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April 17, 2014 / 17 Nisan, 5774
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Jewish Press Endorsements – November 6 General Elections

In the congressional race in the 9th CD (Englewood, NJ) Rabbi Shmuley Boteach gets our support. There can be no doubt that when it will come to dealing with matters of concern to our community, he will be there for us.


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New York State Senate

Eric A. Ulrich, 15th SD (Queens), has been endorsed by Jewish organizations in the district; as a member of the New York City Council he has been instrumental in getting financial aid to Jewish-oriented service agencies even though his district does not have a large Jewish constituency. He is also committed to tax credits and mandated services for parochial schools, key issues in our community. In our interview with him he impressed with his grasp of the issues and determination to make a difference. Simcha Felder, 17th SD (Brooklyn), has become a household name in our community by dint of his service as a member of the New York City Council for eight years and currently as deputy New York City comptroller. In a political world defined by self-aggrandizement, hyperbole, demonstrations and histrionics, he has been a model of self-effacement, understatement, hard work and competence – and has always championed the issues that are important to us. He would be an important addition to the New York State Senate. Martin J. Golden, 22nd SD (Brooklyn), has paid serious and faithful attention to the needs of his Jewish constituents and been an important “go to person” both in the State Senate, where he has served since 2002, and before that as a member of the New York City Council. He has visited The Jewish Press on many occasions and always speaks with passion of his plans for meeting the community’s needs. As a senior Republican senator and leader he plays an important role in the Republican-controlled Senate.


In the race for New York State Supreme Court for the Tenth Judicial District (Nassau and Suffolk) we endorse Judge Leonard B. Austen for reelection. He has been a member of the supreme court bench since 1998 and for the past three and a half years has had the added distinction of having been appointed to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court for the Second Department, the busiest appellate court in the country. It is noteworthy that appellate division judges are chosen from the pool of sitting supreme court judges. This speaks not only to the esteem in which he is held but also to the fact that he must be reelected to the supreme court in order to continue to serve on the appellate court.

Judge Austen is widely respected by attorneys and colleagues for his scholarship and knowledge of the law, his talent for legal analysis and above all for a judicial demeanor consistent with fairness and open-mindedness. In the course of his judicial career his decisions and opinions have had a significant impact on the development of the law in several areas. It is important that he be reelected in order to continue his important service.

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156 Responses to “Jewish Press Endorsements – November 6 General Elections”

  1. I see you are right wing rag-supporting the party of homophobs, racists and anti-semities I am cancelling my subsription.

  2. Bob Bobson says:

    Really? So constantly voting for tax hikes to the tune of increases above 18 precent, hiding in the bathroom during a Christine Quinn vote, voting for budgets that cut money to religious schools, backing Obama in 08, saying we should forget about vouchers, is what exactly? How does this guy and the media just wash over his pathetic record? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFuMbfAzp4U

  3. Bob Bobson says:

    felder has no spine…who hides in a bathroom during a vote?

  4. Edward Lobel says:

    Bob, You are un-American! I will not allow my tax dollars to be spent on sending your children or any other children to religious schools when there are good public schools! You want to send you children to private schools, religious schools, pay for them yourself but do not ask me to pay for them. You ae talking about tax hikes, name one tax hike that President Obama passed on the general public, The answer is NOT A SINGLE ONE! BTW I sent my children to Jewish schools and I paid for them without so much as saying why isn't the government paying to educate my children. You want free Jewish education, move to Israel!

  5. Edward Lobel says:

    your support of willard is greatly misleading and totally unfounded! President Obama has followed the identical course on Israel that every other president before him has. Willard has NO experience with Israel, NO KNOWLEDGE OF FOREIGN POLICY, DOES NOT KNOW WHERE THE MIDDLE EAST IS (HE CERTAINLY HAS NO IDEA WHERE IRAN IS AND THIN IT HAS TO GO THROUGH SYRIA TO GET TO THE SEA!) He will not help Israel at any time because he hates Jews! He wants all Jews to be baptized into the mormon faith!
    You think he was joking or LYING when willard in his last debate said President Obama was 100% correct in his dealings with Israel and would do exactly as he did!

  6. Edward Lobel says:

    ? what has this got to do with anything, all heard was his support of Israel!

