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I have focused my last few columns on what I feel is the bane of human existence – krim people. These are adult men and women who have a twisted ego: some unrealistically see themselves as being superior and Hashem’s gift to mankind – or conversely, they subconsciously have huge inferiority complexes. This unbalanced self-view can create individuals who are socially incompetent, deeply depressed and/or full of rage. Most act, react or relate in a way that is atypical and arguably pathologically abnormal.

In my opinion, two hard-to-ignore red flags that indicate the likelihood of noxious krimkeit are if someone is blatantly hypocritical and hypercritical.


As I’ve mentioned before, there is a classic Yiddish saying that nails the nature of hypocrisy. In English it translates to, “No one sees his own hunchback.” It means that people are quick to point out someone else’s flaws, but are unable or unwilling to see their own. They have the disgusting habit of constantly criticizing people for the very wrongs they themselves are guilty of.

Krimkeit, however,is not limited to the mindset and actions of just individuals. Whole groups of people, or even organizations can be disturbingly krim – especially when it comes to Jews and the State of Israel. As reported this summer in Canada’s Jewish Tribune, “the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) voted to divest from three companies that do business with Israel while claiming its action does not signify an alignment with the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement… The PCUSA focused on Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard and Motorola this year because the three companies refused its requests to conform to its ‘policy on socially responsible investing.’”

This action parallels that of the United Church of Canada. As reported in May 2013 in the Huffington Post Canada, “Canada’s largest Protestant Church has identified three Israeli companies it may target for a boycott over the firms’ operations in the occupied Palestinian territories. The United Church of Canada has identified cosmetics company Ahava and home and gardens goods manufacturer Keter Plastic as companies doing business in “illegal Israeli settlements,” along with SodaStream, a company that makes home carbonation equipment for soft drinks…The church’s General Council approved a report last summer (2012) that called the Israeli occupation ‘the primary contributor to the injustice that underlies the violence of the region’ and called the settlements ‘a serious obstacle’ to peace.”


The majority of those who voted for these measures (to be fair, many members were greatly dismayed by the passing of these resolutions) are descendants of Christian Europeans and oblivious of their own “hunchback.” Each of them who owns a house or business or any property in North America is actually occupying land that was forcibly taken away from its true owners, the Native Americans, who lived on the land for centuries before the “pale faces” showed up.

These church-going hypocrites have not even for a moment considered that from an impartial observer of history, they could be viewed as occupiers who are continuing the tainted legacy of their ruthless, thieving ancestors. They would be howling with rage and demanding revenge and retribution if rockets and missiles from Indian reservations (in my view, a polite word for ghettos) were raining down on their country clubs and churches and schools and if suicide bombers detonated themselves in their restaurants and buses.

I imagine that it would be accurate to describe them as Christians who believe in the Bible – including the Old Testament, where it clearly states that G-d promised the Land of Israel to the Hebrews – the Jewish people – and it is their ancestral home. There was always a Jewish presence there over the centuries.



  1. ^^^^^^Gratuitous smears and ignorant lies^^^^^^ Fox News is based in New York; please tell us all when NY became part of “the south.” It also employs the most reporters and commentators supporting Israel of any cable news channel. Limbaugh and Cruz are huge supporters of Israel. Tea partiers and Republicans in general tend to support Israel in greater numbers than Democrats and other leftists. (Remember when the Dems took support for Israel out of their platform, then re-inserted it over the NAYs of the delegates?) None of them have anything to do with the Presbyterian Church USA. In fact, most Presbyterians have nothing to do with Presbyterian Church USA, which has been hemorrhaging members for years. Take your head out of your bum once in a while.

  2. I have a word for this church. You are pathetic and not fit to call yourself as a church. Go home n read your bible carefully. You are inviting the wrath of God. How dare you treat a nation that is the apple of God’s eye with contempt? Your down fall is sure. You are joining hands with the enemy hamas. Why don’ t your move there to give them much needed support. You are a shame to the christians everywhere.

