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July 22, 2014 / 24 Tammuz, 5774
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Next Year In… Milwaukee?

Why wasn't Israel included in the Jewish Communities Fair?
Why wasn't Israel included in the Jewish Communities Fair?

Why wasn't Israel included in the Jewish Communities Fair?
Photo Credit: Yishai Fleisher

I finally went to the Orthodox Union’s annual Jewish Communities Fair. As a long-time pro-Aliyah activist, I had been curious about this event, and so while on tour in America, I joined the hungry Modern-Orthodox masses at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Pavilion as they searched for new communities and a new life in far flung locales like Jacksonville, Florida, Louisville, Kentucky, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin – but not Israel.

I expected to see a moderately attended event. But to my surprise, the venue was packed with over 1,300 people, exploring the forty-one different communities represented. There was so much noise, I had to stand close in order to hear community leaders make their pitches.

OU Flyer

You may wonder, as I did, why would Modern-Orthodox Jews want to leave the kosher conveniences of the NY area and move to remote places like Southfield, Michigan. It turns out, that first and foremost, the answer is affordability: cheaper housing, cheaper education, and getting more for your money. A high quality of life at an affordable price. And incentives. Some communities promise incentives like a $20,000 gift for a down-payment on your home, and free tuition from kindergarten through grade 12.

Josh Elbert, who flew in to represent Southfield, shared with me how he had come to this fair a few years ago and was skeptical when the Michigan people approached him. They said to him, “Don’t judge until you see it,” and indeed, when he saw it, he was smitten. “I am a success story of this event. Because of the connections we made here, we were able to provide a terrific opportunity for our family,” he told me. Because of the drop in real estate, he mentioned, one can buy a very large home for $115,000 in Southfield. Someone who makes forty-five thousand dollars a year can live next to a millionaire.

But there are other reasons to move to the American periphery – such as the opportunity to join a tight-knit community and make an impact on a growing shul, or aging congregation seeking new blood.

OU Community Fair Chesterfield & Crowd

I spoke with Rabbi Aaron Winter who came to Chesterfield, Missouri twenty two years ago to serve as their rabbi. He explained to me that Chesterfield is part of greater St. Louis, that they have a congregation of 80 Orthodox families, and their own mikvah and Chafetz Chaim Mesivta. He told me that his shul had succeeded in bringing many non-affiliated Jews closer to Torah. As he put it, “we are on the front lines of Orthodox Jewry in St. Louis.” Now, Chesterfield is looking to grow and they are offering up to five families a grant of twenty thousand dollars each towards the purchase of a home. “When you are an out-of-town community, even one family is gold. People appreciate you being here,” Rabbi Winter told me.

So cheaper housing, affordable education, a sense of community, and the promise of a better quality of life, are luring Jews to middle-America.

Understandable, reasonable, and respectable!

But what about the Israel option? Were any of the Modern Orthodox attendees at the OU’s Community Fair considering moving east of New York, to Jerusalem or Tel Aviv? There was no way to really know because there were no tables representing emerging communities in the emerging Jewish state. Had there been a table for, let’s say, Efrat, Modiin, or Maale Adumim, then one could gauge how much action that table saw as compared with Portland. But alas, that option did not exist. The message of the fair was clear enough: If the Orthodox Union is going to help you find a new future – it is going to be in America.

That should come as no surprise. If you go to the OU’s website, you will see lots of pro-Israel links. But if you hover your mouse over the flag of Israel at the top of the site, a text pops up which reads: “Our ‘home away from home’ in Jerusalem, the OU Israel Center, annually welcomes over 100,000 visitors and residents.” The obvious implication is that Israel is a home away from home, but home is America. Another proof of this thinking was laid bare in the ‘Communities Guide’ which was given out at the fair. In it were page after page of US destinations for “Home & Job Relocation” with pictures, contact numbers, and websites. Yet on the back cover the full page glossy called on all to: “Join Us in Celebrating Israel’s 65th Birthday – March with the OU at the Celebrate Israel Parade.” Again, the message is clear: you can celebrate Israel and love Israel with the OU, but if you’re looking to move, consider Cleveland.

