Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Country? Israel. My country. My home.

Where my children serve and where we’ve chosen to live. The only place I want to build a family and a home.


The future of our people. The past of our nation. The place we must defend time and again, in reality and virtually from those who think we have no right to it.

Israel. Where every tiyul is something new. Where G-d shows all the colors, the vibrancy of life, the stark contrast between vast sea, open desert, and lush forest.

Where every border is fraught and every inch sacred. Where the exiles have come home representing every background, every shade and every culture.

Where the lessons are hard and the joy unmatched. Where we must work to build, to compromise, to be better. Where life isn’t easy but it’s so worth it. Where every day is an opportunity and every moment builds the soul.

Israel. My country. May I be worthy.

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Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll is cofounder of Chochmat Nashim, fighting the extremist trends that harm the community. Originally from Lakewood, she lives in Israel with her family.