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April 20, 2014 / 20 Nisan, 5774
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A Black Day for American Jews

Diaspora Jewry should examine their role in Israel's failures to combat Palestinian moves at the UN.
Ellis Island

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Today is a black day for American Jews. Why? I’m sorry to say it, but as the so-called “Palestinian Authority” is gaining entrance to the United Nations as an observer, non-voting state, the Jews of America are out playing golf or watching things on TV, instead of protesting outside the UN with all of their might. “Israel Belongs to the Jews!” their protest signs should declare. “Israel is Our State!” their banners should proclaim. But, except for the few regulars and Rabbis who always show up at the demonstrations in NY, no one is there to protest.

In the upcoming Torah portion regarding the casting of Yosef into a pit, the Torah notes: “And the pit was empty, there was no water in it.” Our Sages inform us that there wasn’t water, but there were snakes and scorpions. A vacuum doesn’t stay empty. The same is true of the Land of Israel. If the Jews of the West had responded to the calls of the Zionist Movement and come on mass aliyah, especially with the founding of the State of Israel, the Land wouldn’t have filled up with snakes and scorpions.

Now these same snakes and scorpions are demanding that the United Nations recognize that Israel is their homeland, and the Jews of America sit at home and watch on TV (a least a fraction of them, since the vast majority our totally lost), and they shake their heads and say, “The Government of Israel is to blame. They should have annexed all of the territory… they never should have agreed to Oslo….”, when, in truth, it is they themselves who are to blame for not having said good-bye to comfortable America, and France, and England, and South Africa, and Mexico, and Canada, and Australia, and returned to the Jewish Homeland to reclaim it for the Jews.

So the Arabs claimed it instead. It’s shameful to say, but when it comes to the Land of Israel, the Arabs have more mesirut nefesh and a readiness for sacrifice than Diaspora Jews. The “Palestinians” are ready to give up their lives for the Holy Land. How many Diasporians can say that? They are prepared to suffer, and engage in armed struggle to win sovereignty over the Land. How many Diasporians can say that? Instead they sit in Brooklyn, and Monsey, and Lakewood, and Chicago, and Dallas, and Beverly Hills, and they shake their heads and say, “Too bad those weak Israelis didn’t transfer them all to Saudi Arabia,” while they go into the kitchen to make another bagel and lox.

So, with the hope that a least a handful of readers will hear these words and recognize their truth, I composed a prayer for Diaspora Jews to say on this black day of our history:

“Dear God, and God of my forefathers, Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaacov; on this black day when Arabs are demanding that world recognize their right to a state in the Land of Israel, I sit here silently in America doing nothing to protest, even though Israel is my Land, not theirs.

“I know it is my Land because I know you commanded Avraham to live there, and You promised it to his descendants  the Jews, as an eternal covenant. I know it is the Land of the Jews, and the place you want me to live, because You told Yitzhak to never leave it, and when Yaakov had to flee from Esav, You told him to return to the Land of Israel to raise his family there.

“And when You freed the Jews from bondage in Egypt, You commanded us to return to Israel. And I know I am supposed to live there because it says so in the Torah over and over again, and all the Prophets all speak about our returning from the exile to rebuild our national life in the Land of Israel, and that our Redemption can only happen there.

“I know that I am supposed to live in the Land of Israel and not let other nations dwell there in my stead, because that’s what the Torah says clearly, and that’s what we pray for in our daily prayers, and that’s what I say myself at the end of every Passover Seder, and at the conclusions of my Yom Kippur prayers, “Next Year in Jerusalem,” yet here I am, still in New York, and Los Angeles and Boca Raton, when I know I should move to Israel.

