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Gamzo and Co. owner and founder Yehuda Gamzo.

When I think of special occasions such as weddings, engagements, and anniversaries, I think of the beauty that defines these moments. I remember receiving my engagement ring and feeling a flurry of emotion. There was the joy and realization that I had found my match, and there was the glee that I had received the ring I had always envisioned.

Life has so many momentous occasions, and sometimes it can be hard to find the right piece of jewelry that conveys the feelings you want to express and remember. You might not know where to turn when seeking that perfect piece.


Thankfully, Yehuda Gamzo, owner and founder of Gamzo and Co., has established a brand that is tailored to his clients’ needs. His business, in which he creates custom pieces for his clients, has flourished because he offers quality jewelry for each client’s budget. Gamzo and Co. specializes in diamonds, and works hand in hand with clients to deliver timeless wedding bands, engagement rings, necklaces, tennis bracelets, and watches.

Gamzo’s custom designs can be seen on Instagram @gamzoandco. If you are interested in purchasing a piece of jewelry, please mention this article when you order.

Read on to learn about Gamzo’s process when creating jewelry and his insight into the luxury pieces he carries. 

Michal Goldfein: Tell me about your brand, Gamzo and Co., and what inspired you to start it.

Yehuda Gamzo: I used to work and manage one of the leading wholesale diamond manufacturing businesses. It was a wholesale company that dealt with very big stones. From there, I decided to open up my own company. Today my main business is in wholesale diamonds and watches. I have segued into custom jewelry, and people come to me because they know that I give them quality jewelry at wholesale prices. My business is by appointment only, and my most popular items are tennis bracelets, engagement rings, and eternity bands.

How would you describe the aesthetic of your brand?

I carry higher end pieces, and quality is very important to me. When working with a client, I always ask them what their budget is, and give them the best value for their budget. I cater to style and price specifications and can work with any budget. I’m always trying to keep my clients happy and I have a lot of experience in the industry.

Your business is based out of Los Angeles. How has your community responded to your brand?

Since I started, I have had a lot of demand from the Jewish community in La Brea. Many of my customers are people with whom I went to shul and school.

What have you learned from the challenges you have faced?

I think that in business, and in life, challenges only make you stronger. I’ve learned that what may seem like a hurdle at one point can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

What is the most popular jewelry that you sell?

I would say the eternity bands are my most popular items in my collection.

You carry gorgeous 14K gold rings and necklaces which come in rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Which tone of gold is your favorite and how do you suggest layering them?

I think white gold is the most timeless and elegant, but everything I do is 100% customized and each tone can be best suited for a specific taste or occasion.

Which watch companies do you carry and what are your favorite watch styles?

I carry Rolex, Audemars Piguet (AP), and Patek Philippe watches. I think Rolex is great for every day and Patek Philippe is perfect for special occasions.

Can you tell me more about your custom design process?

Designing a piece of jewelry usually takes between 3-7 days, from start to finish. During the process I either FaceTime with the client or bring them to my office. When a client comes to me, we work together to achieve the perfect piece. I will send them a computer-aided design (CAD) for their review and approval before we actually start making it. On the rare occasion that a client isn’t completely happy, I can make the client a new piece.

What is on-trend for engagement rings and wedding rings, and which shapes are the most popular?

Right now, solitaires with diamonds going around the band are the most popular. Round diamonds are always classic, but pears and ovals are popular as well.

It’s so hard to pick out a gift for a significant other. What advice would you give people for finding a gift for someone else?

I will suggest that the client ask a friend of the person to whom they are giving the jewelry. Most often, a friend or relative will be able to describe the style that the person would gravitate towards.

What are your goals for the future of your brand?

To scale the brand and to continue to grow. I would also like to continue to always keep my extremely competitive, wholesale price of my jewelry. I am lucky in that I supply diamonds to a lot of companies and I am in the wholesale business which enables me to offer people the best prices. I hope to continue on my trajectory of growth and that people will continue to come to me because they trust me to deliver on quality jewelry that their loved ones will cherish forever.


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