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Bari Mitzmann

My relationship with the name Shmuel is pretty close, being that it’s my husband’s name. His grandfather, also his namesake, was a proud Jew in Soviet Ukraine who was nearly sent to Siberia for giving his second son (my father-in-law) a bris milah. He also gave one to his first son, but that first time he was thrown in jail and beaten, with the threat of Siberia coming if he did it again. His perspective was of course I’m going to give my sons a bris, they’re Jewish. Not only that, but I’m also going to invite others to celebrate with me!

My husband has inherited some of his namesake’s traits. He is steadfast in what he believes is truth and will pursue it, much like Shmuel HaNavi did. He was a messenger of G-d to show the Jewish people the correct path, regardless of the response. He used his life to guide others toward truth.


It’s a trait we all could benefit from.

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Bari Mitzmann is a popular podcaster whose goal is to empower women, normalize mental illness, and discuss seemingly taboo topics in the Jewish community. She has a MA in education and has worked in outreach.