“But I’m stuck, either because I don’t know how I can make a living there, or I’m afraid to go into the Israeli army, or I don’t want to leave my parents, or I’m comfortable here, or a dozen other reasons, some of them real and others invented, and I know that You know what’s really in the heart of man, so I ask Your forgiveness in that I haven’t done as much as I can, whether in going to live in Israel myself, or helping others in whatever way I can, by forming an aliyah group at my synagogue, or convincing our shul’s Rabbi to urge our young people to go, or help to raise funds so families can make a new start in Israel.

“True, I follow what’s going on in The Jewish Press, and I post articles about Israel on Facebook, and I give whatever tzedakah I can, but I know I could do lots more. Please forgive me that I don’t act on the words of my prayers, and that I ignore the great mitzvah of living in the Land, and even though there are Gedolim who say that aliyah isn’t an obligation today, everyone agrees that it is still a great mitzvah, and though I strive to perform all of the other commandments as best as I can, over this one I am surely remiss, especially when I see how You have miraculous gathered in millions of Jews to Israel, and rebuilt the country in a miraculous way, while here in America, and England, and France, assimilation is eating up our ranks, and we look away as if everything is OK as long as it is down the block with the reformers, and not in the bubble of our wonderful glatt kosher neighborhood. Forgive me, Father, that I sit passively in my home while Arabs proclaim their right to the Land of Israel.

“Even though the Israelis could have handled things differently, I know that I am to blame as well for making America my home over Israel. I am ashamed that the Arabs are acting more Jewish than I am. You have commanded us, the Jewish People, to establish our sovereignty over the borders of Israel, and in my procrastination, the sons of Ishmael are doing it in my stead. Woe is me. Woe is me. My shame spreads out up to Heaven. Please, my Father and King, from this time forth, put in my heart, like a raging fire, the desire and courage to extricate myself from galut and come home to Israel, to be in my own Jewish Land, and not continue on as a stranger amongst the gentiles. And if I can’t make aliyah now for whatever reason, let me encourage my children to do so, and do whatever I can to let others know that our only future is in the Land of the Jews, just like it clearly states, again and again, in the Torah, in the writings of our Prophets, and in our prayers.

“May it be your will, Amen.”

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About the Author: Tzvi Fishman was awarded the Israel Ministry of Education Prize for Creativity and Jewish Culture for his novel "Tevye in the Promised Land." For the past several years, he has written a popular and controversial blog at Arutz 7. A wide selection of his books are available at Amazon. The views expressed in this blog are solely those of the author and do not represent the views of The Jewish Press

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49 Responses to “A Black Day for American Jews”

  1. Jarrod Muhary says:

    I think we need to stop caring about the UN… It’s days are numbered

  2. I'm a brazilian jew descendant who never had any right recognized by Israel, like millions of others here in Brazil. I always suffered, and cried, and prayed for the welfare and strengtheningof my beloved Israel, like millions of others here in Brazil. But we are a simple "shadow" of the Past… Our jew blood don't have any worth to our beloved Nation. So, we will continue praying, crying and supporting with our meager resources – when we can do this – asking for MERCY, SALVATION, RELEASE AND FORGIVENESS for Our beloved Nation and People of Israel.I'll continue saying and proclaming: "Am Israel Chai leolam va'ed." ✡ ♥ ✡ ♥ ✡ ("It was also called Mizpah, because he said, "May the LORD keep watch between you and me when we are away from each other." Gen. 31:49) AMEN.

  3. Milton Barry Zaft says:

    Am Yisroel Chai We Stand With ISrael

  4. Liad Bar-el says:

    The most mystical part of the Zohar is based on Chapter 9 of the parasha VaYishlach (Genesis 36: 31-43). The great Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai derived 300 mystical teachings from this section and did not reveal them to anyone other than his son Rabbi Elazar. According to Ma’Am Lo’Ez, Vol 3a page 210-212, there is one apparent lesson from this section which states that incest was very common among Esau’s family thus making all of his descendants to be bastards. As a general rule, the children of a bastard are also bastards; so, the Diasporah Jews that don't come to Israel allow bastards to take their place all the while they support the bastards that want to destory Israel through their earnings with their tax dollars. They even vote for a bastard to lead them. If one lives with bastards, intermarry with them like Anthony Weiner, support them, what does this make one to be?

