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Newly elected leader of the Israeli Labor party Isaac Herzog meets with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah.

Yesterday I caught a bit of the Israeli news and saw Isaac Herzog, newly elected head of Israel’s Labor Party and largest parliamentary opposition glowing like a virgin groom at his wedding.  He was sitting together with Abbas in Ramallah.

 Herzog meets with Abbas: ‘We have partner for peace’“We have a partner that is ready to go the distance for peace and take original, brave steps on core issues,” Herzog said following the meeting.


And davka during Chanukah…

I find the Yahoo headline rather ironic:

Israel’s Herzog calls for ‘brave’ steps in peace talks

“The current negotiations brokered by the United States provide a historic opportunity for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, particularly because president Abbas has a real desire to achieve peace,” Herzog told a news conference after the meeting.

“I will carry that message to the prime minister… (and) we will try to put pressure on the Israeli government to take brave positions to achieve peace and security for our children,” he added.

He said Labor rejects the construction of Jewish settlements “on Palestinian land” and has voiced opposition to recent plans for the construction of 20,000 settler homes in the West Bank.

“What he proposes isn’t Jewish Maccabees bravery of ancient times. It’s Chamberlain and Vichy policies in the face of Nazi cruelty and antisemitism. Chamberlain’s agreement didn’t bring peace for Great Britain and France’s Vichy Government didn’t bring freedom and independence for France.

The Nazis attempted to be the Greeks of their time, and those who followed them were the Hellenists. Today it’s “western society/values” led by the United States that tries to dominate culture, religion and thought. Israel and the Jewish People must reject them and do only what is truly Jewish and best for the Jewish People and State of Israel.

The fact that Herzog’s political party is called the “Labor Party” should make us remember that the basis of its ideology is a non-Jewishsocial and economic philosophy, Socialism. Instead of this “romance” with the Arab Abbas, Herzog should immerse himself in Jewish values.

Only full Israeli sovereignty in the entire Land of Israel will bring us true peace, and the fake version will be deadly.

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