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God and creation

Too many people judge Israel’s guilt or innocence according to the amount of wounded and dead we have in these “military conflicts.” As a daily blogger I have complained (on Facebook) about how hard it is to get “good pictures” of damage and injury in Israel of Israelis. The Arabs are just so photogenic and love to shove blood and gore into the camera.

International media just love to show the suffering Arabs, while all we have to show is a burning field and scratched up car, broken windows, toys, some fallen shrapnel and the trail of the Iron Dome taking out the missiles before they can land. Thank G-d, yes, thank G-d for the fact that not more Israelis have been injured and killed. And thank G-d for those “timings” when the camp or the nursery school or the stores or the kitchen was hit and destroyed just as the children or family weren’t there.


Israel has a secret weapon:

G-d Almighty!

Yes, the One True G-d loves us, despite our flaws and sins and foolishness and awful politicians and disloyal doubting media.

Personally, I think that the name the Israeli PR hasbara staff gave our retaliation to the potentially deadly rockets the Gazan Arab terrorists are constantly bombarding us with, Operation Protective Edge, is limp at best and the so-called “war aim” to just return to a status quo ceasefire is a dangerous mistake. We’ve been through this too many times before, and it just gives the Arab terrorists time to further perfect their weapons. Then they always start aiming and launching at us again. And each time their reach is further. Now almost the entire country can be targeted and damaged and potentially, innocent Israelis could be murdered or injured, G-d forbid. How long will G-d protect us and swerve the rockets to save us?

Since G-d is our only true ally, let’s stop checking for United States or United Nations approval and destroy the entire terrorist missile network and infrastructure. There is nobody to please other than G-d, so let’s just do it!!



  1. And that god of today’s murderous israel is Satan. Well done jews…no need to wait for your messiah to lead you to the promised land- just follw satan and grab the holy land by yourselves and claim victory…follow the satan gods of zionism – theres no judaism in zionism.

  2. As in America, Israel has embraced divorce, abortion, homosexuality, and the worship of self…just because one is born in the house of God does not mean they are His. If you love me, you will obey His commands, not in word but deed. Many call upon Him, but their hearts are far from Him. God will hand us over to that which we desire if we turn from Obeying Him.

  3. Please take a minute of your time to read this. It’s for the benefit of all members of this group taking into consideration that house prices change due to the security situation in Israel:
    Over the past year I’ve come across many places on the internet that are being spammed with FALSE Palestinian propoganda. Never has it occurred to anyone that Israel’s efforts to promote Israel are not aimed to the right people. A much too big portion of Israel’s hasbara is in Hebrew. These efforts to disseminate abroad positive information about Israel are going down the drain, as they are not penetrating the dark shield of these “shadow lands”. With this group I hope we can SPREAD THE TRUTH WHERE IT IS BEING DENIED. For the good name of Israel, and all of his people, please like the page and help us get the international recognition we deserve! I have seen many Palestinians spam attack Israeli sites and facebook pages with death threats, cursing and false propaganda. I hope that together, with the use of this page, we will be able to do the same, but with one little change: NO LIES, NO CURSING, NO PROPAGANDA.
    שלום על ישראל

  4. The U.S. is the one in trouble right now. Because of our Governments push to remove God from the public, because we allow the murder of the innocent children, and because we still follow the ways of our fathers, idol worship etc we are being judge. It’s time for America to come around and repent of our sins, and ask for forgiveness and put our lives in to his hands.

  5. Dwain Alan Boehl, America was blessed so that the time of the Gentiles would be fulfilled. That time is now coming to a close and the lawless one is now in place. Gods chosen people will continue to shine bright while lawlessness abounds. The great falling away from following God is evident in a lawless society, yet foretold. God has His remnant who will not bow down to idols and are keeping their lamps lit. The stage is set, look up for our redemption is drawing close!!!

  6. Freewill Sonofgaia, what so ever your sow in your heart, that you will also grow in abundance in your heart…anger, jealousy and unrest are your crops, why not forgive and receive peace so that you may live and live life more abundantly. Lord I pray for this man, please open his blind eyes to the truth of his heart so he can know true love and life. Amen

  7. Oo, pero makab-ot ra unya ang kalinaw kay gisaad man sa Dios. Isaiah 60:14. Payukboon sa Dios ang mga kaaway sa Israel. Mao ni ang pinakadaku nga mahitabo sa kalibutan, milagro gumikan sa kadaku sa kaaway sa Israel. Ampo lang ta nga unta moabot na ang panahon kay ang tibuok kalibutan maapil sa panalangin niini.

  8. Amen Amen! Arthur Yanoff. The holocaust is one of the worst things to ever happen on this planet, but Jews, even then, did have a secret weapon. The plan was to wipe out Jews completely. That didn’t happen and Jews got their promised land back as a result.

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