  5. Benjamin Rau says:

    Maybe the fault lies with the state of Israel …. so willing to be tolerant of Idolatry, and terrorism…. so willing to blame someone else instead of taking responsibility for their own rejection of Ha-Shem….

  6. John Macneish says:

    I proudly stand with Israel!! Jehovah G-d will bring the UN to nothing except a crumbling ruin. Shame on the nations who supported the scum of satan.

  7. Francine Rico says:

    Israel needs to to IGNORE the world and drop a damn bomb!!! STARTING with the U.N.! All it is is terrorist central!!!

  8. Okoro Leo C says:

    O God, hear our supplications.

  9. Liad Bar-el says:

    The most mystical part of the Zohar is based on Chapter 9 of the parasha VaYishlach (Genesis 36: 31-43). The great Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai derived 300 mystical teachings from this section and did not reveal them to anyone other than his son Rabbi Elazar. According to Ma’Am Lo’Ez, Vol 3a page 210-212, there is one apparent lesson from this section which states that incest was very common among Esau’s family thus making all of his descendants to be bastards. As a general rule, the children of a bastard are also bastards; so, the Diasporah Jews that don't come to Israel allow bastards to take their place all the while they support the bastards that want to destory Israel through their earnings with their tax dollars. If one lives with bastards, intermarry with them, supports them, what does this make one to be?

  10. Liad Bar-el says:

    "The banding together by the nations of the world against Israel is the guarantee that their time of destruction is near and the final redemption of the Jew at hand."
    Meir Kahane

  11. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    Heil Hitler, Heil Palestine.

  12. Messaoud Mohammed says:

    The demise and deadly end of Israel loom ahead…

  13. Moshe Mordechai Zalman Shulman says:

    The solution to our Golus is Ahavas Yisrael, not blaming our fellow Jews.

  14. Too funny :) May you end like him (you most certainly will).

  15. James Johnston Ferguson says:

    Israel was sold out today -by nazi Europe !

  16. Liad Bar-el says:

    Continuing on with this reference, there is an opinion that the rule of the kings of Edom began 550 years before Saul became the first king of Israel. The Saul of Rechovoth was not the same Saul of Israel and the city, Rechovoth was on the Euphrates River, not the city where Isaac had lived. This reference answers an important question. How could Esau have given rise to kings before Jacob, when the blessing given to Jacob was that “You shall be a liege to your brother” (Gen 27:29)? According to Me’Am Lo’Ez Vol 3a, pg 215, “But Esau was allowed to have the first kingdom precisely because of this blessing – since it rose so quickly, it would not survive. We thus see that the chaff grows before the grain does. But when a wind comes, the chaff blows away, while the grain remains. Similarly, the husk of a fruit grows before the edible part.” Thus shall the “husks” of the UN be blown away soon as Rabbi Meir Kahane has stated.

  17. For I will take you from among the heathen and gather you from all countries and will bring you into your own land. Ezekiel 36:24 – A brilliantly written article Tzvi. Rest assured there are many praying this verse into being and much more has yet to be fulfilled. God is with you and His promises will not fail. Pray for your American people because things are to get much tougher for them yet. Sending you much blessing and prayers for you to see God's will fulfilled even in your own lifetime.

  18. from Dorothy Harding.

  19. Baba Wawa says:

    Messaoud Mohammed

    We've been hearing that one for about 4,000 years. And everyone who said it is gone. Take a hint.

  20. Tim Upham says:

    The black day for American Jews, is their total complete lack of Jewish education. So to make up for it, they will espouse radical right wing support of Israel. Instead of striving to make Israel a nation among nations, they make Israel so oppressed, that it is justified to either physical exterminate or forcibly remove all Arabs in Israel and the West Bank. "I will make you into a great nation and I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing." Genesis 12:2.

