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According to the New York Times, which is never wrong, building more houses makes peace impossible. Peace, which is not in any way obstructed by rockets, suicide bombers, unilateral statehood bids and declarations of war, comes up against only one obstacle. The stout unyielding wall of the Israeli house. You can shell Israeli houses, bomb them and break inside to massacre the people living inside, but then after all that, Israel goes and builds more of those damn things.

Hamas shoots thousands of rockets and Israel builds thousands of houses. But Israeli houses generally stay where they’re built, while Hamas rockets are as likely to kill Gazans as they are to put holes in the roofs of those dastardly houses. And in the arms race between houses and rockets, the Israelis appear to be winning. And that’s not good for peace. If Israelis get the dangerous idea that they can just keep building houses and outlast all the talented rocketeers who spend their time with the Koran in front of one eye and the Anarchist’s Cookbook in front of the other, then what hope is there for peace?


That is why no one cares much about Hamas rockets, which only kill Israelis, who most reasonable people in London, Paris and Brussels think have it coming anyway, but get into a foaming lather about an Israeli house. Killing Israelis has never been any obstacle to peace. Twenty years of killing Israelis has not dissuaded a single Israeli government from sitting down at the table to dicker with the terrorists. But an Israeli family living in a house is holding down territory that it will be harder to then cede to terrorists when the angels have blown their horns, the seas have all gone dry and peace is carried in on a golden platter by 72 virgins accompanied by their flying suicide bomber mates.

The problem is an old one. Pharaoh struggled with it. So did Hitler. And so does Hamas. What do you do when there are too many Jews living. The answer is usually obvious.

Israel’s Peace Partners tried to go back to the time-honored Egyptian tradition of throwing all the Jews into the sea. But despite an entire officer corps temporarily “on leave” from the armed forces of the United Kingdom, they only got as far as half of Jerusalem, where they blew up every synagogue, and took the West Bank of Israel, or as the non-indigenous Zionist invaders with no roots in the region call it, Judea and Samaria.

Nineteen years later, Israel’s Peace Partners had traded in their British officer corps for a Soviet officer corps, and lost Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, proving that when it came to killing Jews, the Communists were better at it when the Jews weren’t shooting back. Ever since then the world, or those portions of it populated entirely by diplomats and the better class of journalists, has been urging Israel to give back the land to an imaginary country to be populated entirely by terrorists.

This peace plan, which has worked as well as fighting fire with gasoline, has not in any way been endangered by two decades of terror, but trembles down to its toes every time an Israeli hammer falls on an Israeli nail in the vicinity of Jerusalem. Because that land must go back so that rockets can be shot from it into Israel, so that Israel can invade it and reclaim it, and then sit down for another peace process to return the land from which the rockets will be fired, which will be invaded, which will be given back… for peace.

And Israeli houses endanger this cycle of peace and violence. They endanger it by creating “facts on the ground”, a piquant phrase that only seems to apply to houses with Jews. Muslim houses in no way create facts on the ground, even though they are built out of the same material and filled with people. Or perhaps they create the good kind of facts on the ground. The kind of preemption of negotiations that the professional peacemakers approve of.

But it’s hard to know what exactly the peacemakers approve of, because their arguments and their definitions keep changing all the time. All that we know is that they disapprove of Israeli houses.



  1. A global threat People if you want to see a global threat to housing. Visit the low income projects located in all 50 USA states. That is a global threat re. drug sales, gang control, prostitution, gun running ect. You know it’s bad if local police avoid going to these locations.

  2. lol…but I can tell you that no one can harangue my eardrums for 5 minutes let alone 2 hours over the telephone. No I wouldn't hang up, I would merely put the receiver under a pillow and let them rant on until they realize I'm not there. Perhaps that is what Netanyahu did.

