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On Purim, young and old spend much of the day booing Haman. The word “Haman” is hinted at in Bereishit, and holds the secret to finding true happiness.

Hashem told Adam, “Hamin ha’etz hazeh.” From this one tree you shall not eat. Why would Hashem hint to Haman’s name here?


Professionally, Haman had everything. He was second in command to the King, and controlled his signet ring, which meant everyone served him. Everyone, that is, except one person – Mordechai. Haman said, “All this is worthless to me, as long as the Jew, Mordechai, does not bow.” This ultimately led to Haman’s destruction, for he was hung on gallows meant for Mordechai.

In Bereishit, Hashem enumerated which trees Adam and Chava could eat. There was only one tree they could not eat from – Hamin ha’etz hazeh. Adam and Chava could have enjoyed eternal bliss in paradise. But their desire for that one thing they lacked consumed them, and they were evicted from Gan Eden.

We, like Adam and Chava, must train ourselves to stop focusing on what we don’t have.

If we want true happiness, we must obliterate Haman and Hamin, and see all the good we have.


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Sarah Pachter is a motivational speaker, columnist, kallah teacher, dating coach, and the author of "Is it Ever Enough?" (published by Feldheim) and "Small Choices Big Changes" (published by Targum Press). She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and five children.