  3. This will only lead to unemployment in the West Bank and continual poverty among the people. I don't see any of the surrounding Arab countries doing any investing in the West Bank. What does the West Bank actually produce…well they make a good brand of sandal, beer, and a few kilo of fruit and veggies.

  4. No, they don't have any idea, or even care about the lives of the people of Gaza or the West Bank. The are just anti semitic and they think this is a way to hurt Israel. Over 900 employed Arabs will lose their jobs at Sodastream alone. I'm sure they prayed about it though and Jesus said it was OK

  5. Better yet, let them give up all their electronic devices such as cellular phones and computers b/c many of the components are produced in Israel. They should also forgo water purification products, many medications and vaccines b/c Israel developed them

  6. Yes but, on the good side they have accepted same sex marriage, marriage to barnyard animals, marriage to siblings and to prevent pedophilia they’re marrying adults to children provided the adult is closely related to the minor child and is willing to sign a release of liability statement to the church.

  7. the succesfull investment has been done for good economical reasons,now we shall see if the political reasons for disinvestment are clever or stupid in addition to be unfair,The new buyer of the sekked shares are making the best investment!The church has to invest in the califat that has cristians heads at reduced price (805 off)

  8. It is interesting to read this while I read just a few minutes ago that India ordered Israeli weapons system while cancelling such an order from the USA. India prefers Israeli weapons over America??? isn't that something!!! so you PCUSA you do not need to patronize the above companies, I assume that the scope of the business they are not buying must be miniscule, since I do not believe people will do anything that only hurts themselves. I do not know the amount of money PCUSA spent on those companies, but I assume it was not very much. No loss there.

  9. Rachel Slomovic If you have ever been to the Dead (Salt) sea and floated in its waters you know how wonderful your skin feels afterwards. Let the boycott and disinvestment idiots turn into prune faces!!!

  10. This will only lead to further unemployment in the West Bank and continual poverty among the people. I don't see any of the surrounding Arab countries doing any investing in the West Bank. What does the West Bank actually produce…well they make a good brand of sandal, beer, and a few kilo of fruit and veggies. Actually I have a good deal of pity for the Arabs living in Gaza and the West Bank…they are nothing but pawns and that is all they will ever be.

  11. Migration is basic to humanity. The First Nation took land from those that preceded them. There is good evidence that the Clovis people in the Americas and in what is now Alberta were Europeans that followed the edge of glaciers 13,000 years ago and preceded the trans-Bering Strait dispersals. Please do not draw find fault in European migrations. The Bantu people in Africa displaced many others as did the peoples of Asia and everywhere else. The history of man is the history of migration and displacement. The real issue is self determination. The Palestinians have not shown themselves to be capable of responsible self government, meaning exercising govrnance without threatening their neighbors.

  12. ha, the United church of Canada, ironically I was kicked out of that church and told I was no longer welcome there, They are no longer christians, they promote same sex marriages and void the commandment of the Lord G-d of Israel, Leviticus 18 verse 22 man shall not lie with mankind as with womenkind it is an abomination." When I asked what their homosexual ministers would preach they said"the Bible" But the Bible not just in Leviticus but Paul also in Romans chapter one, writes that "God gives them up to practice their sexual lusts among themselves." that they are disobedient children without mercy" so am no longer a member of that church, and dont regret it either. They are gone by the wayside and have fallen from grace. their attendance has dropped drastically, and now those churches they build most of them are empty. G-d bless Israel and its people

  13. Perhaps we should let these companies close these factories. I am sure the Church will send them ( the workers from Judea Sumaria ) the wages that they will lose. Also send the stock holders their portion of the investment they made that they will lose.

  14. And what have these bleeding hearts said about the Muslim abduction of Nigerian girls ? And what have they said about Turkey's occupation of northern Cyprus? And what have they said about Turkey's persecution of Kurds – not even allowing Kurdish schools to instruct in their own language! The answer is plain anti-Semitism.

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