First Ever International Gathering of Holocaust Envoys Debates Property Restitution

The conference initiated a network of Holocaust envoys to address the injustices of the past.

Australian State Banning ‘Disgraceful and Cowardly’ Nazi Salute

I wonder if the fact that her politics attract neo-Nazis means her message is wrong.

Jewish Man Discovers his Mom’s Home in Krakow Starred on ‘Schindler’s List’

The courtyard of the house at 12 Jozefa was called, "the most beautiful courtyard in Kazimierz."

Albania’s Besa Museum Celebrates Albanians Who Rescued Jews in WWII

Albania is the only country in Europe that had more Jews after World War II than before the war.

Nazi-Era ‘Resistance Fighter’ Exposed as Concentration Camp Guard

Historian reveals that Irmgard Kroymann was never a prisoner at Gross-Rosen camp, but volunteered to work there.

Solomon Perel (‘Hitler Youth Salomon’) Dead at 97

He studied Nazi race theory and participated in pre-military exercises.

Report: Holocaust Education Expanding in Africa, Arab Countries, and Where It Really Counts –...

The Report includes an extensive discussion about Cyprus, presenting it as a model to be emulated.

‘Book of Names of Holocaust Victims’ Opens at United Nations Marks International Holocaust Remembrance...

"We must remember these individuals not as faceless and nameless victims, as the Nazis viewed them, but as individuals with unique life stories."

Herzog in European Union for Talks, International Holocaust Remembrance Day Address

Herzog is scheduled to meet with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and with a forum of ambassadors to the alliance to brief them on the security and political situation in the Jewish State.

Mahmoud Abbas: 40 Years of Holocaust Revisionism

Mahmoud Abbas is not expected to participate in somber International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorations on Friday.

Former Meretz Leader Zahava Gal-on Compares Ben-Gvir to Hitler

“The daughter of Holocaust survivors is cheapening and ripping up the [memory] of the holy six million [Jews who were killed by the Nazis],” responded the Israeli National Security Minister.

Appalling Nazi Children’s Board Game ‘Jews Out!’ on Display at TAU

The game "provides evidence of the fact that where racial hatred reigns, there will be entrepreneurs who will try to profit from it."

Japanese Firm Determined to Keep ‘Nazi-Tainted’ Van Gogh

According to heir's lawsuit, Sompo’s predecessor purchased the picture “in reckless disregard of its provenance, including Mendelssohn-Bartholdy’s forced sale of the painting in Nazi Germany in 1934.”

Łódź Tenement Renovation Reveals Treasure Trove of Jewish Artifacts Buried in 1939

“We managed to extract about 350 objects. Some are still being processed. They are caked with earth, mud, and corrosion.”

Biden Compares Asylum Seekers at US Border to Jews Escaping Nazi Germany

“Comparing Haitians leaving Haiti or Nicaraguans leaving Nicaragua to Jews fleeing violent extermination from Nazi Germany is both an outrageous minimization of the Holocaust and a vile slander of Latin American nations,” wrote Miller.

Former Nazi Camp Secretary, 97, Challenges Her Conviction

An estimated 65,000 individuals died at the camp near Gdansk, including "Jewish captives, Polish partisans, and Soviet Russian prisoners of war," according to prosecutors.

WJRO Applauds Lithuania’s Holocaust Era Property Restitution Law

The World Jewish Restitution Organization (WJRO) on Thursday applauded the passage of legislation by the Lithuanian Parliament addressing restitution claims of Holocaust victims. The...

New York City Street Art Reveals Heroism Amid Surging Antisemitism

The mural of Tibor Baranski, who saved 3,000 Jews during the Holocaust, was unveiled to much emotion from onlookers.

Pre-Holocaust Menorah to be Featured at Turkish Consulate Hanukah Party in New York

How did a 19th century menorah from Prague end up being the star of a Hanukah party hosted by Turkey?

Auschwitz Exhibit to be Held at Reagan Presidential Library in California

"History, especially its darkest moments, must be remembered and learned from."

Ambassadors Nides, Friedman to Lead Jewish Marchers from Auschwitz to Birkenau

Since 1988, more than 260,000 individuals have marched from Auschwitz to Birkenau.

KFC in Germany Invites Customers to ‘Enjoy Crispy Fried Chicken on Kristallnacht’

“We apologize. Due to an error in our system, we sent an incorrect and inappropriate message through our app. We are very sorry about this."

German Group Postpones But Won’t Cancel Tel Aviv Conference Equating Holocaust with ‘Nakba’

The Foreign Ministry expressed “shock and disgust in the face of the blatant scorn of the Holocaust, and . . . intent to create a bond whose entire purpose is to defame Israel.”


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