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The word spy is often associated with cloak-and-dagger events conjuring up mystery, intrigue, or espionage. Its straight definition is to watch or observe closely and secretly, usually with an ulterior motive and often with an unfriendly purpose.

As the spy tries to integrate himself into the society, he infiltrates by blending into the local scene, befriending and being befriended, so that his ulterior motives are not realized. Once he is accepted and trusted by those around him, then, and only then, does his true intent become clear.


The soul of a Jew is a spy. The soul is G-dly, originating from an otherworldly place. Yet to fulfill its mission, it must disguise itself and function though the body like all human beings. The Jew eats, sleeps, and generally engages in all kinds of worldly pursuits. He can be a doctor, a lawyer, a shoemaker or even a rabbi. But he has an ulterior motive and a bigger goal than merely to live happily. The clandestine mission of every Jew is to establish and make known that G-d is the ruler of the world, and everything he does must be in accordance with that motive and goal in mind.


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Rabbi Gershon Schusterman is the author of "Why, God, Why? How to Believe in Heaven When it Hurts Like Hell."