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Jerusalem of gold, our beloved city was returned to us 54 years ago during the Six Day War.

Jerusalem has always been the heart of the Jewish nation, since Hashem promised this land to our great forefather Avraham Avinu thousands of years ago.


Unfortunately, due to our actions, Jerusalem rose and fell many times into enemy hands, and we the children of Israel were forced to long and mourn over our loss of the most beloved city in the world.

This city is the home of Hashem, the home of the Jewish people, the light unto the entire world. It’s written that from Zion comes all the Torah and from Jerusalem comes the words of G-d. Who can even imagine such a special place?

Jerusalem is just like Mount Sinai, where Hashem spoke to the whole nation and gave us the holy Torah.

Nothing in the world is a coincidence, no date and no place. Everything is completely accounted for and exact.

This past week we celebrated the liberation of our holy and favorite city, Jerusalem. For us this day is so special and memorable, and yet this year the Arabs acted out more than in recent years, as if to say we don’t approve! You had control over Jerusalem for 54 years; we now want it back. There have been ongoing rioting this past month from the Arabs which has been stressful and worrisome. Many police and civilians have been hurt in the past month due to all the violence and acting up the Arabs have been doing. What is going on; why now more that before?

I have to say that the Arab and Jewish situation in Israel isn’t ever exactly quiet. However, this past month it has been very trying and troubling.

And the climax of all the rioting was this past Monday, Jerusalem Day, when missiles were fired in the direction of Jerusalem, and the Arabs set off big bonfires on the top of Har HaBayit. Something is definitely brewing.

Nothing happens by chance, and everything happens exactly at the right time, even if we cannot see it.

We are always waiting and anticipating the final redemption and the return of Hashem to his home here in Jerusalem. We have been praying thousands of years for this great day to come. We recite the blessings daily in our prayers and we dream of the event happening hopefully in our time.

Hashem who is merciful and hears all our prayers, wants to return. Hashem is so happy that we miss His presence amongst us and is constantly turning the wheels of time so that G-d’s great return to us will occur.

Our time span is obviously not that of G-d’s, however thousands of years have passed since the destruction of our holy Temple and the time has come for us to be redeemed. Therefore all the events that take place in the world and especially here in Jerusalem, have great consequences on the final redemption.

It’s not by chance the timing of the rioting, revolving around the holy day of Yom Yerushalayim. It’s not by chance that the liberation of Jerusalem comes out just a week before the holy holiday of Shavuot.

The holiday of Shavuot is the time we received the Torah from Hashem on Mount Sinai. I mentioned before that the Torah comes from Zion and Hashem’s words from Jerusalem. The timing is so beautiful, showing and encouraging us that Hashem’s return home is closer than ever. Once again a day by us isn’t the same day by G-d.

However, since we have returned to our land in 1948 and received back our sovereignty of our holy Jerusalem in 1967, these are by all means Hashem’s way of letting us know the time for the redemption has come. The fact that the events seem to get heated up on particular days just goes to show how connected Hashem is to His nation, and how much Hashem hears all our cries and pleas for His final return home.

Before a child is born the pain is the greatest. The anticipation is high and the thoughts of what is about to unfold is ecstatic.

We are truly in the moments before the final redemption. The events around the world and especially in our favorite and holy city all point to one thing, and that is Hashem’s return to the holy city of Jerusalem.

Let us approach the holiday of the Torah, Shavuot, with a clear and happy heart waiting anxiously to hear Hashem’s words once again, but this time from Jerusalem, and may all the Torah reach the entire world and heal it from all its wounds.


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