  7. Bob Bobson says:

    Did you hear the head of hamas say that? amazing…look..go back to the daily kos an rachel maddow an leave the normal people alone k?

  8. Bob Bobson says:

    Oh I know you herd what he said…did you happen to see where he was sitting and who he was with?

  9. Steve Ladd says:

    Bravo, all good choices.

  10. Norka Mejia says:

    I am with you David Stoller

  11. Corey Breier says:

    The US Congress needs a man of the caliber of Rabbi Shmuely Boteach..I am so happy that your newspaper has endorsed him in the NJ 9th District Congressioanl race.

  12. Joyce Pustilnik says:

    It is sad to see that you support such extreme right wing candidates. Mittens has no world experience, he is anti-woman, anti-ggay, anti-gunregulation, anti-pollution and pro Koch brother industries which despoil the air we breathe and water we drink. Shame on you. Also, you conveniently left out the party affiliation next to each candidates name.
    WHat has Mittens done for Israel- the answer is- nothing, zero , zip. Also look how anti-semitic the Mormon religion is. He will keep on with the laughable "trickle down economy" for our country. IT HASN'T WORKED.
    He doesn't even believe in equal pay for equal work. He and his religion believe that a woman's place is at home. Wake up

  13. Edward Lobel says:

    you consider yourself normal? that's the funnist thing i'e heard in a long time!

  14. Edward Lobel says:

    You are a disgrace to the educators at Queens College! I would like to think the credits I received there would be of value, but with fools like you, they are probably worhless now. The rabbi is foolish and if yo actually listen to what he thinks he is going to accomplish, he would be laughed out of the repub party. They will mold him into an un-Jewish evangleical and force him to step in line or he gets nothing, and he will step in line. Have you heard him whine about how poor he is? Have you heard him whine about taking tax dollars to send his children to Jewish schools? Have you heard him whine about marriage and that he is going to iuntroduce legislation to make people go thru counciling? Have you seen him on Dr. Phil telling an orthodox woman who married someone her parents choosewithout ever meeting him that was not true! Jews do not do that? It is true! but the rabbi stated on national tv that it did not happen! the rabbii needs to spend more time writting his books and counting his millions and staying out of politics.

  15. David you are entitled to your opinions and feelings.

    I don't think a factual case could be made to paint the Republican party as anti-semetic. You could argue that the grandparents of today's Republicans were anti semetic.
    I would agree with you that that party is anti-gay.

    But David, in this year it was at the Democratic convention that Israel's connection to Jerusalem was booed not at the Republican convention.

    The overwhelming feeling and opinion among readers of this paper is that Romney is much more likely to protect Israel from a nuclear armed Iran.

    When the lives of millions of Israelis is at stake Jews do not have the luxury of considering the homophobia of the Republican Party.

  16. Charlie Hall says:

    Why no endorsements in the Bronx? There are Jews here, too! ;)

  17. Charlie Hall says:

    While I am voting entirely for Democrats this year (the Republicans are not running any serious candidates for US Congress, State Senate, or State Assembly where I live), with the possible exception of Ron Paul I do not see any anti-Semites among Republican elected officials anywhere. To call the Republican Party anti-Semitic is just wrong.

  18. Charlie Hall says:

    The Jewish Press has the right to make its endorsements, and I respect them. I do not agree with the choice of Mitt Romney for President, and here are the successes that are leading me to vote for Barack Obama. First, for foreign policy:

    1) OBL dead.

    2) 13 other Al Qaeda leaders dead. The rest are in hiding or on the run and the "organization" has pretty much ceased to function. Note that in 2008 both Romney and McCain explictly opposed the policy of going after terrorist targets without the permission of the government of the country in which they were hiding.

    3) Ghadafi dead.

    4) Pro-American government in Libya. And while the murders of the four Americans is a tragedy, we have to remember that the number of casualties up to that point was zero. Compare to what it took in money and lives to get rid of Saddam Hussein.

    5) Pro-American CITIZENRY in Libya — that is a miracle, as for decades the ONLY Arab country whose citizens were more favorable than unfavorable to the US was Lebanon.

    5) US combat forces out of Iraq.

    6) Strategic arms treaty with Russia.

    7, 8, 9) Free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea. The latter is particularly important given its history of protectionism.

    10) US-Israel military cooperation at highest levels in history.