  3. Yes, the housing situation in Israel does seem to garner the ire of the international community and the hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a knife. But, on a grander scale, it all comes down to one thing, Antisemitism. I feel very strongly that Israel must change its reactions to such injustice, forget about what others say, and base their decisions on how will something collectively effect Israel, not outsiders. For example, Israel has a right to build wherever and whenever they see fit and the decision to build should not be based on what the Europeans, the U.N., or even the U.S. thinks is best. This is why I was always against the "land for peace" tactics because it failed to bolster security for Israel. ln fact, land for peace has increased violence. Likewise, Israel made the mistake of pulling out of secure checkpoints like Gaza. If Israel remained in Gaza we wouldn't have all the trouble with the Palestinians and terrorist groups. But, Israel must turn a deaf ear to antisemitism in organizations like the U.N. this year once again, the U.N. levied all human rights and war crimes against Israel except for four other nations. The U.N. is a disgraceful and corrupt organization and personally I think Israel should completely pull out of the U.N. , it's nothing but a sewer. On occasions when the U.S. has a pro Arab president, like we do now, Israel needs to stand up for itself and say we will decide for ourselves what's best for us, not you. Israel should have told Hillary Clinton on her recent visit, thanks for stopping by, we appreciate your concern, but this operation against Hamas will continue until they are completely rooted out. Too many innocent Israelis have been killed by them and they have to go. It's very disturbing for me to see the most democratic and morally centered nation in the middle east and the world be treated with such contempt. But, Israel must learn to care of itself and make decisions on what is best for them and stop bowing to pressure of antisemitic nemesis stake holders, it's imperative for the survival of the Jewish state.

  4. Oh the irony to the American Christian!

    "…the ultimate weapon is a hammer and a fistful of nails in a Jewish hand. How can even the most talented Iranian nuclear scientist hope to compete with the humble tools of a Jewish carpenter?"

    Well stated, just the same.

  5. You don't see satire that cuts reality like that very often. I would have laughed several times if Mr. Greenfield hadn't cut so deeply. I'm not Jewish, but I never understood the hatred against Hebrews either. In fact, I was driving through the country today and saw a swastika painted over a road-sign that indicated the upcoming curve, and it should have bothered me more than it did. Repetition makes us callous I guess. The road-sign before the swastika was painted with bullet holes, which makes me think after reading the article…Is it possible that people who harbor such hatreds don't give a crap about anybody else? The nearby cornstalks, the birds, and the few drivers that pass that sign on occasion aren't Jewish, so what was the point?

    I'm taking a stand right now. Dreidels are not scary, made of clay or otherwise. Jewish homes are not scary, brick, wood, or concrete. Women being treated as equals are not scary. Respecting your neighbors is not scary. Educating your children so that they can live a peaceful life is not scary. Wanting to live in the lands of your ancestors is not scary.

    Here's what should scare the world:

    1. You can't predict the losses the world, as a whole, would suffer if you take the innovators out of the equation. Sorry if I'm the only one who notices a culture that breeds innovation because it respects the creator, education, elders, women, and family. Groups that focus on hate are more likely to cure life with death than they are to cure cancer or AIDS. I'm siding with the group that does the most good and respects their own mothers the most…and mothers who don't strap bombs to their own children, breaking one of the Creator's most sacred laws.

    2. Who do we think Hitler would have wiped out next once he got rid of the Jews? "Who's next?," said the nazi once the last Hebrew was gone. Christians? Honkies? Africans of African descent? Gypsies? Brits? Germans? French? Atheists? Chinese? And if God really wanted anybody dead, He'd kill them Himself. It's a form of blasphemy to think we have the right to erase any other group from the face of the planet, especially the ones who kept the faith alive long enough for the following religions to follow. IF God is so great and so determined to have them wiped out, wouldn't He do it Himself with the old bag of sticks?

    Only fools with suicidal tendencies bow before people who hold a bloodied sword over their heads. I have trust issues and a bit of history that tells me not to trust any man who just killed an entire race of people…I don't care how cool he thinks he looks with that little mustache. It almost happened once, and I'd rather bow before the swordsman than to see another try it again.

    Trust me. The guy that cures cancer isn't going to be the guy that blew himself up in a vain attempt to get some action in the afterlife. We are not meant to be tools of destruction. That's the territory of hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis…

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