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For G-d And Country: How The U.S. Military Made Me a Better Jew

19 Tammuz 5763 – July 18, 2003
By nature I was always machmir (strict) and never did anything half-hearted, so joining the regular army was just too easy.

French Anti-Semitism: Anatomy of an Old/New Phenomenon

12 Tammuz 5763 – July 11, 2003
Daniel Pipes warns that France offers a preview of what things could look like in the U.S. if there were a substantial increase in the Muslim population here, or if a population outside of the political mainstream were to gain political power.

The Village Is Not Burning: A Realist’s Appraisal Of Anti-Semitism Today

5 Tammuz 5763 – July 4, 2003
I do not believe that the United States is just another address for Jews on the run, just a safer haven.

Democracy in the Arab Middle East: Just Another Desert Mirage?

28 Sivan 5763 – June 27, 2003
Exactly what 'action' does the road map have in store?

See No Evil: How Professors, Politicians and the Press Coddled Jihadist Sami Al-Arian

21 Sivan 5763 – June 20, 2003
The day after the segment aired scores of angry e-mail and phone messages flooded USF's administrative offices most demanding Al-Arian's immediate ouster.

Left Still Wrong After All These Years: An Interview With Mona Charen

14 Sivan 5763 – June 13, 2003
I never thought that our moral legitimacy arises from getting authority from the United Nations to begin with.

Lies, More Lies, and CNN’s Lies

6 Sivan 5763 – June 5, 2003
In the past these people were able to hide behind the cloak of time and distance in order to make their distortions sound plausible.

Lebanon 1982: The War That Drove Israel's Left Insane

28 Iyyar 5763 – May 30, 2003
It is not well understood to what a great extent the Israeli Left was radicalized by Israel's 'Peace for Galilee' invasion of Lebanon in 1982. This radicalization was very similar to the radicalization of the American Left over Vietnam.

Modern Orthodoxy In A Changing World

20 Iyyar 5763 – May 21, 2003
Many defenders of Modern Orthodoxy decry the apparent rejection of a college education in favor of yeshiva.

Peace Activist’s Lament: I Was Wrong About the War

13 Iyyar 5763 – May 14, 2003
Currently there are approximately six million Assyrians -- 2.5 million in Iraq and the rest scattered in the Assyrian Diaspora around the world.

Military Matters: An Interview With Victor Davis Hanson

8 Iyyar 5763 – May 9, 2003
There have been frequent comparisons of late between the United States and the Roman Empire. How valid do you think those comparisons are?

Saddam, Bush And The Rebbe: The Kabbalah of Basra

25 Nisan 5763 – April 26, 2003
As we all remember the first Persian Gulf war ended only a few weeks after it began.

Distortions and Double Standards: The New York Times and Israel

23 Nisan 5763 – April 25, 2003
The Times also likes to devote ample publicity to anti-Zionist Jews.

Candles On The Carmel

9 Nisan 5763 – April 11, 2003
''We are three blocks away; you will be home in a minute.''
The taxi driver nudges me rudely into semi-consciousness. I try
to shake the fog from my head. I am still half asleep, staring
through the window at the Christmas lights. As consciousness
slowly seeps through, something here is out of place. Why is there
a giant Christmas tree on display in Budapest when it is months
after Christmas? I shake my head some more. No, it is not
Budapest. I left Budapest six hours ago and have been flying all
night. I must have succumbed to exhaustion on the ride up to
Haifa in the taxi from the airport.

He Walked With Kings And Rulers: Remembering David Horowitz

4 Nisan 5763 – April 5, 2003
That beautiful smile, warm and sincere, which proceeded from a transcendent mastery of pain and loss, both personal and that of his people, first beamed at the beginning of the 20th century.

Symposium: The Jews and President Bush

25 Adar II 5763 – March 28, 2003
In the last year there has been a wave of anti-Semitism in the United States and abroad coming from the left.

Left-Wing Hate Fest: What The Media Didn’t Tell You About The New York Anti-War...

18 Adar II 5763 – March 21, 2003
"We don't care if you [Bush] put forth Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell," he continued. "They do not represent the black community."

I May Not Know a Matzoh Ball From a Baseball… But I Know We...

11 Adar II 5763 – March 14, 2003
All of you are part of this struggle that now must be our consuming focus.

Election Analysis: The Incredible Shrinking Israeli Left

3 Adar II 5763 – March 7, 2003
There is no sound so delightful as the whimpering of leftists in the morning.

There is no message so hope-inspiring as the screams of outrage from the world and the
accusations that Israelis have voted against "peace."

A Modest Solution To The Mideast Crisis

26 Adar I 5763 – February 28, 2003
For goodness' sake, all they want is one more dunam here, one more corpse there.

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