Jewish Civil-Rights Group Protests Twitter CEO Over Not Banning Holocaust Denial

Jack Dorsey has been quick to edit “misinformation” when it comes to politics, the coronavirus pandemic or other issues of consequence, but not when it comes to anti-Semitism, says End Jew Hatred.

Online Mall Heeds Wiesenthal’s Call, Removes Hitler Hoodie, Keeps Hitler-Smiley T-Shirt

"The banalization of this archetype of hate and discrimination is scathing.”

Jewish Dem Halie Soifer Trashes Trump’s Holocaust Memorial Pick, Gets Retrashed by ZOA’s Mort...

She was saying he was speaking out of turn to neo-Nazis. On that she was clearly wrong.

This Friday Jews Say Kaddish for Holocaust Victims Whose Time and Place of Death...

Even those blessed souls who keep all the Tisha B'Av restrictions on 10 Tevet must take a nice shower this Friday in honor of Shabbat.

Yad Vashem Mourns the Passing of Partisan Baruch Shub

"Baruch was a partisan and a fighter who, throughout his life, embodied the survivors' rebirth and commitment to building a new life for himself, his family, his nation, and his country."

Jewish Foundation to Send More than $300,000 to Righteous Gentiles in Poland

“This is just one of many ways we can repay our boundless gratitude for all that they did to save Jews during the Holocaust,” said Stanlee Stahl, executive vice president of the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.

Polish Parliament Caucus to Commemorate Babi Yar Massacre as 80th Anniversary Approaches

The first and best documented of the massacres took place on September 29–30, 1941, killing 33,771 Jews.

Great Neck Yeshiva’s Website Taken Over by Nazis

Curiously, one of the added pages read: "May Allah save your soul."

Human Ashes from Nazi Death Camp Laid to Rest after 75 years

Daniel Bouknight recognized that he had become the steward of something important, and that he needed to do his part to right a historic wrong.

Swiss Jews Nervous at Use of Holocaust Symbols by Covid-19 Conspiracy Theorists

People who had both swastikas and Jewish stars printed on their clothing took part in an anti-corona demo in Zurich in the fall.

Supreme Court to Hear Arguments from Germans Who Say Jewish Art Dealers Were Treated...

Some of the people who participated in the forced purchase from the Jewish art dealers were also among the architects of the Final Solution.

Legendary Poet, Paratrooper Hannah Szenes’s Archival Collection Comes to Israel’s National Library

Perhaps the two most moving items in the collection are a pair of notes found in her dress following her execution: the last poem she ever wrote and a personal letter to her mother.

122 Arab Academics, Journalists, Intellectuals, Reject Holocaust Alliance’s Definition of Anti-Semitism

Strictly speaking, every time an Arab or another Israel-hater compares the Jewish State to the South African apartheid regime, they express anti-Semitism.

Alexa Accused of Being an Anti-Semite – Siri a Rabid Anti-Zionist

The APPG pointed out that Alexa pulled those shocking lines from articles without warning that the Wikipedia article describes Holocaust denial as a lie.

US Department of Justice to Deport Former German Nazi Guard

The man who served as a Nazi concentration-camp guard has lost his appeal to halt his deportation.

ADL’s Cancel of White House Heritage Commission Pick Met with Pushback

Beattie told the NY Times in response that “the ADL pretends to be an organization that protects Jews, but it really exists to protect Democrats."

Amanpour Agrees Trump Not Hitler, World’s Calm Restored

I have no idea why this woman is so popular and why she is held up as an expert on international affairs.

Israel Accuses Amanpour of Belittling the Holocaust by Comparing Kristallnacht to Trump

Does anyone really require an apology from a crazy person who can't tell the difference between the Holocaust and the Trump administration?

Christiane Amanpour Compares the Trump Administration to the Nazis

"Amanpour took pains to erase the word Jews while speaking three times about Nazi attacks and genocide."

Albania to Host First-Ever Balkan Forum Against Anti-Semitism

The Albanian parliament last week unanimously endorsed the IHRA definition of Anti-Semitism, which includes attacks on Zionism.

Israel Slams Erdogan’s ‘Disgusting Comparison’ of Muslims in Europe to Jews in Holocaust

Erdogan focused much of his anger on France and French President Emmanuel Macron. The two are already in conflict over French policy against the separatism of Muslim communities across the country.

March of the Living Launches #LetThereBeLight Global Interfaith Initiative Commemorating Kristallnacht

"Anti-Semitism and racism threaten our society as a whole, they endanger our values ​​and our democracy."

$2.65M Paid to Needy Romanian Holocaust Survivors in Israel

Over the last five years, Romanian Holocaust survivors in Israel have received more than NIS 57.5 million.

Facebook Bans Posts Denying and Distorting the Holocaust

Responded the Simon Wiesenthal Center: “At a time when the Internet is awash with fake news and technological tools that enable governments and virtually anyone to manipulate information, we welcome Facebook’s change of policy to stand with historic fact and the 6 million Jews murdered by Nazi Germany during World War II.”

School Board Votes to Reinstate Florida Principal Fired for Holocaust Denial

A state administrative judge ruled in August that William Latson should be rehired, though reassigned. Donald Fennoy, superintendent of the School District of Palm Beach County, has recommended that Latson be reinstated and given $152,000 in back pay.

Miami Herald Apologizes Profusely for Anti-Semitic Insert, Cuts Off Relations with Client

“Why did you take money from a convicted fraudster to publish racist and anti-Semitic propaganda?”

Senators Rosen & Lankford Push Poland on Anti-Semitism, Holocaust Restitution

Poland is the only European Union member-state that has not adopted a national comprehensive private-property restitution law.

Study Reveals 11% of US Millennials, Gen Z, Believe the Jews Caused the Holocaust

In New York State an astounding 19% of Millennial and Gen Z respondents felt Jews caused the Holocaust.


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