About the Author: Yishai Fleisher is the Contributing Editor and PR manager at the JewishPress.com, and Israel's only English language broadcast radio show host (Galey Yisrael 106.5FM). Yishai is an Israeli Paratrooper, a graduate of Cardozo Law School, and the founder of Kumah ("Arise" in Hebrew), an NGO dedicated to promoting Zionism and strengthening Israel's national character. Yishai is married to Malkah, they have two children, and they live on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

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53 Responses to “Next Year In… Milwaukee?”

  1. Jacob Alperin-Sheriff says:

    So whiny; clearly these are for people who for whatever reason don't want to make aliyah-if they did, we can be absolutely sure they're familiar with Nefesh b'Nefesh and Israel in general.

  2. I don't think that's the point. I think Yishai is saying that the OU is promoting Jewish communities and isn't even offering Israel as an option. Not one Israeli community is represented. So this isn't about aliyah as much as it's about Jewish life. The OU is promoting Jewish life in the US, not Jewish life in Israel.

  3. חזק ונתחזק בעד עמנו ובעד ערי אלהינו – והוי''ה יעשה הטוב בעיניו.

  4. Carl Singer says:

    I don't think that's the point either. This venue is specifically targeted to strengthen smaller communities in the US. The OU continues to promote Aliyah — but NOT in this venue. Again, this is a directed project with a specific target. — Why not chastise the OU for not including Boro Park. In my many years of travel it was always a pleasure to come upon a community such as Harrisburg, PA that opened its arms to a visitor, providing home hospitality, Shabbos accommodations, etc. You know there are Orthodox Jews who live west of the Hudson.

  5. Yehudah Block says:

    Jacob you don't believe in cross marketing? Israel is only for NBN?

    The goal of the event is to propose affordable housing and affordable schooling for orthodox Jews. Israel has a wonderful quality of life for Orthodox families and Jews in general.

    There should have been communities represented that are in Israel. Let all the options be presented and leave it up to the patrons attending the event to make the decision themselves. They may find something out about Modiin, Maaleh Adumim, Efrat etc that they didn't realize.

    Listen, the rest of the world ate Quinoa on Pesach with every hechsher except the OU, because the OU unilaterally decided it's kitniyot. Here the OU decided that people shouldn't move to Israel and Israel isn't an option. That's the point.

  6. the OU promotes Aliyah? I don't recall having ever seen an example of that – do you have a website or event you could point me to where I can read more?

  7. Yehudah Block says:

    Where do you see the OU promoting Aliyah? Please send me a link so I can verify your info.

  8. Efrat Benn says:

    Yishai, you elegantly state my thoughts and qualms about this same event. Thank you.

  9. Donny Reich says:

    The OU is doing an EXCELLENT job of keeping the Galut alive. Isn't this the function of the American Jewish Leadership?

  10. Naama Karo Orbach says:

    Yishai, you nailed it! I would also point out that Zionist and Torah arguments aside, at $25,000+ per child for an Orthodox Jewish education in America – an alternative like Ramat Beit Shemesh where the schooling is paid for by the government would fully fit in the supposed goal of OU helping people move to more affordable areas.

    However as other posters said until these large Jewish organizations whether it be OU or YU or anyone else, until they themselves make Aliyah, they simple won't be able to promote Aliyah since their lifeblood is American Jewish life. The idea of "Aliyah" itself is a big problem for American Orthodox organizations trying to hide their true colors of being more loyal to their existence than to the Torah…

  11. Yori Yanover says:

    Jacob Alperin-Sheriff · When the time comes, and it will, as it has in the past wherever Jews felt comfortable and cozy in diaspora — when the day come, I'll be happy and honored to welcome you and your lovely wife (in the picture) and you whole family in our guest room. I'm in the phone book.

  12. Yori Yanover says:

    It's spelled Ga-loot

  13. General attitudes define people’s behavior.
    Is US another galut? Is Ingathering of Exiles happening right now?
    If the answer to both questions is YES, then it would be honest and logical to offer and even promote “Israel option”.
    If the answer in NO, then, of course, send young couples west of Hudson!
    Multi-levels problem (which is a very old Jewish problem) manifests itself when the community prays in the direction of Jerusalem and sends its youth in the opposite direction.

