Few things say summer like a barbecue does. The sounds and smells
of grilling food shout summer so loudly, we think people are crazy if they
barbecue in the winter. So, what do you put on the grill if you want to eat
healthy? Grilled chicken is a great choice if you are looking to cut down on
fat and calories, but believe or not, so are franks. Abeles and Heymann
(OU glatt) has beef franks with less fat and sodium than turkey franks.

And lest you think there is less taste, this past Sunday we had
company for supper. Altogether there were eight kids at the table ? some
of them very picky eaters ? they devoured the franks without a second
thought. There is absolutely no difference in taste between these and the
regular high fat and calorie frankfurters.


One of our tasters also had the opportunity to try an Abeles and
Heymann product called Cervelat, which is described as an aromatic
summer sausage. She added this meat to a parve omelet one night and
said that her company was amazed at the taste. The blend of herbs and
spices added so many flavors to the dish that people came back for
seconds and thirds. Abeles and Heymann also have a full line of deli
products, including mustards. In my house, the Sweet and Tangy
mustard has become a staple. My children put it on everything from
chicken to steak. You can find their products in your local supermarket,
kosher grocery or on the web at www.abeles-heymann.com.

Another summer staple is camp packages. Any mother with a kid in
camp will tell you how much time she spends looking for interesting
things to include in a package. Enter Bloom's (OU, parve) line of nosh
and cookies. An old family favorite, Bloom's has been around since I was
a kid ? they make everything from salt-water taffy and fruitie chews to
an amazing array of chewing gum. We tried the sugar free gums in a
number of flavors, but the all-time favorite has to be “ice.” And they taste
just as they sound ? like cool drops of icy mint on your tongue.
Bloom's also has some varieties with a flavored gel in the center, which
my 9-year-old thinks is great. The newest addition to their line ? “Huggy
Bears” ? is something children of all ages can appreciate. They are small
bear shaped graham cookies that come in three flavors. They are low in
fat and calories and taste great. All the Bloom's products can be found in
your local kosher grocery or supermarket.

Summer is also a time to shed extra pounds that may have been
acquired over the dark winter months. Deliciously Slim Natural Foods
(OU dairy) has a selection of low carb, high protein bars to choose from.
They are available in flavors like chocolate fudge cake and chocolate
peanut butter which our tasters say taste as good as any candy bar, with
much less fat and fewer calories. These bars can be found in your local
health food store or online at www.deliciouslyslim.com

Recent research has shown that soy protein has many beneficial
effects. The Asian cultures have used it as staple in their diets for
thousands of years. Now that the soy craze has taken this country by
storm, people are scrambling to use tofu, a product of the soybean.

A novel way of preparing tofu is the brainchild of Sunergia Soy
Foods (MK, parve). This ingenious company is infusing the tofu with the
likes of pesto, Italian herbs and portabella mushrooms. These just some
of their delicious flavors. The tofu contains chunks of the flavoring, and is
expertly marinated.

The Savory Portabella has a nice portabella flavor. The Italian
Herb, a very versatile flavor, has very pleasant basil and oregano
undertones. The Peanut Ginger is very tasty, and its wonderful texture
contains peanut chunks. The Pesto flavor, this reviewer's favorite, has
rich and robust basil and pine nut taste in every bite. These innovative
products are a delicious way to incorporate healthful soy protein into your
diet. Sunergia products can be found in your local health food store or on
the web at www.sunergiasoyfoods.com.


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