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Why should I even consider what these people, most of whom feel and act in ways that are incomprehensible to me, have anything meaningful to say about the core loss of my life?

I also say the Yizkor several times a year, and I meditate over the segment remembering my family members who were killed by the Germans, the Poles, the Ukrainians, the Lithuanians, the Latvians, and all the other gentile beasts may their names and memory be erased.

These dates work for me because they’re real, they’re not state-funded, they’re just a bunch of Jews getting up in shul and talking to God. I don’t care what Ashton or Peres, or Netanyahu, or the players and coaches of the Miami Dolphins have to say about my loss. I only care about what God Himself and my holy brothers and sisters in shul have to say. Only they matter in this context.


I know I can’t make these politicians stop their Holocauster rides. It’s what they do. But the fact that Ashton et al are no longer sprinkling my zeidi’s ashes while doing the Holo—that’s gotta’ be a good thing.

I just have to end with an anecdote, because otherwise you’d think I’m way too grim for your Wednesday morning breakfast read. I’ve been told this by a colleague at the CCAR, so I believe it, but you can go check for yourselves:

Every summer, the high school seniors of the Reform movement take a trip to Israel. They see the sites, work on a kibbutz, bathe in the Mediterranean, it’s a fun thing. On their way back to America, they stop in Poland and visit the Auschwitz death camp. It kinda works out nicely from a historic prospective: they experience our renewal and then they can appreciate what it was like before.

In 2000, during the second intifada, many Reform parents were concerned about sending their kids to Israel. The roads weren’t safe, people were getting blown up everywhere, you don’t send your kids into something like that.

So the movement canceled the Israel part of the vacation and they only went to Auschwitz.



  1. The last paragraphs of this article should be memorialized on a plaque somewhere. Truly. That year I went to Israel with Rebbetzin Jungreis. She told me she would tell me where and when to be afraid, and we must go for solidarity. Yes. That is right.

  2. This is so much garbage. I lost over 100 relatives and have been to poland 4 times and each time was a different experience in many ways and new revelations. You scream on Yom Kippur that Hashem should have rescued our people but then look at what happened. How many stayed and stayed and stayed knowing and having all the signs in front of them about the Nazis. Baruch Hashem my parents left way before but because of anti-Sematism. So today we have many Jews in America who are doing the same thing – sitting and biding their time in the good life. This includes many orthodox Jews who do not recognize the State of Israel as part of our redemption. The Shoa allowed the world to feel guilty enough to let us have our country back by 1 vote. All of our wars fought in Israel have been won by miraculous means and also by our actions. They go together. Never Again must have some meaning. Yes as you pointed out there is politicization of the whole Holocaust by many but to talk about it and not mention Jews is not to be rewarded for its' basis is anti-Semitic to the core. But our actions must speak louder than words and then Hashem will join in. I share your commitment to the tenth of Tevet for that is our date to remember. Only two of my family members survived Auschwitz and all the rest of my uncles, aunts, cousins perished. May their passing be for a blessing for Am Yisrael and not to politicize it

  3. I could not have said it better! And I write and speak for a living on this same topic. There was no need whatsoever for half the Knesset to treat themselves to a “trip to the cursed Polish soil, considering half of that half had been there one way or another. It is tragic that money spent on this field trip was not raised and given on these bitter cold months to survivors in Israel, many many who sleep on benches, without medical attention, family, food! Along with 2nd generation from New Jersey we protest this useless trip!

  4. the "baronese', and the secretary of state (?) and the other one..seems to me that may be a modern version of the three stooges?…is a joke of course…have sense of humour…
    sense of humor has been vital for many Holocaust survival…I know that for a a childre of them

  5. Can anyone tell me where in the world, what junk yard / resale shop, did they find this ashton character who is ever present at EU events? She is totally clueless and always smiling (showing her crooked, ugly yellow teeth) reaffirming our belief that she does not know what the heck is going on. If she really knew how serious the issues she is supposedly be dealing with, she certainly would not always be smiling and showing her ugly teeth. When can we get rid of her? Soon is not enough.

  6. I take issue woth the orthodox guy walking while people are standing still to honor the moment. To me he is just another guy who thinks he is "priviledged" because he dresses like they did in the shtetle 200 years ago, repress women and ready to shnorr any minuit! what about the comandment of not making the Tora a tool for yourself?

  7. Sorry to rain on your parade but the state of Israel again i must remind you was founded by secular Jews, as were many partisans. We still need to think a lot about waiting for the messiah in light of the holocaust. Whatever you choose to believe the facts speak for themselves. Salvation came through the secular and so you must accept it and not deny it. If the G-d almight had created everything, he certainly created secular jews and secular dates. Not respecting the secular dates is not honorable IMHO. As for the EU , the ones who will shake hands with Ashton, have shaken the hands of the worst tyrants too and have turned their back to the state of Israel. Good luck defending yourself against the neo Nazis without the secular jews!

  8. I am not really sure I understand exactly what the point of this article is. Lady Ashton's refusal to mention that most victims of the Holocaust were Jewish was indeed a form of passive Holocaust denial. ("Oh Jews died in the Holocaust? You don't say?") Why shouldn't Jews be upset about it.
    I can remember when the complaint was that not enough Jews and the restof the commemorated the Holocaust. Now it's become to kiche? Please give us all a break

  9. Jews before the war trusted God too but he betrayed his people. Zionism is fulfillment of the Jewish vow to inhabit the land of Israel. Formal Zionism began 60 years before WWII and is the only answer to the growth of world Antisemitism. Had Israel established in the 20’s – 30’s there would have no Holocaust, surely not in this magnitude. Jews could have flow in mass to their state of Israel; more millions of Jews in Israel at the 30’s means that Israel of today would have reached at least 20 million.
    Shoa Memorial Day is not a state or political decision but the Israeli public action. Most Israelis, including Haredim, participate and honor dearly that day, while only few extreme Haredim, the kinds that meet with Iranian fascists, ignore that holy day for their own weird political concept that Jews are not own their own rights but only God and his messenger to come. For them, to fulfill the Biblical command and prophecy is a sin. For them human being has no responsibility for his own deeds, which is fully contradict Judaism.

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