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Rivka usually traveled with her maids, but when she met Eliezer, she ventured to the well on her own, something that was not usually within her comfort zone. This venture seems like an introvert dipping her toes in extroverted waters, trying new things she’d never imagine doing before. This experience brings her tremendous blessings.

Fast forward: Her twin sons are preparing to go out into the world and receive blessings from their father. Her older son, Esau, is already an extrovert. He goes out into the world, taking what he wants, while her younger son, Yaakov, is introverted and likely to keep to himself and stay home, within his comfort zones. Her past experiences have taught her that being somewhat extroverted comes with benefits beyond imagination and Yitzchak’s blessing of leadership to his first-born son would force moments of extroversion upon Yaakov, if she could orchestrate his reception of that blessing. Did she have Yaakov pretend to be Esau in order to help her introverted son experience extroversion he may not have naturally sought on his own? Maybe.


May moments of extroversion push us into blessings beyond imagination.


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Maayan Zik, is an Orthodox Jewish Jamaican-American social activist. She has co-founded organizations such as Ker a Velt and Kamochah, which further her work in social justice and racial equity.