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How distinct and unique is one’s voice? Unique enough to make deceiving one’s own father very difficult when trying to pass oneself off as someone else.

One’s voice is distinctive and when used properly and to its full potential, it can be an important tool when trying to impact other lives.


A voice can pierce a heart and be an effective means to uplift someone who is down. A few words in a sympathetic and loving voice can go a long way.

A voice can also lift a congregation. Tefillah led by a strong and melodious voice can be a key to bringing collective positive spirit to a congregation of any size.

One cannot deny what a voice can do to a nation. With a strong voice espousing measured words and sentences, one can inspire an entire nation or country and, hopefully, use the opportunity to encourage people to undertake kindness toward others and good deeds for the masses, as opposed to promoting poor qualities and actions G-d forbid.

Let’s use the voice we have with love, compassion and to spread goodness.


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