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When we hear the word Sinai most people think of Har Sinai, the mountain on which Hashem chose to give us the Ten Commandments. And as we are about to celebrate the holiday of Shavuot, we treasure that gift from the Almighty.

The word Sinai also brings my mother, Irene Klass, to my mind. Years ago, she wrote a poem and it was put to music by Martin Davidson. It was called On a Little Hill Called Sinai. I hear her singing it in my head and all of my children can sing it too.


On a little hill called Sinai, 3000 years ago,
G-d gave us his commandments so right from wrong we’d know
On that little hill called Sinai we promised to be true
to the one above, who is there for me and you.

That was the refrain, and space does not allow me to write the whole poem/song. My mother was a Torah true Jew who upheld the Torah and its mitzvot, and lived to see four generations following in her path. Happy Shavuot!


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Naomi Klass Mauer is the co-publisher of The Jewish Press.