  14. Gavriel Yarmish says:

    Yishai, Its a fair point but let me ask on the other side:

    Why did no communities in Israel present at the fair?

  15. Gavriel Yarmish says:

    …but Malkah, Its a fair point but let me ask on the other side:

    Why did no communities in Israel present at the fair? What is going on behind the scenes?

  16. Gavriel Yarmish says:

    Carl, Are you saying that the OU did NOT ALLOW Israel to be represented? That's what you are saying.

    Do you have knowledge of that?

  17. Josh Barrack says:

    Any Jews who would consider moving to suburban Detroit should have his/her head examined. That's Islamic territory. How is that an upgrade from NY?

  18. Josh Barrack says:

    Any Jews who would consider moving to suburban Detroit should have his/her head examined. That's Islamic territory. How is that an upgrade from NY?

  19. Josh Barrack says:

    Any Jews who would consider moving to suburban Detroit should have his/her head examined. That's Islamic territory. How is that an upgrade from NY?

  20. Ari Ben-Yam says:

    Good article Yishai. I must say that Rav Kahane wrote literally hundreds of brilliant and biting articles (and a number of books) on the same exact topic between 1970 and 1990. It is embarrassing how little has changed.

  21. Nachum Lamm says:

    The funniest part is the nameplate on the door. Check it out.

  22. Anonymous says:


    Kol Hakavod, Yishai.

    Tragically, American Jewish 'leaders' are once again ignoring.

    the dangerous warning signs of accelerating anti-Semitism in.

    America and inanely promote relocating to other parts of.

    the United States, instead of the Jewish homeland, Israel.

    *(See http://www.shuva.net)

    With love of G-D and ERETZ YISRAELl.

    Shifra Hoffman.


  23. Stuart Feldhamer says:

    I totally agree with Gavriel Yarmish 's comments. Yishai and Malkah are asserting that the OU did not allow Israeli communities to be showcased at the fair. Is there any evidence to back up that assertion?

    I noticed that Teaneck, NJ was not there either. I assumed that was not because the OU didn't let them in but because they didn't need to be there.

    Why wasn't Modiin there? Does anyone have any facts beyond idle speculation and accusations?

  24. Yishai , great point. What about having representatives from those communities in Israel contact the OU? Would the OU really object to having a table from Israel at their event?

  25. Yishai, you don't need to justify your Aliyah by trying to denegrate the efforts of worldwide Jewish communities. The OU is an American Jewish organization that is there to help and support the growth of Jewish communities in the US. The OU, unlike most other Jewish American organizations supports Aliyah through various programs. But at the end of the day it is there to foster community and kashrut i the US.

  26. Yishai, you don't need to justify your Aliyah by trying to denegrate the efforts of worldwide Jewish communities. The OU is an American Jewish organization that is there to help and support the growth of Jewish communities in the US. The OU, unlike most other Jewish American organizations supports Aliyah through various programs. But at the end of the day it is there to foster community and kashrut i the US.

  27. Yishai, you don't need to justify your Aliyah by trying to denegrate the efforts of worldwide Jewish communities. The OU is an American Jewish organization that is there to help and support the growth of Jewish communities in the US. The OU, unlike most other Jewish American organizations supports Aliyah through various programs. But at the end of the day it is there to foster community and kashrut i the US.

  28. Yori Yanover says:

    Joseph Peled Hadad · I went to the OU website and I saw that they have a center in Israel, which is great, but not so much in the form of "various programs" as you put it, to support religious Jews wishing to examine the Aliyah option.

    The resources of the OU could be lent to an aliyah effort–alongside the encouragement of U.S. Jews to resettle elsewhere in America. An Orthodox organization that abandons the notion of "im eshkachech Yerushalim" (so close to Jerusalem liberation day, too) will, eventually experience the tongue sticking to the pallet consequence.

    How can a religious Jewish organization NOT present aliyah as the primary option? It's obviously a case of Yeshurun obesity.

  29. Yori Yanover says:

    Stuart Feldhamer – It's not that the OU didn't allow Modiin to participate, it's that it didn't even occur to them to invite Modiin.