  21. Tim Upham says:

    Since when did Meir Kahane write the Tanakh, or is it he thinks he did?

  22. Yehuda Cohen says:

    Messaoud Mohammed المنحرف
    What happened? Your prophet Muhammad advised you to drink camel urine (Sahih Bukhari, Ablutions (Wudu'), Volume 1, Book 4, Number 234)" and maybe you drank too much. There’s even an US patent app. 2009/0297622 A1, that focuses on PM701 (PM stands for prophet medicine).
    In your Koran Allah Promised the Land of Israel to the Jews:
    Al Israa 17: 104 And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel "Dwell securely in the land (of promise)":
    *** Allah, in very clear Arabic, asserts that he fulfilled his promise to reward the People of Israel with the Promised Land, the same land that the later conquering hordes of Muhammadan Arabs claim as exclusively theirs CONTRARY to their own Quran ***
    Al Baqara 2: 40 O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favor which I bestowed upon you and fulfill your covenant with Me as I fulfill My covenant with you and fear none but Me.
    Al Baqara 2: 47 O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favor which I bestowed upon You and that I preferred you above the whole world
    Al Baqara 2: 122 O Children of Israel! call to mind the special favor which I bestowed upon you and that I preferred you above the whole world.
    Al Maida 5: 21 "O my people! enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you and turn not back ignominiously for then will ye be overthrown to your own ruin.":

  23. Steve Katz says:

    Excuse me, Tzvi, but Israel didn't do such a great job dealing with the Palestinians, either. I count five (5) major agreements starting with Oslo which were utter failures in securing peace. How many agreements DOES it take before Israel realizes the P's don't want peace. In the words of Einstein "insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results".

    When someone (in this case Israel) won't stand up for themselves, why expect anyone else to do so.

  24. Mark L. Shane says:

    though you are right-Im afraid the Israeli police/IDF/knesset will not protect me living in the only area I can afford to live in- sderot-I also notice that most Israelis are not flocking there either from the now lost security of Tel Aviv. Could it be that the real problem is that Israelis are not upset about the drop arms and run Cease Fire agreement some sissy in the goverment has just made with the help of big barak? and doesn't this kind of thing happen often there amongst our anesthetized & confused Israeli population?

  25. Rachel Tate says:

    We don't go to your pages and say nasty things …why should you waste your time and spew your hatred?! By the way…I think you lost your goat, better go get it cause you'll need him for later when you have that urge…

  26. I support this article…

  27. Taaga Siu says:

    I love Israel and his people, Abba will hear the cry of his beloved. He will never fail on his promise toward all Jews.

  28. It was a black day to the whole world, because the world doesn't recognize who are they – muslims.

  29. Claire Green says:

    I appreciate your perspective although I don’t share your theology and have different goal for the quality of Jewish life in Israel as well as in the United States, I would ask that you revise your prayerful expectation so as not to claim that the Arabs behave more Jewish than [galut] Jews. Jews do not target and kill civilians and celebrate the death of children. It is at this point your goal of shaming American Jews toward Aliyah fails. Please consider is more encouraging nonjudgmental if you seek to be part of the decision-making dynamic in the Jewish community. Also, have an American review your English usage so you sound like you are a member or at least familiar with the American Jewish community. (It’s “lox and bagel.”) And talk to American Jews and learn more about their motivations. (Saying that “The Torah says so” is not at the top if the list. Your sociological understanding is out of date.)

  30. I don't include the Jews in New York , Florida, etc. as citizens of the proud religion and country of Israel. I am a Christian who loves and prays for Israel. So Israel goes… so goes the world. The people playing "golf" etc (just as our horrible president Obama does) care nothing for others, not their country nor for peace. I loved you article. I do write our Jewish congressmen/senators such as Chuck Shumer… where is your values, you have none, you have sold out Israel.

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