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The word “build” is used a lot in basketball: Build trust. Build a roster. Build a team. Build chemistry. Build a game plan.

On the basketball court, “build” usually refers to doing something collectively, as a group. So, to me, the word “build” really represents teamwork. The amazing thing about teamwork is that it allows for greater success than if someone were to do something alone. And the celebration of that success is extra joyous and meaningful because it is shared by many.


On the home court, Hashem asks us to “build” a sukkah because Hashem wants us to partner with Him. We know that the original sukkah was built solely by Hashem, so clearly Hashem does not need our help to build the structure. But Hashem graciously invites us to be His partner. And by doing so, He provides us with the opportunity to accomplish great things in this world, and to celebrate those successes with Him.

This Sukkot we should merit the ultimate “win” of being able to “build” the third Beit Hamikdash, which has always been the game plan for complete oneness with Hashem.


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Dubbed “The Jewish Jordan” by Sports Illustrated in 1999, Tamir Goodman is a former professional basketball player and current successful entrepreneur, coach, educator and motivational speaker.