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President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz sharing with the Knesset the "facts" he learned about the region from his hosts in Ramallah.

Considering what’s in the news recently, I really wonder if there is such a thing as European countries that like and support the State of Israel.  Europe’s Leftists are in the forefront of banning kosher slaughter (shechita,) the BDS movement, the anti-Israel pro-Palestine sic organizations and work hard to train the local Arabs in how to best undermine the State of Israel, its reputation and legal legitimacy.

And of course we shouldn’t ignore the fact that the Holocaust was initiated in Nazi Germany, and the other European countries did nothing to stop it.  Many, such as Switzerland kept its borders closed to Jews, while claiming neutrality.


So nobody should be all that surprised that European Parliament President Martin Schulz used our Knesset (Parliament) to spout the Arab terrorist accusations against Israel.  He should have been stopped and carted off to jail for public incitement and slander against the State of Israel.

Speaking about a meeting with Palestinians in Ramallah earlier this week, Schulz said, “One of the questions these young people asked me which I found most moving — although I could not check the exact figures — was this: how can it be that an Israeli is allowed to use 70 liters of water per day, but a Palestinian only 17?” Schulz also called Israeli settlement policy an “obstacle” to a peace deal and said Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip is “driving people to despair — despair which in turn is being exploited by extremists.” “The blockade may in fact undermine, rather than strengthen, Israel’s security,” Schulz asserted.

There must at least be formal protests and sanctions against Schulz by the State of Israel!

For some strange reason, Israelis like to think of Holland as a friend and ally, but there isn’t much friendship there, either.

Nearly Half the Dutch Believe Israel Trying to Exterminate Arabs The Dutch believe Israel is the greatest threat to world peace and that it is trying to exterminate the Palestinian Arabs

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Some of these numbers may be because there is now a high percentage of muslims in the Dutch population. As many old time Dutch now say:

“Holland isn’t Holland any more.”

Among the most dangerous of the anti-Israel propaganda groups is the BDS Movement which uses boycott and threats of boycott not only to deny Jews their legitimate civil rights in the State of Israel but to pressure Israel to make dangerous irreversible changes in policy.

It would be a lot better if the State of Israel would just recognize that no foreign government, international organization or NPO can be trusted as friend and ally.  Our only true ally is G-d Almighty, the All Powerful Who Makes Miracles.

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  1. Individual countries. YES Germany and that is why Hashem went from tearing that nation in two to blessing it. France Spain and Hashem WILL once again bless those nations. But the EU Heck to the nizo. They are the final world empire that is at the very edge of forming. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. when a peace deal is signed IF there is a 7 year time limit put on redemption and Messiah will return 360 days times 7. And WHOMEVER signs the deal black white european whatever WHOEVER signs that 7 year agreement is going to make Hitler look like and amatuer boyscout and will bring FALSE peace and will break his agreement 1/2 way through. Does that mean Israel should not sign it NO sign it and Hashem will deal with the people who mistreat His Israel and His Notsreem. Buckle up Y’all these last days events are going to shake rattle and roll the the world but as New Covenant says we are IN the world but not OF the world. Hitler conquered with war and soldiers this one will conquer with peace and change. “He will seek to change the set times.” Know and understand THIS taht if THIS nation tears Jerusalem apart Hashem WILL tear THIS nation apart. He did it to Germany. He brought the USSR down after it mistreated Jews for years. It is almost like Hashem is allowing satan to provoking these leaders. You can almost FEEL the demonic thread in these leaders rhetoric. Rest assured Israel Hashem has said in Psalam 83 ther would be one more we must fight OURSELVES and we will overcome by the blood of the lamb nd by the steel in our veins. The other wsr Hashem said ” I will bring you against my people and will destroy you inj frotn of the nations so that they knwo that I AM the L-rd who executes righteous judegement.

  2. Yes it will. The book of Daniel talks about the EU and eventually it WILL envelpoe the earth. But though nation after nation forsakes Israel Hashem WILL NEVER. The only reason the US was raised up as what the Tanakh calls “the infant nation” was to protect and keep Israel and when we stop that Hashem WILL drop His Holy Hammer down.

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