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Since 1994, China Glatt has been a culinary highlight of Boro Park’s bustling 13th Avenue shopping district. Last summer, China Glatt upped its game with a tasteful makeover by designer Sruly Schechter, giving it just the right mix of contemporary decor, privacy, and a comfortable ambiance to match its reputation for delicious Chinese and American kosher cuisine.

One weekday evening at the end of August, my wife and I visited China Glatt to taste-test from its diverse menu. China Glatt’s owner and manager, Sholom Witriol, told us that his goal has always been to run a good place for family dining, with a price range that makes it practical for even those of modest means to enjoy a night out, even when it isn’t a special occasion. In addition to a long list of Chinese specialties, China Glatt’s menu has something to appeal to every kosher taste. Customers can choose from classically prepared beef, chicken and grill favorites, savory steaks, health-conscious fish and salad dishes, as well as sushi appetizers and a kid-friendly menu.

BBQ Chicken Kebab

My wife and I started with a pu pu platter offering samples of different Chinese appetizers served hot, the traditional way. While it has become something of a rarity, the pu pu platter remains the best way to judge the consistency of a restaurant’s food. In this case, each of the items, including the egg rolls, beef sticks, wontons and baby chicken, was fresh, properly prepared, and tastefully spiced. They set a high standard which was maintained by each of the main, soup and side dishes which followed.

We sampled four main dishes. The Blazing Beef was the best, consisting of crispy steak slices in a pleasantly tangy Chinese sauce. The Sherry Beef had an agreeable smoky flavor. The marinated Grilled Flanken, a selection from the non-Chinese section of the menu, was perfectly prepared. My wife enjoyed the crispy Fish Kebobs in a spicy sauce. My traditional Chinese hot and sour soup was just right. The only disappointment was an uninspired dessert selection.

As the restaurant began filling up, the dining atmosphere remained pleasant. Sound from nearby tables was muffled, allowing for easy conversations. A high-backed bench seat separating each table along the sides of the room turned them into de facto booths, enhancing the sense of privacy while maintaining a mostly open view.

Pastrami Wrap

Care was taken in the proper presentation of the food. The Chinese waiters were neat and responsive. Attention was paid to small details. For example, the linen napkins matched the gray accent color which dominates the room’s low-key decor.

China Glatt has mastered and balanced the difficult challenges which face every neighborhood kosher restaurant. It has created a pleasant, family-friendly dining atmosphere with a touch of class, and offers its clientele a broad selection of tasty, properly-prepared Chinese and traditional kosher dishes in a wide price range.

At the end of the evening, my wife and I agreed that we would enjoy coming back to continue our journey of culinary exploration through China Glatt’s extensive menu.


China Glatt

4413 13th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11219
Supervision: Tartikov Beis Din

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