Photo Credit: Jewish Press

I have always been a morning person. People could never understand how I am so perky and positive at 5 a.m. But this is when I get most of my work done. I am not even talking about my accounting work; I am talking about my self-reflection. I typically sit out on my back deck with a cup of coffee and just think.

In the quiet of the morning, there is something peaceful about this time of day that just allows you to press reset on your life. I sit there and listen to the birds and crickets chirping. I listen to the quietness of the city. I don’t hear the garbage trucks or car alarms, or the sound of the usual hustle and bustle. I just hear the sound of the wind whisper between branches and I am instantly at peace. I contemplate how I am doing as a husband, father, son, brother, friend and Jew. I replay yesterday and see where I could improve for today. There is something about waking up at the crack of dawn that is so refreshing. The air smells cooler, and there is the promise of a new day and a chance to do it all over and better.


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David Hoffman is an accountant living in Mill Basin with his wife and four adorable children.