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August 26, 2016 / 22 Av, 5776
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ISM Exposed: How the ISM Sucker-Punched the IDF Again

ISM activists pose with AK47s in Jericho alongside Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorists.

ISM activists pose with AK47s in Jericho alongside Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade terrorists.

Paul LaRudee meeting with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh

LaRudee continues to hobnob with Hamas, having recently visited Hamas in Gaza to receive a medal the group had awarded him. He was among those arrested on the Mavi Marmara, where he was justifiably struck by Israeli personnel who were struggling to subdue him. Because their actions were justified, these personnel were not vilified in the media nor reprimanded by the government. But the only difference between them and Colonel Eisner is that their actions weren’t depicted in a grossly-manipulated video.

Here are a few more ISM activists I succeeded in getting deported from Israel.

Brian Malovany

Brian Malovany trains new ISM recruits on how to harass IDF soldiers. His father told me ISM is a cult. Brian managed to reenter Israel by obtaining an Irish passport. ISM encourages obtaining multiple passports and identities so as to be able to reenter Israel and continue the harassment of the IDF and support for the terrorist groups in their ‘resistance’.

Joseph Carr a.k.a Joseph Smith

Joseph Carr has boasted about entering Israel four separate times from four different entry points to continue his “revolution” against the Jewish state after being banned from the country. Carr has been linked to the deaths of members of ISM, as he suspiciously managed to capture their deaths with photographs, and has dubbed the deaths as “worth the price of the revolution.”

Deppen Webber disguised as a settler wearing a kippah

Deppen Webber was Paul LaRudee’s replacement until I got him deported from Israel only a few months ago. The above photo shows him wearing a kippah and disguised as a Jew in the West Bank; he is not Jewish. Webber turned up in Beirut  just weeks ago, where he was helping Hezbollah organize the Global March to Jerusalem. ISM’s support for Hezbollah is patent, and in the US it works with Hezbollah-linked groups, especially in Shiite mosques.

Jeff Pickert a.k.a. Max Suchan

Jeff Pickert was deported after my last visit to Israel because he was tasked with fomenting riots in a new Arab village in the West Bank that was intended to be the next Bi’ilin. Pickert was linked to a PFLP safe house in Chicago and was involved in the flotillas enterprise. He is now touring American campuses and churches on behalf of the ISM, recruiting for more ISM recruits.

Jonas Moffat a.k.a. Joe Skillet

I got Jonas Moffat, a professional ISM agitator, deported for security violations. He is the founder of the Tel Rumeida Circus and now has a sinecure, touring the globe to try and destroy Israel since he can no longer do so from within. Like other ISM activists, he assumed an alias so that he could reenter Israel, harass the IDF, and foment riots even after banishment and deportation.

ISM activities are not just limited to harassment of Israel’s security forces: they are behind boycotts of Israel; they are allied with neo-Nazis in the US, with Arab irredentist groups that are fronts for terrorists – particularly Hamas – in the US, and with Iranian interests. The ISM’s purpose is to destroy Israel’s sovereignty as a nation “by any means necessary” – by flooding the country with international anarchists who can create scenes such as those depicting Colonel Eisner.

Colonel Eisner, a hero of the 2006 war with Hebozllah in Lebanon, was set up by the ISM through video manipulation, and the Israeli government is once again falling all over itself just to fall into the trap. It appears that Israel’s leaders have short memories, as it was not so long ago that an IDF Navy SEAL, armed with a paintball gun, was literally disemboweled on an ISM flotilla ship and thrown overboard into the sea by ISM-affiliated activists on the Mavi Marmara. Colonel Eisner did nothing less than that Navy SEAL in protecting the People of Israel. And this disrespect of our soldiers and police must stop.

Colonel Eisner says he overreacted? The real overreaction was by the politicians and the media, who do not seem to fully apprehend ISM’s tactics and training and the context in which the episode took place, and who fear indiscriminate and sweeping condemnation by other nations. But Colonel Eisner’s contrition is understandable considering the unnecessary reprobation he received from Prime Minister Netanyahu and the IDF brass, who shot from the hip. But the fact is, it is the government that owes him an apology, as much as they owe an apology to that Israeli Navy SEAL for sending him on his mission with a paintball gun.

