Photo Credit: Jewish Press
Lenny Solomon

Do you remember when the Tablet came out? Everyone was blown away by new technology. It was the “latest greatest” thing. You would no longer need phones or computers. We are heading to the world of Star Trek. A world of virtual reality. Were they right? Perhaps.

But what does that mean for us?


Well, for one thing it means we now had another thing to waste our time with. Of course, you could use the Tablet for good. Research the internet for your latest project for school. Find out how old your favorite movie star is. I for one am constantly doing that. But really it takes our time away from appreciating what we have. The outdoors. The beautiful views. Sunrise and Sunset. What about talking to the person on the street?

Nowadays everyone’s nose is in their phone, WhatsApp and Instagram. The Tablet has evolved. I am as guilty as the next person, so this is not a preachy speech to you. I am talking to myself. The lesson of all advances in technology is – moderation. Can we learn to use it when we need it and not get addicted? This is the challenge that all of us need to conquer.


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Lenny Solomon is a Jewish musician who has released 42 albums and has performed in over 2000 shows worldwide. He is the founder of the band Shlock Rock and a partner in the Kesher band. He is executive director of The 4 Corners Project, a nonprofit that produces informal Jewish educational projects using music and media. He lives in Bet Shemesh, Israel.