Jewish Kreplach Saved this Polish Restaurant from Ruin during the Corona Pandemic

"Before the war, Jews constituted a significant part of the population of Bobowa," Szczepanek explained.

Last Surviving Liberator of Auschwitz David Dushman Dies at 98

Dushman suffered severe injuries on three separate occasions during the war and was one of 69 soldiers out of 12,000 in his Red Army division to survive the war.

A Tad Insensitive? Arizona Considering Zyklon B Executions

I'd much rather see Zyklon B be put to good use, in the execution of murderers, than be allowed to attain some kind of sanctification as the exclusive poison for Jews.

Tenafly, NJ Fifth Grader’s Biography of Hitler Met with Mixed Reactions

The Tenafly Board of Education said in a statement Tuesday that the assignment had been taken out of context.

10,000+ Light a Virtual Candle for ‘Farhud’ Ahead of 80th Anniversary

“The Farhud was a tragic event that sounded the death knell for the oldest Jewish Diaspora community."

Florida Holocaust Museum Defaced with Neo-Nazi Graffiti

The words “Jews are Guilty” were scrawled in big, black letters along with an equally big swastika to punctuate the statement.

Rep. Marjorie Greene’s Mask Holocaust Analogy is ‘Appalling,’ Says Top Republican Leader

“Let me be clear: The House Republican Conference condemns this language,” says House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.).

Ukraine PM Honors Ukrainians Who Saved Jews during the Holocaust

33,771 Jewish victims were shot at Babyn Yar by the Nazis and their Ukrainian minions during just two days, September 29 and 30, 1941.

Vandals Deface Oregon Holocaust Memorial with Swastikas

In addition to the swastikas, the vandals also graffitied the number 1488, which is a combination of two popular white supremacist numeric symbols.

Poles to Mark 78th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising with Sirens, Daffodils

"This is how we want to commemorate the Heroes and draw the attention of residents to this event."

Yehuda Klopfer z”l, 96

Yehuda was a survivor of Aushwitz. This is his story.

Roman Catholic Priest to Head Scientific Council of Babi Yar Center

It was the largest mass killing under the auspices of the Nazi regime and its collaborators during the 1941 campaign against the Soviet Union.

Netanyahu Recalls Wife’s Father, Grandfather During ‘Unto Every Person There is a Name’ Ceremony...

"The desire to commemorate the deceased is embedded deep in human nature. . . [it is] Underscored in our people which lost millions of our brothers and sisters."

Israel Remembers the 6 Million Jews Murdered during Holocaust

During the ceremony, six torches were lit, and the stories of the six Holocaust survivors who lit them were presented during short videos. Shmuel Naar, Zehava Gealel, Yossi Chen, Halina Friedman, Sara Fishman, and Manya Bigunov lit the torches.

Hebrew U Researchers Find Holocaust Survivors Suffer Higher Death Rates from Heart Disease, Cancer

Decades-long study provides basis for close monitoring of people who have experienced trauma early in life and the impact it can have on long-term health.

Israel’s 2021 Holocaust Remembrance Day Begins: ‘Throughout the Year I Thought of You’

“I swore to remember and remind that the Jewish people was not born at Auschwitz and our spiritual, religious, political character was not formed there.”

Anti-Semitism in the 2020 Pandemic: Less Violence, More Desecration, Intense Online Jew Hatred

The advent of the vaccines, coupled with Israel's vast vaccination campaign, assisted by Israelis and Jews who hold prominent positions in vaccine-making companies, reinforced the anti-Semitic responses.

Vandals Deface Mural Commemorating Jewish Holocaust Victims in Salonika, Greece

The mural was created only a few days ago to commemorate the 78th anniversary of the departure of the first train hauling the city’s Jews to Auschwitz.

March of the Living 2021 Goes Virtual

“The ‘March of the Living’ connects between those who learned about the Holocaust firsthand and those who did not."

Ukraine Rebukes Israeli Ambassador Who Protested Naming Stadium After Nazi Collaborator

On July 2, 1941, after Ternopil was occupied by the Nazis, there was a pogrom in which several thousand Jews were murdered.

Poles Outraged: Germany Paid Them Only $2.41 Billion in WW2 Reparations

Poland's overall losses reached more than five million citizens, both Jews and gentiles – as much as 17% of the population.

International Auschwitz Committee Says Germany Lackadaisical in Chasing Nazis

"People must realize that the defeat of the Third Reich in no way signifies the disappearance of the Nazi ideology."

Yad Vashem ‘Deeply Disturbed’ by Polish Court’s Verdict Forcing Historians to Apologize for their...

In her ruling, Judge Ewa Jonczyk said that “the court’s ruling must not have a cooling effect on academic research."

Lucasfilm Cancels Mandalorian’s Gina Carano for Saying the Nazis Culture Cancelled Jews Before Murdering...

Borrowing from the history of the Holocaust is always a risky business, but Cancel Culture's "off with her head" response only proves that Carano had a point.

Poland’s Chief Rabbi: Those Who Interrogated a Journalist for Saying Poles Handed Jews to...

The good rabbi did not explain why on God's good Earth do Jews need to live in the cursed country where so many millions of our family members were murdered with the support of Poles.

Germany Indicts Concentration Camp Secretary, 95, on 10,000 Accessory to Murder Counts

The woman will be tried for her crimes in juvenile court because she was under age 21 at the time of the alleged murders and attempted murders.

You Too Can Be the Proud Owner of Adolf Hitler’s Commode

"Guaranteed to be one of the most eye-catching items one could ever add to a collection of World War II relics."

Jews Lose: Unanimous US Supreme Court Sides with Germany on Nazi-Looted Art

Chief Justice Roberts warned that a broad reading of the exception in the law could invite lawsuits against the United States in foreign courts.

Sundance Film Reveals Holocaust Memoir Was World’s Greatest Literary Hoax

But before you rush to your screen to spend your valuable Corona-at-home time watching this bizarre testimony of human weirdness, we recommend you read Indiewire's review.


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