Lee Kaplan

About the Author: The writer heads Stop the ISM. He is an investigative journalist and contributor to Front Page Magazine, senior intelligence analyst and communications director for the Northeast Intelligence Network, and also heads Defending America for Knowledge and Action (DAFKA).

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16 Responses to “ISM Exposed: How the ISM Sucker-Punched the IDF Again”

  1. Garry Berkey says:

    The propagandist posted many videos on YouTube beginning with the M-16 strike. So many fell for this. I asked many, "What happened before the strike, which the videos don't show?" Brainwashed for decades from the liberal owned mainstream media, they only came back to me with anger at my question. What a shame this is.

  2. Excellent analysis of the ISM tactics.

  3. Brian Fink says:

    It's no use complaining that 'it's not fair' this an existential war.The IDF must not only be stronger but smarter than our enemies. The Americans found out in Vietnam that wars can be won and lost on TV screens, how much more so in the Internet age! Perhaps the C.O. of each unit can have a helmet camera such as the British police on special operations have and quickly upload the footage onto the Internet to counteract ISM manipulated propaganda. Why not Tasers which are non-lethal? Disable the rudders and propellors of blockade running ships and no one gets hurt.Think SMART!

  4. Yehuda Alan says:

    Adam Shapiro a member of ISM? That is a Jewish name. Please let me he is not Jewish that the name came from his father but his mother is not Jewish. How could a Jew have so much hatred for the state of israel, as imperfect as it is?

  5. Cassandra Victoria says:

    Absolutely! Pepper spray and tear gas too! I cannot believe the IDf let these scum stand right next to them!! This is intolerable!!

  6. Cassandra Victoria says:

    I am afraid he is a (kapo) Jew. Not only that, he is married to his co-leader an Arab anti-semite woman. They are funded by George Sore-ass, the Nazi. This fool is being laughed at behind his back; he will be killed when his usefulness is over. Good riddance!

  7. Charlie Hall says:

    The US won every single battle in Vietnam. But it was a battle in support of a brutal, corrupt, and undemocratic regime, and the other side had a great propaganda machine. Little did anyone know that the other side was even more brutal to its people and even less democratic.

  8. Hill says:

    Great revealing article. Well done.

    Eisner should be given a medal.

    Come on Israel, Brian Fink is correct. You have to be smarter-Helmet Cameras and pepper spray and a few bloody noses and crack ribs will make the ISM rethink their false bravdo.

    Furthermore, If ISM are recruiting because they know the IDF will not give them a bloody nose tells me everything I need to know. Stop fearing what the international MSM have to say, they have already found you guilty, protect your soldiers first and by and large the citizens of Israel.

  9. Asher B. Garber says:

    What a bunch of useless idiots. How much energy have these "peace protesters" (i.e. protesting peace) wasted in their battle against history and logic? There is a reason why the Palestinians don't have a state, and it's not AIPAC.

  10. Asher B. Garber says:

    Not only is he Jewish, but I believe he camped out with Arafat when the PLO headquarters came under fire during the early stages of Intifada II: Electric Boogaloo.

  11. You are right Brian, wars are won and lost on the tv screen, but not the way most people think. It is really your own population that you need to worry about, as opposed to everyone else's. The US was in no threat or danger from other nations due to the Vietnam war, but could no longer effectively wage a war which its own population did not support. This is a great analysis of the incident:


  12. These guys are the ultra left equivalent of Ted Nugent and his band of nut case tea baggers.

  13. Charlie Hall everyone knew that, but leftists didn't care

  14. ship them all to Berlin after they clean toilets at Yad Vashem for five years.

  15. Cassandra Victoria says:

    Asher B. Garber aaaarrgh!!! What did his parents do to him??

  16. Peter Wilson says:

    Time to declare the ISM a terrorist-supporting organization. Arrest its members once detected and imprison them.

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