  30. Baba Sababa says:

    some people just don't see a future for Jewish life! remember that fellow in prewar Europe? "put an end to the exile or it will put an end to you"????

  31. So you are saying that everyone that the Orhtodox Union services simply doesn't want to make Aliyah? Besides that this isn't true, it certainly isn't fair to lump all of their audience into that reality. I think Yishai made some extremely good points that should be answered.

  32. Donny Reich says:

    Joseph that is the whole point. The OU is too concerned with growing the American Jewish community. The same can be said for every other Jewish Institution in the US.

    The OU (and the rest) have their priorities backwards. If the OU actually believe in the Torah that they claim to abide by, then they would know that the only place for a Jew to live is Israel.

  33. Donny Reich says:

    If the OU, and other Jewish organizations would encourage Aliyah, over time there would be many more American Olim.

    What a shame that America's Rabbinic leadership have forgotten Eretz Yisrael.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Because they weren't invited to! There is only one side to question.

  35. J.D. Gershan says:

    Yishai – OU represents the so called "Modern" Orthodox. I'm curious – Is this the sector from which most US Aliya originates? Or does most Aliya come from the Orthodox (ie not Modernish)? If most of the aliya is from the Modernish group, then perhaps the OU feels that Aliya opportunities are already well represented and are having an impact. If most Aliya is from the non-Modernish Orthodox, then I would agree with you that perhaps the OU should highlight Israel a bit more.

  36. Donny Reich says:

    JD You are missing the point. If this fair is about relocating to new Jewish communities, what better a Jewish community to relocate to than that of Israel?

    By forgetting Israel, the OU is saying that it is more important to strengthen the Jewish communities of the Mid-west, than it is to strengthen Israel!

  37. Yochi Eisner says:

    I don’t really understand the issue here – it was obvious to me from the "get go", that OU's Jewish Communities Fair was simply repackaging and reselling the American dream to America Jews. We don't need the words 'Jewish community' when we talk about living in Israel. There is nothing "to get" or "understand", OU says it out loud: want a better life move to Louisville (for example). They are not saying "want to live as a Jew amongst Jews?", "want to fulfill your obligation as a religious Jew and ensure your family's legacy?" then move to Israel. OU is galus.
    And as to OU's "celebration of Israel's 65th birthday" it's what I call the "Eretz Yisrioel" –" Eretz Yisrael" dichotomy. For some American Jews, Israel is "Eretz Yisrioel" – it's a state of mind – you can spend a Yontif here every year, visit army bases and heck maybe even buy a house that the "kids" will use when they visit for a year and then will remain empty for the rest of the time. But home, a real place to live, is the golden medina. Eretz Yisrael – is real, it's tough, it's not neat, it's full of us Israelis yelling, pushing and running around; oh yes and building a country. It's not buying jewelry once a year in Mamilla; it's buying challah every Friday in Machne Yehuda.
    Don't fool yourself OU knows exactly what they are doing, as did the "modern orthodox masses" that thronged to the event.

  38. Joshua Grady-Share says:

    I'm under the impression that OU America funds OU Israel, which is incredibly pro-Aliya. Torah Tidbits, very pro-Aliyah, is provided in many communities in 'America'. I don't think Yishai is being whiny, and think that asking a rhetorical question like why no Israeli communities were represented is valid. Perhaps the organizers could respond if they invited someone from the aliyah centre, or NBN, Tehila, or other, or not. If they said, that this wasn't the point of the ceonvention, I would say that is legitimate as well. But bloggers/writers are still allowed to ask questions!!

  39. The writer makes a good point about missing out on the benefits of living in Israel. But, the reason Israel was not at the fair is simple. Israel's real estate and evrything else is quite expensive. If your looking for a bargain place to live that offers a high standard of living, chances are you won't find it in Israel.

  40. Yishai. You cannot shove Aliyah down people's throats. If they don't want to be there or are not ready to live in the holy country- it will not work out. The ou clearly marketed this event to people who want to live in America. Nefesh b'nefesh does a wonderful job I helping people who want to make Aliyah do so!

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