Hamas’s War Against Yerushalayim

nce again, the world struggles, and fails, to understand that there is no essential difference between Zionism – the movement to restore a national Jewish presence in the Holy Land – and Judaism. It is impossible to be anti-Zionist without being anti-Semitic, and vice-versa.

Behind The Facade: Muhammed El-Kurd’s Fake News

The Arabs who refuse to leave or to pay rent for the Jewish properties parrot the idea that the area in which they illegally reside is the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Untrue: the neighborhood in which they have squatted is the 150-year-old Jewish neighborhood of Shimon HaTzaddik.

Ten Reasons Not To Reopen The U.S. Arab Consulate In Jerusalem

Opening a consulate in Jerusalem for the Palestinian Authority will raise the PA's standing in Washington, thus encouraging it not to make concessions and perpetuating the state of non-peace or worse.

Does Israeli Law Play Favorites In Sheikh Jarrah?

It is critical to emphasize this point: The controversial houses were built in the Jewish neighborhood of Shimon HaTzaddik, and not, as most news reports would have you believe, in Sheikh Jarrah.

Atarot: The Future Of Jerusalem

Atarot's sister-settlement, N'vei Yaakov, has now become two flourishing Jewish neighborhoods – N'vei Yaakov and Pisgat Ze'ev – in which many tens of thousands of residents reside.

Jerusalem And The New U.S. Administration

A weakened Jerusalem significantly weakens Israel and its value to the United States.

Keeping Jerusalem: Biden’s Stance On Jerusalem

According to Biden, the U.S. should have kept the Jerusalem carrot hanging just out of Israel's reach for as long as possible until America could squeeze out every possible Israeli concession.

What Does The Trump Plan Say About Jerusalem?

The removal of the neighborhoods outside the security barrier from Jerusalem could be acceptable if they were to become separate Israeli municipalities.

Open Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and the new unity Government on Jerusalem

For decades, Arabs in eastern Jerusalem have been building illegally, with the government and municipality barely contesting them (unlike the much stricter enforcement in the Jewish sections).

Why Jerusalem Must Remain In Jewish Hands

For Islam, which was founded when Judaism was about 2,500 years old, Jerusalem is only its third holiest city, following Mecca and Medina.

Jerusalem Steps Up To The Plate

We must ensure that Yerushalayim remains united under Israeli sovereignty with a large Jewish majority. History, ethics, security, and simple logic all indicate that we must stand firm in the face of international Muslim pressure and propaganda.

Bibi Said He Would Expand Jerusalem – And Then Came The Elections

The truth must be told. Had Netanyahu actually taken the steps he has so often outlined to build up the Jewish presence in Yerushalayim, Israel would not now be under the gun not to take the steps so necessary to ensuring full Jewish sovereignty in the Holy Land.

What Will Happen To Jerusalem Under The Deal?

Are these Arab neighborhoods in East Jerusalem to b e given over to the Palestinians as part of the Trump Plan technically part of Jerusalem? The answer depends on how one looks at Jerusalem's complex and often fluctuating borders. The many changes in the city's borders over the past century have left several neighborhoods in a state of uncertainty.

Al Jazeera Says No To Iranian ‘Liberation’ Of Jerusalem

In June 2015, a survey carried out by the PA-based Palestinian Center for Public Opinion found that 52 percent of Arabs living in eastern Jerusalem said they would prefer to be citizens of Israel. Note that this counts only those who weren’t afraid to reply to the pollster.

PA Sheds Crocodile Tears

Arabs who live in eastern Jerusalem will not be allowed to set the stage for a PA state that includes Israel's capital.

Warning: Expiration Date May Be Fast Approaching!

Jerusalem is facing a double attack in the form of both illegal and legal Arab construction. This comes together with watered-down levels of Jewish construction in non-critical areas. The bottom line is that if not enough homes are built for Jews, and too many are built for Arabs

More Arabs In Hebrew U – Good Or Bad?

So, yes, Yerushalayim is becoming a more "open" city, but that means we need to significantly increase and expand the Jewish presence in it. Only a strong Jewish majority will ensure and secure Jerusalem for generations to come and enable us to continue to advance toward the Jerusalem envisioned by our prophets

Illegal Arab Construction Can No Longer Be Ignored

This trend spells disaster not only for the Jews in Jerusalem, but for the State of Israel, which is liable to face pressure to divide the city in order to maintain its Jewish majority. If the current rates continue, Jerusalem's Arab population could actually reach parity with the Jewish population within 10-15 years.

Islam’s Convenient Claims To Jerusalem

The international community should relate to Palestinians’ claims to Jerusalem as nothing more than the desire to do away with Israel.

Caution! PA Education In Jerusalem

Should Arab schools in Jerusalem use Israel’s syllabus or that of the Palestinian Authority? At present, only a small minority of schools in eastern Jerusalem are under the auspices of Israel's Education Ministry – to the detriment of all peace efforts.

Understanding Jerusalem Today

In actual fact, Palestinian Arabs have precisely zero national rights to Jerusalem. The nutshell story is that in 1922, the League of Nations issued a unanimously-approved Mandate for Palestine which stated that the entire area, including Judea and Samaria, belongs to the Jewish People. This document was never replaced or modified by any other decision

Training Future Hamas Fighters In Jerusalem

Hamas today has footholds in several neighborhoods of eastern Jerusalem,

Muslims Care About Jerusalem When It Suits Them

Aliyah to Jerusalem must continue and increase, all efforts to Islamicize Jerusalem must be firmly rebuffed, and Israel must assert its sovereignty throughout united Jerusalem in every way.

The Temple Mount, Behind The Scenes

hTe end goal of these Temple Mount terrorists: to detach the Jewish People from the source of their national strength and history.

The Jerusalem Butterfly Effect

The question of who owns which land in Jerusalem, and where Arabs or Jews will build and expand, has significance well beyond the borders of the city or even the country

New Mall Exposes Fatah’s True Colors

The mall, however, has already drawn Fatah boycott calls as well as several Arab-hurled firebombs.

Recapturing Jerusalem One House At A Time

Keep in mind that the "Muslim Quarter" was never exclusively Muslim; Jews and Christians used to live there as well. However, the Jews were compelled to leave their homes there in the wake of the 1929 Muslim riots. Finally, we are reclaiming it, one house at a time

Apples And Oranges

Let’s clear the table and tell the "narrative" as it really is: Jerusalem was chosen as the Jewish people's national and religious center before the dawn of organized religion. Other religions followed suit and declared it their own holy city – with catastrophic results during various periods of history.

Whose Jerusalem?

Jacques Gauthier, a non-Jewish Canadian lawyer who spent 20 years researching the issue, has concluded: "Jerusalem belongs to the Jews, by international law." His doctoral dissertation on the legal history of Jerusalem, based on an un-broken series of international treaties and resolutions over the course of the past century, demonstrates that the League of Nations and the United Nations gave the Jewish people title to the city of Jerusalem.

Our Journey Home Won’t Be Stopped

There is a slowly growing trend of Jews returning to their historic homes in presently Arab-majority neighborhoods. Let the trend grow


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