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All of life is a puzzle. How to make everything work. How to fit it all together. How to balance all the aspects of your life, especially when you’re a parent, responsible for other people, a spouse, a home, clients or a boss. Yet we don’t get to see the pieces, or even the complete image and how it’s meant to look. And while we try to figure it out, so many people tell us what they think the end result should be, what it is we should be focusing on, how our puzzle/life story is meant to unfold.

In the end, we are all crafting our own puzzles, made up of the aspects of life that we have been gifted, that we have been challenged with, that we have chosen to try to achieve, overcome, create, and manifest.


How many pieces is your life puzzle? What are the dominant colors and themes? How do you want it to look in the end, and will you find that last missing piece?

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Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll is cofounder of Chochmat Nashim, fighting the extremist trends that harm the community. Originally from Lakewood, she lives in Israel with her family.