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Mistakes – I’ve made a few, who hasn’t? It’s what makes us human, with all our strengths and foibles. It is an inevitable part of the journey of life, so we embrace it or lose opportunities for emotional, mental, and moral growth.

Early on, I decided to become a nurse, as I loved reading about health, anatomy, and nutrition, and I felt empathy for people. After high school, I embarked on my chosen career, or so I thought. Once, while taking a patient’s blood pressure, which was very high, I mistakenly assumed it was lower. I was immediately chastised. I soon realized my error in career choice, but no regrets. I have learned much about myself and humanity.


I transferred to a B.A. program as an English major and flourished. I wrote articles for newspapers, did interviews, and wrote poetry. This was my niche. I then combined writing with my love of music by becoming a composer. During Covid times, I began writing children’s books. This diversion was definitely not a mistake. I will continue this joyful path, imagination permitting.

Life is a series of blunders, missteps, and errors in judgement. We take chances, we err, we grow.

An inventor pursues his ideas for years, reaching for his goal. Though the road is long and arduous, it’s never a mistake to pursue one’s dream. The world is richer for all these missteps on the road to achievement.

So called mistakes with relationships, careers, and decisions are a gift, a steppingstone that gains us strength and clarity in the adventure of life. And that is no mistake.


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