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The following is a short fictional story – for now.



The year was 2068, and the dozens of foreign satellites hovering in space miles above the Land of Israel had been transmitting unusual data for almost 20 years, since the massive influx of Jews to the State of Israel that began in 2048, on the 120th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel.

Most puzzling for those analyzing the beamed video was that Israeli hospitals had been closing down, or rather “reinventing” themselves. Entire wings had seemingly been converted into maternity wards. Only expectant mothers were seen entering the facilities. Surgical and oncology floors had been redesigned and were now being used to accommodate the daily barrage of women giving birth.

In addition, high energy, rosy-cheeked children were being dropped off – backpacks and books in hand – at former children’s hospitals, a reality that had the head honchos of foreign government agencies scratching their collective heads, perplexed.

What they had to conclude was that these buildings no longer serviced sick kids, but had been converted into schools and yeshivas. Wards that had been occupied by ill and injured children had become classrooms and indoor play areas to deal with the multitudes of children now living in the land of their ancestors.

Emergency rooms were still open, but in the process of being phased out and turned into bed and breakfasts for the many Israelis who were enjoying the spiritual and cultural offerings that abound in the Holy Land.

The spymasters would also wonder how it came to be that military rehabilitation centers for recuperating chiyalim had morphed into recreation centers and gyms, with healthy young soldiers and veterans sharing the facilities with civilian men and women.

In fact spyware had detected an ambulatory population throughout the country – with nary a wheelchair in sight.

In Israel, incredible and rapid developments in stem cell research had resulted in the ability of doctors and bio-medical engineers to regenerate missing limbs, optic and auditory nerves, and skin, and replace damaged brain cells with new ones.  And 3D printers had been developed to custom make individual body parts to replace what was needed due to a birth defect or illness.

Satellites did not record accidents on the roads and highways. Though they did not know it yet, every vehicle was coated in a magnetic material that would repel another car before contact. As demonstrated by students in physics class, magnets with similar polarization would not connect, no matter how hard one pushed.

And it seemed like Israelis spent much of their free time on the road, commuting to parks and recreational areas. Satellites recorded that there was no longer a dry season, or rainy one. It seemed that the Israelis had developed the ability to control the elements, so that it rained when it was necessary to insure maximum crop yields, but was rainless on national and religious holidays. On Shabbat and Yom Tov, the skies remained blue and windless, so that families could go to shul or share their meals and celebrations with others.

On Tu b’Shevat and Lag b’Omer, picnics lasted all day with no weather disrupting the fun, and causing a premature end to outdoor activities. As native English speakers confidently exclaimed, “It’s not going to rain on my parade.”

The millions of Western Jews from North America, Australia and New Zealand, and Europe particularly appreciated this weather control since in the years they lived in the Diaspora, many plans had been ruined by annoying weather. Now, unpredictable weather was no longer an issue. Climate change had become climate control.

Looking back, many emigrants were ironically grateful that living openly Jewish in their former countries had become life-threatening, with daily muggings, arson, vandalism and outright murder becoming commonplace, as hostility towards them had gradually become acceptable. Uncertainly and fear had been the much needed impetus to leave and join their brethren in Israel who had patiently waited their return.

And there was no way for any Jews, whether they identified as Jewish or not, to hide their ancestry. Data had been collected for decades in huge databases as to everyone’s race and religion. Misguided Jews, who had been more anti-Semitic than their gentile cohorts, found themselves the target of the hatred and violence they had directed on the “Zionist” racists, no matter how much they protested they were not the same.

Over the last 20 years, anti-Jewish governments globally had “encouraged” their Jewish citizens to leave. Initially Jews were allowed to sell their properties, but eventually new laws were enacted that prevented them from doing so. Instead, there was a “swap” initiated. Each Jewish family would leave behind their home, to be occupied by a non-Jewish resident of Israel who was assured that it would be in their best interest to move far away from the country of the Jews.

Initially, Jewish families from New York, Toronto, Los Angeles, and high-end communities found themselves living in shelters that were a very far cry from what they were used to, but that was temporary.

Israel architects and engineers had revolutionized building materials, and like their medical counterparts, they utilized upgraded, state of the art 3D printers. Thus they were able to build identical homes based on digital photos sent by the new arrivals.

In anticipation of the millions of Jews coming to their shores, Israeli agriculturalists and farmers had turned the Negev desert into a floral and agrarian paradise. Hundreds of thousands of homes had sprung up like weeds, surrounded by lush gardens and orchards.

In addition, hundred-story skyscrapers now dotted the skyline to accommodate Israel’s burgeoning population.

On Purim 2068, as they celebrated at their seudas, in literally high ”spirits” no one paid any mind to the thousands of incoming missiles carrying a deadly prehistoric virus that had been resurrected by a multi-national cabal of biologists and scientists. They had spent years developing a superbug that was resistant to any known antibiotic or anti-viral drug, funded by an international consortium of billionaires who had taken it upon themselves to finish what Hitler had started 130 years earlier.

Little did these arrogant Jew haters know that the Israeli government had anticipated this outcome once the Jews had been “encouraged” to relocate to their ancestral home and be concentrated in one place.

Thousands of Jewish scientists, chemists, doctors, biologists, and bio-engineers, who had once been close-mouthed competitors in their respective countries, had become a collective of cooperative geniuses tasked to protect the inhabitants of Israel from disease.

Sharing the results of their years of research and pooling their impressive knowledge, they had developed a vaccine that enhanced each individual’s immune system, providing a biological shield against germs, bacteria, and toxins.

But the people were protected nonetheless. The invisible, see-through non-penetrable force field that engulfed the entire State of Israel, named the Magen David, the Shield of David, had automatically turned on when it sensed the incoming missiles.

Magen David had originally been developed to stop unwanted rain, violent storms hurricanes and tornadoes. Like an oversized umbrella it covered the entire land.

But it had been enhanced so that anything unwelcome would bounce off of it.

The question that may have crossed the minds of the more curious the day after Purim, was if the millions of deadly droplets would eventually be blown by the wind to the four corners of the earth or be washed into the seas and oceans.

The outcome would be up to the Master of the Universe.


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