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Last Canadian Suspected of Nazi War Crimes Dies Before He Can be Deported

The Canadian government had been attempting to expel Helmut Oberlander for more than two decades, claiming he had hidden his role as a Nazi death squad interpreter during his immigration to Canada in 1954.

Ukraine Bans, Criminalizes Anti-Semitism

Under the legislation, victims of anti-Semitic attacks may claim compensation from their attackers for material and/or moral damage.

Warsaw’s Jewish Community Buries Remains Found of Unidentified Holocaust Victim

The human bones were found in a basement, thought to have resulted from a Jew hiding from German forces that destroyed the area during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943.

Pope Laments Anti-Semitism in Meeting with Slovakia’s Jews

“In a frenzy of hatred, during the Second World War more than a hundred thousand Slovak Jews were killed."

On Eve of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Catholic Journalist Atones for the Sins...

"Jonas Noreika received the Cross of the Vytis, the highest honor a Lithuanian could receive posthumously."

Remains of Vilna’s Great Synagogue Torah Ark Excavated after Nazi Destruction

A few years ago, Dr. Jon Seligman's visit to Vilna as part of a roots trip sparked the idea of digging up what was left of the compound and the synagogue.

Eichmann Was Turned in by Anti-Nazi Geologist, German Paper Reveals

Decades after the capture and trial of Nazi arch-murderer Adolf Eichmann, the name of the man believed to have given the Mossad the evidence they needed to find him has been revealed.

Polish Appellate Court Throws Out Ruling Against Two Holocaust Scholars

It comes days after Poland passed a new law that sets a 30-year limit on restitution claims for property stolen by the Nazis during World War II, which has led to a row between Israel and Poland.

Report: Poland Mulls Termination of Israeli Youths’ Annual Visit to Death Camps

Israel's Foreign Minister: “Gone are the days when Poles harmed Jews without consequence.”

Pfizer Chief: Bibi Was on Top of Everything, Knew Everything

Bourla is the son of Holocaust survivors. “I was never vocal about these things,” he told the FT.

Israel Up in Arms After Polish Parliament Passes Law Limiting Restitution of Property Lost...

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated the US is “deeply concerned” by the law and urged Duda not sign the bill into law or refer the bill to Poland’s constitutional tribunal.

Holocaust Survivors Urge California Legislators to Oppose Ethnic Studies Bill

Several web pages published under the heading “Preparing to Teach Palestine: A Toolkit” suggest the LESMC curriculum will be even more politicized, divisive, and antisemitic than its predecessor.

German Prosecutors Prepare Dozen-Plus Cases Against Nazi War-Crime Suspects

“The passage of time is no barrier to justice when it comes to the heinous crimes of the Holocaust,” said Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Education Trust.

Former Israeli Ambassador Shevah Weiss Tells Polish Newspaper Poland Should Make Amends to Jews

"You must not create a new harm based on an old harm," Weiss told Rzeczpospolita.

100-Year-Old Nazi Guard Found Fit to Stand Trial, Helped Murder 3,518

It appears that Germany is finally running out of Nazi war criminals to prosecute.

Republican Leaders Denounce Oklahoma GOP for ‘Unvaccinated Yellow Star’

“It is irresponsible and wrong to compare an effective vaccine — developed by President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed — to the horrors of the Holocaust."

Biden Nominates Holocaust Historian Deborah Lipstadt as Next Anti-Semitism Envoy

Lipstadt’s nomination was hailed by numerous Jewish organizations, which over the past months had been lobbying the White House to appoint a candidate as violent acts of anti-Semitism have surged.

Israeli Government, European Jewry Condemn Poland’s New Restitution Law

“It is outrageous that someone who survived the Holocaust, who will be in their later years, will still be deprived justice by this cruel, illegitimate and discriminatory law."

Director of Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Sacked for Making Fun of the Holocaust

Wiki offers a huge list of Olympic Games scandals and controversies.

Alabama Schools Drop ADL Program for Mixing Combating Anti-Semitism with Critical Race Theory, ADL...

“As a child, as a Jewish child growing up in Mountain Brook, in the second grade when a girl told me she could not play with me because I killed Jesus,” Goldstein said.

Biden Nominates Daughter of Jew Who Fled Nazi Germany as Ambassador to Berlin

Gutmann's father, Kurt, grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family in Feuchtwangen, Germany, and fled Nazi Germany in 1934 after Adolf Hitler had risen to power in 1933.

Three Children Destroyed Jewish Cemetery in Poland

The criminals turned out to be three teenage boys, two aged 12, one 13.

Israeli Foreign Minister Lapid: Polish Property Restitution Bill Hints at Anti-Semitism

The Polish ambassador was summoned by the Foreign Ministry over the draft legislation • Yair Lapid: “We will not allow any parliament to pass laws the purpose of which is to deny the Holocaust.”

Israeli Ambassador Rebuked by Polish Foreign Office over Lapid’s Protest

"Poland is counting on the Israeli side to base its claims on facts rather than accusations."

Row Between Israel and Poland over Holocaust Property Restitution Escalates

“We are not interested in Polish money and the very implication is anti-Semitic. We are fighting for the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, for the pride of our people, and no parliament can enact laws aimed at denying the Holocaust,” Lapid stated.

2 Weeks In, Yair Lapid Picks Up a Fight with Poland – Guy May...

A source in Poland's ruling party told Kan 11 that "the aim of the law is actually to stop most property claims."

Russian Actor Compares Vaccine Policy to the Holocaust

“I woke up in a world where [the vaccine has] become an identification mark,” Beroyev said, brandishing the yellow star on his breast pocket.

Jewish Kreplach Saved this Polish Restaurant from Ruin during the Corona Pandemic

"Before the war, Jews constituted a significant part of the population of Bobowa," Szczepanek explained.


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