Photo Credit: Jewish Press

Our Father, who is the Almighty,
We, Your children call out to You,
For our enemies are many and virulent,
And our friends – unpredictable and few.

Like malignancies, toxic “neighbors” infiltrate us.
Fueled by a hatred attached like skin,
So fanatic in their desire to destroy us,
They gladly annihilate themselves
and their kin.


We are so weary of this non-stop attrition,
For millennia, we have had no respite,
From vilification, persecution, and genocide,
And we see no end in sight.

Yet although we have returned to our homeland,
That You gave us for all eternity,
We have had no peace, no escape,
From the bloodlust of a crazed enemy.

Day after day, year after year,
We face death, destruction and woe,
We bury our loved ones,
Again and again.
Tormented by foe after foe.

We lie in our beds, sleepless.
Our hearts heavy with sorrow.
Our minds beset with great worry,
As to what horror we will face tomorrow.

We are tired. We are drained. We are worn.
By the timeless suffering we have borne.
We’re becoming confused and self doubting,
By relentless defamation, slander and scorn.

The world is silent when are children are murdered,
But howl with rage when we might back,
In their twisted eyes we are never defenders,
Just predators who initiate the attack.

Each time we protect and defend ourselves,
We are condemned by hypocritical nations.
Blood soaked counties that have no shame,
Over their past plunders, pillages and invasions.

We turn to You, the G-d of mercy,
You, who we fear and adore,
Please heed our prayers and pleas and bring relief,
For our battered souls cannot take too much more.

Please give wisdom, insight and determination,
To the conflicted leaders of our Holy Land,
Let all their decisions and actions,
Be guided by Your Heavenly hand.

Let all attempts by our enemies to harm us,
End in failure, be futile, and come to naught,
That you are the Shield of David,
Is a lesson they must be taught.

Perhaps we are lacking in merit,
And for our troubles we are to blame.
But bless us with your forgiving chesed:
If not for our sake, then for the sake of Your Name.

Let us bask in your loving-kindness,
Let us sing Your praises with glee,
Let us know just peace and contentment,
Today, and for all eternity.


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