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The sooner the Western world recognizes the true goals of those who are now fighting Israel, the better chances it will have of winning the next world war.

Is there anything left to be shocked at when considering Islamic violence? Muslims slaughtering fellow Muslims, Christians and Jews has become commonplace; the establishment of a worldwide Caliphate has been announced; “honor killings” and torture of their own daughters and wives is accepted – we have become jaded by news of Islamic cruelty.


Of course, the above “we ” does not include most of the Western world, which has yet to internalize that the all-out war extremist Islam has declared in many parts of the East and Middle East is planned for the West as well. Then again, war hardly ever catches the defenders well prepared.)

The evil of extremist Islam has become so banal that no explanation can be found for it other than “that’s the way it is.” That, at least, is how an Arab woman explained it last week to an Arabic-speaking Israeli reporter. She and her baby son were in an Israeli hospital receiving treatment for his heart problem, and she calmly explained, “Death is natural for us. We are not afraid of death – from the youngest infant, to the oldest. We all sacrifice ourselves for Jerusalem.”

“Arafat said a million shahids [martyrs]for Jerusalem,” she continued, “and I say more than a million; all of us! Jerusalem is totally ours. We feel we have the right to have it. It’s a religious issue; it’s infidelity to say that Jerusalem is not ours.”

Pressed by the reporter to elaborate, the smiling young mother serenely went on: “Death is very conventional and normal. Life is valuable, but not for us. Life is zero, life is worthless. That is why we have all the suicide bombers; they are not afraid of death. All of us, even our children, are not afraid of dying. It is natural for us.”

Asked if she would want her little son in the nearby hospital bed to be a shahid, she said, “Of course. If it’s for Jerusalem, no problem.”

The stark contrast to Judaism is chilling. Our Torah is a “tree of life,” and our prayers are replete with praise of and requests for life. Life is sacred and its preservation and nourishment are paramount.

But let us assume that Islam does not agree. Let us presume that according to Islam bringing a life into the world is only for the purpose of taking it away when the opportunity arises to kill an opponent or scream out “Allahu Akbar” for some thing or another. But since when has Jerusalem become a holy religious objective for Muslims? What makes Jerusalem a religious excuse for the death for which this woman and so many others like her strive?

The answer: Whenever its political needs dictate it; only then does Islam “wake up” to its barely existent “sacred ties” to Jerusalem.

Islam’s connection with Jerusalem is based solely on the fact that it is the “place chosen by God” in the Torah, the site of the Holy of Holies, the seat of the first national Jewish government, and the object of Jewish longing. We know this because the first time Islam embraced Jerusalem was when Muhammad wished to win over the Jews living near his hometown of Medina. He thereupon announced that from then on, prayers would be directed toward Jerusalem. However, like a scorned suitor, once he saw the Jews were not interested in his advances, he turned against them – and against Jerusalem – slaughtering many and directing prayers in a different direction, toward Mecca.


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Chaim Silberstein is president of Keep Jerusalem-Im Eshkachech and the Jerusalem Capital Development Fund. He was formerly a senior adviser to Israel's minister of tourism. Hillel Fendel, past senior editor at Israel National News/Arutz-7, is a veteran writer on Jerusalem affairs. Both have lived in Jerusalem and now reside in Beit El.


  1. Why keep putting kids threw all this…. ??? You have suicide Bombers .. because they drug them!! Don’t ya’s care about the kids and what it does to them seeing all this foolishness ??? Stop having them they deserve better … No matter what the kids come have no respect for life. …..U.S.A!

  2. They have every right to live… The same right you have.. Sorry for the way you were bought up .. But learn from it. . It’s wrong!! Demented!! Sick!! Why!!!???.. We
    All human.. No one has the right to treat people the way you people do.. Uncivilized ! I stand with Israel. Only because you are wrong and they are right!! Do people ever work there.. So much fighting. Living piece fully is so much better. !! Good bye

  3. This is so sad that so many Muslims are brought up from birth to believe this way. I feel sorry for them. I am happy to know that not all Muslims or Arabs believe “Life is zero, life is worthless…”. I pray that those who believe this will have their eyes opened and their hearts turned so they will see true love and have true shalom.

  4. Jay, you couldn’t be more wrong. Even before the birth of the state of Israel, Arabs have rioted and engaged in organized mob violence against Jews so that we would not live there, Jewish State or not. Then in 1948 1967 and 1973 labor governments had to fight an Arab military onslaught. The policies that led to the first intifada were shared by Labor and Likud. The second intifada occurred because the Palestinians new that Ehud Barak made Israel’s last and best offer, that did not include the return of all refugees to the land of Israel in Israel proper. Although the right wing would like to retain Judea and Samaria, it was two right-wing Prime Ministers that gave up land in the hopes for peace. The great Menachem Begin had success vis-à-vis Egypt. However Ariel Sharon’s disengagement with Gaza has led to some of the problems we have now. And the right wing was pissed when he did that. Israel is not perfect, whether on the right or on the left, but the Arabs have brought their entire problem upon themselves. Israel’s aggressive actions are necessary to protect Israeli lives against those who are trying to kill them. And the new generations of hate are manufactured by the governments of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (not to mention other Arab governments needing to justify their brutal repression and rule). And don’t kid yourself, the hatred the Jews face across the globe has nothing to do with Israeli policy and everything to do with Islamic anti-Judaism, European anti-Semitism, and left wing anti-Zionism.

  5. FINALLY, someone speaking the truth! THEY ARE SHAMED by Israel every day! Arabs have contributed nothing to the world except some beautiful music, some pretty mosaics and jewellry, and belly dancing. The women and children are not valued in their sociteties. Most of their countries have no resources but oil, and until the West decided to become dependent on it, they were called ‘ragheads’ and ‘wogs’. Well, it sure is payback time now! Israel just might be able to negotiate a partnership with Egypt/Saudi/Jordan, IF THEY could just use their brains! We need their protection, and they need our ingenuity! OR we can just sit and wait until they blow themselves and US to bits! This woman is right, they HAVE NOTHING TO LIVE FOR!

  6. Because man, has taken away your will to love, in a sexual way! It is a necessary feeling to keep from being so cold hearted, and feeling so much hate, and take life to such a low level is completely understandable! However there is love that exists, even will, out live your hate! As long as you completely understand your position, then killing any and all Islamist Nazism, shouldn’t be seen by you with tears or loud weeping! Cries of injustice, shouldn’t be your defense, nor displaying your children as massacred by the very people you hate so much! Shouldn’t also be a defense. Since you have stated your position, this world loves human life and we will kill, bomb, shoot, any and all who try to harm our loved ones! Bring your attitude to the play ground of death, and let’s see which God is more gracious! But loving in your demise! God is long suffering that none should perish, but that all should come to repentence, knowing not will come! So change or die!

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