During my recent trip to Poland I visited many cemeteries where great tzaddikim are buried. Krakow has three cemeteries: a grassy field in the middle of the Kazmirez Square; the old cemetery located behind the Remu (Rema) Synagogue; and the new cemetery located on Mildova Street.


         The old cemetery is filled with the graves of tzaddikim dating back to the time of the Rema (Remu) (1525-1572).


         There are many other famous rabbis buried in Krakow – five of the better known are presented here; and the monument in the New Cemetery, dedicated to the Krakow victims of the Shoah:


         Rabbi Moshe Isserlis The Rema, zt”l (1525-1572)

         Rabbi Eliezer (HaRofai) Ashkenazi, zt”l.

         Rabbi Yoel Sirkus, the Bach, zt”l (1570-1641).

         Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman Heller (“Tosfot Yom Tov“) zt”l (1579-1654).

         Rabbi Natan Nata Shapiro, the Megaleh Amukot, zt”l.





Monument in the New Cemetery comprised of destroyed matzevot.





Rabbi Eliezer (HaRofai) Ashkenazi, zt”l, Krakow.




Rabbi Yoel Sirkus, the Bach, zt”l, Krakow.





Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman Heller, the Tosfot Yom Tov, zt”l, Krakow.






Rabbi Moshe Isserlis, the Rema, zt”l, Krakow





Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov, zt”l.