Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Most people might first think of the “star” of David, but I thought of Tehillim.

When I hear shield, I think of protection, guard and safety. One of the most powerful tools to help us feel all the above is prayer – and the specific payer for me is Psalms. It was authored by King David, and it provides, provided and will continuously provide solace, comfort and ultimately a sense of protection to those that immerse in it. It has become my shield, it has brought me daily comfort.


This Tehillim “bond” took time to develop and I was not always connected to these prayers. Now, when saying the words of King David I feel as if I have his personal protection. It took some time and today it’s as if I have been given some superpower and I can leap across my life’s journey and all its hurdles with a bit more ease. It’s truly a gift and I hope more people learn to unwrap it.


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