    11) No Palestinian UN membership.

    12) Greek debt crisis contained. (This is probably the biggest one of all.)

    13) Mexican warlord terror stays on other side of the border. (Juarez had 3000 murders last year. El Paso had five.)

    14) US is now a net EXPORTER of petroleum products for the first time since 1949!

    15) Dollar strong against all major currencies. (It would actually help the US if it were to return to 2008 levels.)

    16) Iran faces the most draconian economic sanctions any country has faced in peacetime, ever.

    And for domestic policy:

    1) Economic stimulus plan ended recession in 2009.

    2) Affordable Care Act finally guarantees health insurance to all Americans. The effort to do this started a century ago with Theodore Roosevelt.

    3) Dodd-Frank Act finally puts some sense into financial sector regulation.

    I will not take time to criticize Mitt Romney right now, as there has already been too much negativity in this election. But based on his successes, Barack Obama deserves re-election.

  19. Shaila- can you take the Jewish Press into the bathroom?
    Answer – can you take the Jewish Press out of the bathroom?

  20. If you hadn't already decided to support Obama three years ago, I'd attach more weight to your endorsement. You don't seem objective when it comes to politics. I, in all honesty, am still undecided (and running out of time) because I am non-partisan and dissatisfied with both candidates. At the end of the day, almost nothing on your list of accomplishments has ANYTHING directly to do with the President, especially the killing of OBL, etc.

  21. Charlie Hall says:

    "almost nothing on your list of accomplishments has ANYTHING directly to do with the President, especially the killing of OBL, etc."

    To the contrary, rabbi, the President has a huge amount to do with all these. As an example, please see what I wrote:

    "Note that in 2008 both Romney and McCain explictly opposed the policy of going after terrorist targets without the permission of the government of the country in which they were hiding."

    Under the Romney/McCain policy, OBL would still be alive in Pakistan.

    Another example is that the overthrow of Ghadafi would not have been possible without the No-Fly zone enforced by the US, UK, and France. Obama made the decision to participate.

    Another example is that Romney would have vetoed both the Affordable Care Act and the Dodd-Frank Act.

    I could go on, but I hope my point is made.

  22. Mark Pelta says:

    Rabbi, I used to be a conservative, and was for McCain 3 years ago. Look at the facts: Charlie is right, and actually Obama prioritized going after bin Laden after getting into office.

  23. You are a fanatical treasoneous anti-American incestous moron!

  24. Corey: ignore this vacuous buffoon. He does this with everyone ehre. He is a brainwashed Obamarhoid pathetic ignorant troll. Ignore this shallow moron.

  25. Liad Bar-el says:

    This video stopped after 28 minutes.

  26. Edward Lobel says:

    Gabor Frankel, you ae still an idiot who has not learned anything!

  27. Edward Lobel says:

    Hey Gabor, do tyou even know what you said?

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It’s finally happened. New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan reported on her blog that “many readers…wrote to object to an [April 2] article…on the breakdown in peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians,” claiming “[they] found the headline misleading and the article itself lacking in context.” Ms. Sullivan provided one such letter, quoted the […]

Nor did it seem relevant that according to widely circulated media reports, Rev. Sharpton was caught on an FBI surveillance video discussing possible drug sales with an FBI agent.

To be sure, American policy had long opposed the growth of Israeli settlements, but at the same time U.S. policymakers acknowledged that in any negotiated agreement there would be land swaps between Israel and the Palestinians to accommodate the large numbers of Israelis living in the settlements.

The issue of affordable infertility treatment has long been one of particular importance to the Orthodox Jewish community and we support the leadership of New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who again successfully championed this significant cause.

So it always struck us as hypocritical that Israel was expected to release cold-blooded killers almost as a matter of habit while the U.S. balked at letting Pollard go.

The Department of Justice acknowledges that individuals can claim an exemption if they can demonstrate an adverse impact on their religious beliefs.

In the larger sense, Mrs. Lubling came to epitomize an Orthodox community dedicated to taking care of its own.

There may not have been much else President Obama could have realistically done, but the headline writers at the Times obviously felt the need to massage a front-page story that took a less than giddy approach to Mr. Obama’s policymaking; how else to explain the story’s headline – “As Sanctions Start, Russia Feels a Sting”?

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