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Miriam‘s leadership is a remarkable example of courage, vision, and devotion. Her leadership was characterized by:

Initiative: She took the initiative to watch over her baby brother, Moshe, and later to lead the women in song and dance after crossing the yam suf.


Faith: She trusted in Hashem’s promise and encouraged others to do the same, even in times of uncertainty.

Empowerment: She empowered the women to take an active role in the community, recognizing their value and potential.

Resilience: She faced challenges, including the consequences of speaking against Moshe, but she continued to serve and lead.

Miriam’s leadership teaches us that:

Everyone has a role to play in the community, regardless of gender or position.

Courage and initiative are essential for growth and progress.

And faith and trust in G-d’s plan can overcome even the greatest challenges.

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