US Envoy’s ‘Final Solution’ Reference an ‘Unfortunate’ Slip of Tongue

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, combined two phrases she tends to use, “durable solution” and “final resolution,” a source said.

Full Movie: Journey of Hope – Retracing the Kindertransport after 85 Years

"If you don’t know the past you can’t make the future any better."

UN Chief Chided on Social Media, Though his Holocaust Statement Didn’t Annul Jews

António Guterres didn't mention Jews in a clip shared on social media, but his full statement did and quoted former chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

Jews Again ‘Being Told That Their Lives Do Not Matter,’ Israeli Envoy Says

Meirav Eilon Shahar, Israel's representative to the United Nations in Geneva, issued a statement for International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Social Media Monitor Say Denial, Distortion of Oct. 7 Atrocities is Skyrocketing

The 313 antisemitic posts appeared on Facebook, Instagram YouTube and X, reaching nearly 26 million viewers on all platforms, according to the CyberWell organization.

Elon Musk, Ben Shapiro Tour Auschwitz-Birkenau Site While in Poland

They laid wreaths, lit candles and observed a memorial service ahead of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Jan. 27.

Billionaire Nelson Peltz Resigns from Wiesenthal Center Board over Call to Boycott Ben &...

Since the October 7 massacre, Anuradha Mittal, founder of the progressive think tank Oakland Institute, and the head of the board of directors of...

85 Years after Kristallnacht Jewish Survivors Again Feel Unsafe

Benjamin A., living in Greece, says: "It brings back nightmarish memories from my childhood."

Yad Vashem to World Leaders: Talk Is Cheap, Start Putting Out your Antisemitic Fires

"Only when our declarations, policies, and actions permeate every facet of our society can we hope to protect our shared values."

Yad Vashem Attacks Ambassador Erdan: Take Your Hands Off Our Holocaust

Since when is Yad Vashem the arbiter of what symbols are appropriate and inappropriate for Israelis, including Israeli officials, to wear on their lapels?

Yad Vashem to Guterres: ‘Never Again’ Mean Anything to You?

“UN Secretary-General António Guterres failed the test."

Italian President Leads Rome March Commemorating Deportation of Italy’s Jews to Auschwitz

October 16, 1943, marked the first deportation of the Jews from Rome. Approximately 1,000 Jews were sent to Auschwitz on that day.

Israel to Expand Holocaust Survivors’ Testimony Project

"We are committed to looking after the rights and the well-being of Holocaust survivors. We will pass their memories on to coming generations and we will always take care to ensure our future."

Canadian House Speaker Resigns after Honoring Ukrainian Nazi in Zelenskyy’s Entourage

He will go down in history as the first politician to lose his job for misguided applause.

Canada’s House Speaker Apologizes for Praising Zelenskyy’s Nazi Companion

Speaker Anthony Rota pointed to the very elderly Hunka, urging the House to give him, too, a standing ovation.

Letter Reveals Pope Pius XII Knew About Nazi Death Camps, Remained Silent

“In the letter we read that in the ‘blast furnace’ near Rava Rus’ka, i.e. in Belzec, ‘up to 6,000 men die every day, especially Poles and Jews.’ The death machine is described in all its unspeakable horror.”

Anarchist Leader & Weizman Institute Professor Shikma Bressler Calls Right-Wing Israelis ‘Nazis’

According to Bressler, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters are Jewish Nazis, and therefore any negotiations with him are verboten.

Yad Vashem Cutting Ties with US Fundraising Partner

The American Society for Yad Vashem has accused the Holocaust memorial's chairman Dani Dayan of attempting to "raid" an endowment built for the museum's perpetual support.

Did You Miss That? Mahmoud Abbas Says Hitler Fought Jews for their ‘Usury and...

Abbas, whose doctoral dissertation denied the Holocaust, has also infamously accused Israel of “50 Holocausts.”

Dani Dayan is Safe: Coalition Says Dismissal ‘Off the Table’

Senior government officials were quoted as saying the issue had been taken “off the table.”

What If They Erected a Monument to an SS Division in Philly and No...

Ukrainian SS veteran groups in the Philadelphia area erected the monument in St. Mary’s Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery.

Report: Bavaria’s Deputy PM Had a Hitler Thing in High School

The Germans were voted the world’s “least funny nationality.”

Poland to Celebrate New Holiday on September 10: National Day of Polish Children of...

In December 1942, a camp for Polish children and youth was established in a separate area within the confines of the Lodz ghetto.

Posh Hotel Suing for Defamation Rich Jewish Kid Who Claims It ‘Denies the Holocaust’

The report is so reminiscent of the stories about disturbed groups of ex-pat Israeli and local Jewish anarchists manhunting Israeli lawmakers.

Tuesday United Hatzalah EMTs Took Homebound Holocaust Survivor to the Beach

She shared her longing to see the sea, having been stuck in her house for more than three years.

Discovered: Ruins of Munich Synagogue Destroyed by the Nazis

Among the items found was a stone tablet containing a portion of the Ten Commandments.

ZOA to Biden: Rescind ‘Horrific, Frightening’ Holocaust Museum Council Appointments

Leaders of anti-Israel groups don’t belong at the helm of a museum, whose founding principles call for “support for a Jewish homeland,” according to Zionist Organization of America.

Nazi Soldiers’ Skulls Emerge in Drained Ukrainian Reservoir

Videos from the emptied reservoir have gone viral on social media, featuring skulls with helmets peeking out of the reservoir mud.

Antisemitism Envoy Lipstadt Condemns Abbas for Comparing Israel to the Nazis

Abbas's doctoral thesis was titled: "The Connections between Nazism and Zionism between the years 1933 – 1945."


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