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Finding meaningful connections between people and strengthening our relationships in the current climate has been difficult. We yearn to be in the presence of our friends and loved ones, yet this is not always possible. It’s important to make the most of any moment given to us and to cherish the people we love.

Jennifer Chames and Melissa Naierman, owners of Jeweliette.

I always appreciate when a company seeks to reinforce these relationships. Jeweliette, a jewelry brand developed by sisters Jennifer Chames and Melissa Naierman, uses personalized charms to build meaningful phrases and form the name of a customer’s loved one. Modern charms make each of the brand’s necklaces, bangles, and bracelets one-of-a-kind. Hebrew letter icon charms are 14k gold-plated and are made with cubic zirconia.


With the holiday season coming up, jewelry by Jeweliette is super giftable and perfect for that woman or girl in your life. From the Icon Hoops that can be layered with charms such as the Black Pearl Hanging charm and Enamel Hanging Heart Charm to the Icon Customizable Jeweliette Bangle, there is something for everyone at every budget.

Head to and Instagram @jeweliettejewels to see the myriad of options to choose from. Jeweliette is offering Jewish Press readers a 15% discount on your next purchase from the website with coupon code FASHIONDETOUR.


Michal Goldfein: What inspired you both to start your brand, Jeweliette?

Jeweliette started as we began drawing up custom jewelry with our children’s names on it. We wanted to think outside the box and create a piece using the Hebrew language that felt significant to each of us. We wanted to use Hebrew words and sayings to pair with the child’s names and initials to share the feelings that each child brought to the world. This was something personal and deeper than just a personalized piece of jewelry.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your jewelry and what makes it unique?

We are the only jewelry line that is currently offering personalized pieces that use the Hebrew language to build words and names that are not engraved but rather [created] with physical charms. It allows each customer to feel connected, inspired, and passionate about what they’re about to create.

You both come from different professional backgrounds – as an interior designer and as an event planner. How has your experience in design influenced your brand?

We are sisters who have always had a passion for design. Jennifer is the interior designer and Melissa is the event planner. Over the years we have both worked in the fashion industry and various design fields. We both have degrees in business management and marketing, and have collaborated many times in our individual fields. We love working with color palettes and anything creative. What’s exciting for us is constantly coming up with new meaningful Hebrew phrases that can inspire our customers.

What challenges have you faced in starting your brand?

At the start, we had to work tirelessly with graphic designers in creating the perfect font for the entire alphabet that had a modern feel and overall look. Since launching, our goal has been to get our name out there. With the current pandemic, it has been a bit challenging, but we are trying our best to utilize social media to its fullest potential.

As two sisters running a thriving company and brand, how do you balance out the tasks?

What is nice about being sisters and business partners is that we can fight and make up 10 times within a 24-hour period. Therefore, it has been important that we do create this balance and have a strict schedule in regard to fulfilling orders and our social media. As a result, we divide the days of the week with the tasks at hand and truly try to make it as fair as possible.

You specialize in customizable jewelry, like your Customizable Icon Jeweliette Bangle. Can you explain how a customer can customize a bangle?

The best way is for a customer to do it directly through our website. We have made it as user-friendly as possible. The customer has the ability to choose each charm in the exact order she wants it inserted into the bangle or pendant. We also have made customer service a number one priority. Therefore, we are always open to customers reaching out for ideas in regards to their design and a sample mockup photo or videos well before the item is shipped out.

Your Icon Charms come in all the Hebrew letters of the alphabet, and can be inserted into the Icon Bangle and the Icon Pendant, which is such an innovative idea! What inspired this idea, and can you describe the design process that led you to its creation?

We love ordering personalized items as well as online shopping in general. The one drawback we find with many personalized items is the wait time needed to process the order. Oftentimes you have to wait a few weeks for an item to be made since it is created from scratch. With this line, a bangle or pendant can be put together in a matter of seconds. This is also convenient when selling at an event or to a retail store.

I love your Twinkle Hoops and your Pave Hanging Link Earrings, which are so versatile and perfect for women looking to add an extra dose of glamour to any look. How would you style an outfit around these earrings?

What is nice about our line is that all of the items can work as an everyday look and be switched up with heels and an evening bag for a night out. It is also a line that allows the flexibility to stack various pieces together to create individuality. Two women can be wearing the same piece, yet pair it with so many other items that look completely different.

I love your Chunky Long Necklace, which you can customize with a multitude of hanging charms. Which charms are your personal favorites?

We absolutely love the oversized initials which are made up of individually set stones. We both wear them with a few initials stacked together.

You carry a full line of necklaces, earrings, bangles, and bracelets. Which are your most popular items?

In addition to our Icon bangles and pendants which are the absolute most popular, our tiger bracelet which we call Tiger Eyes continuously sells out. Another popular item which we constantly restock is the Link earrings.

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With the holidays coming soon, which items would you say are the most giftable?

We have been finding that for women the bangles are our number one seller and pendants are a very close second. For teens and young girls, the pendants have been truly sought after.

Nowadays women are increasing their presence in the business world, becoming successful entrepreneurs. How important is female empowerment and sisterhood to your brand?

We both have two girls, and try constantly to encourage and exemplify work ethic and creativity. We believe strongly in working with other female brands to promote one another, which leads to greater success.

What advice would you give women out there looking to start their own brand?

Never doubt yourself. We all have something to offer, and with enough hard work and dedication you can get it done. Having a family should not hold you back but rather drive you forward.

What are your goals for the future of your brand?

We want Jeweliette to be the name one thinks of when they want to buy a gift for their mother, daughter, sister, wife, or friend. It is not just a gesture but a token of love and affirmation. Jeweliette Jewels should be a part of those special moments.


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