountains. Something that is impossible becomes possible. Closed doors open, and things that cannot be done in a short time happen overnight.

This energy is present in each and every one of us. It is the power to help and do good for others. However, we don’t always know how to open that great box of energy and just help out. In times of emergency and great distress, there is a certain adrenaline that is released in order to survive or help out.

In a mother this energy is always available. Not only in times of distress. This is how a mother always has the ability to be there for her children, no matter how much sleep she got, no matter what she feels like that day, and no matter what recourses she has at her disposal. A mother will find a way and never give up helping her child.

It is written that in the merit of the righteous mothers in the world we will be redeemed. It is this trait of self-sacrifice and total devotion a mother has for her child that is so sacred and cherished in the eyes of Hashem. It is this quality of complete and unselfish actions that have the power to bring salvation to the entire world.

May we find favor in G-d’s eyes at all times and may our good deeds wipe out anything which is dark or undesirable.

May our love for our children light the way and bring about the final redemption to all the children of Hashem in our days, amen.

And may Hashem protect and keep my mother well and safe forever. Thank you my beloved mother for passing on to me that great energy and gift that is called Mother. I learned it all from you.


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