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Lenny Solomon

How can I give you an example of hakaras hatov? I am in Hollywood, Calif. and I am about to accept an Oscar for Best Picture. (This is a theoretical example.) It is at that point that I get up to the microphone and thank everyone that had a profound impact on me as a person. First, I thank Hashem. Then I thank my parents, my mentor, the actors in the film and anyone else that I need to thank. This is hakaras hatov. The recognition of good that was done to you by your friends and co-workers.

You do not have to wait until you win an Academy Award to show hakaras hatov. You can thank people every single day. You are doing an amazing service. You are telling him or her that you acknowledge what they have done for you and you recognize the good! You recognize the help that you have received. You appreciate all that they did for you. It is an amazing mitzvah when you thank people for what they have done for you. It could be parents as well. Hakaras hatov is very important.

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Lenny Solomon is a Jewish musician who has released 42 albums and has performed in over 2000 shows worldwide. He is the founder of the band Shlock Rock and a partner in the Kesher band. He is executive director of The 4 Corners Project, a nonprofit that produces informal Jewish educational projects using music and media. He lives in Bet Shemesh, Israel.