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Shmuel, aka Samuel the Prophet, was a fascinating personality. Shmuel was a prophet who plays a key role in the transition from the period of the shoftim to the institution of Shaul as the king, and again in the transition from Shaul to David.

Shmuel’s birth teaches us the power of prayer.


Elkanah had two wives, Peninah and Chana. Peninah had children; Chana did not. Nonetheless, Elkanah favored Chana.

Chana prayed for a child one day in Shiloh and Eli saw her lips moving and thought she was drunk and talking to herself.

Eli was the kohen gadol, and one of the last Israelite judges before the rule of kings in ancient Israel. Once he realized Chana was praying, he blessed her, she went home, became pregnant, and gave birth to Shmuel.

Chana named Shmuel to commemorate her prayer to G-d for a child – Shmuel, “Because I have asked him of the L-rd.”

Shmuel was a great leader respected by all. In our Friday night prayers, we compare Shmuel to Moshe and Aharon in that they all spoke to G-d directly and received a direct response.

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