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For days, actually week’s I’ve been searching for the right name for this war. Please stop calling it an “operation,” “campaign” or whatever non-military euphemism the government has dreamed up!  Today while watching the television news I heard the interview of a mother of a wounded soldier who is also the mother of a soldier fighting. She was asked if she had a message for her son the soldier on the battlefield:

“סיים את המשימה Complete the Mission! Sayyem et HaMissimah!

Yes, that’s what she said to him live on Israeli television.


And yes, that’s the way most Israelis feel. We are sick and tired of listening to unrealistic extreme Leftists who pontificate the supposed, alleged peacefulness and logic of the Gazans, claiming “they certainly want peace, just like we do.” Well, the proof’s in the pudding; they don’t. It’s very dangerous to dream that our enemy is “just like us.”

Remember that the night, less than two months ago, when the three teenagers were kidnapped and murdered, there were celebrations in Arab towns all over. And the films of the celebrating Gazans, including children, yes all civilians at the capture of IDF soldier (most probably his dead body) are horrifying.

We must keep pounding away until they break, because otherwise they will win. There’s no negotiating and no ceasefire if we want to survive!


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  1. Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, Protect the IDF, the Israeli people (the elderly, the children, and the disabled), the land of Israel (the pets and the animals) as the apple of Your eye, hide them under the shadow of Your wings, from the wicked who oppose Israel, from Israels deadly enemies who compass around them. Make seen every terrorist tunnel, every place where a rocket is stored or fired, and every Hamas operative. Amein. Amein.

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