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September 18, 2014 / 23 Elul, 5774
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A Response to Thomas Friedman: We Need More Sheldon Adelsons

The enthusiasm of the anti-Israel bigots is extraordinary. Genuine pro-Israel activists voices are not being amplified precisely because people like Friedman demonizes them, along with the country they love.
The author, Josh Nass, and Sheldon Adelson.

The author, Josh Nass, and Sheldon Adelson.
Photo Credit: Josh Nass

What we are currently experiencing on college campuses nationwide is frightening and unprecedented from the perspective of a pro-Israel student activist. The enthusiasm of the anti-Israel bigots is extraordinary. Genuine pro-Israel activists voices are not being amplified precisely because people like Friedman demonizes them, along with the country they love.

Instead of urging Mr. Adelson to stop vigorously defending Israel against its critics in public and otherwise, you ought to be applauding him for doing so. What the Jewish community needs now more than ever are more Sheldon Adelsons. Strong men and women with the courage of their convictions to stand up for what is right – even when it might be under less than popular circumstances.

About the Author: Josh Nass is the founder of Voices of Conservative Youth and a political commentator who regularly appears on Fox News, the Fox Business Network and on MSNBC.

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89 Responses to “A Response to Thomas Friedman: We Need More Sheldon Adelsons”

  1. Marsha Greenberg Motzen says:

    What the world needs is less Thomas Friedmans.

  2. Jean Kinney says:


  3. The world is not the only thing that is flat. Friedman’s head qualifies as well.

  4. David Adda says:

    Thomas Friedman is a moron only relevant to other moronic liberal lunatics, end of story.

  5. Dan Silagi says:

    So anyone who doesn't admire this gonif is anti-Israel? Say that to my face, a-hole. As far as Adelson goes, one is one too many.

  6. Dan Silagi says:

    So anyone who doesn't kiss Smelly Shelly Adelson's rear end is (1) a self-hating Jew, (2) anti-Israel, (3) a BDS supporter, and (4) maybe a Holocaust denier? As far as I'm concerned, Adelson is a shonda fur de goyim. I don't care how many Jewish kids he sends to Israel on what's turning into a propaganda exercise for the Israeli right; that doesn't negate his bad actions and his gonivkeit.

  7. Millie Kashuk says:

    If Thomas Friedman was Jewish his thinking would be different. To be Jewish and understand what our families (6million Jews Killed) including
    my Grand Parents, Aunts, and children and how they were killed would make him understand how our hearts are so sad……..We Thank Hashem for Sheldon Adelson and his contributions to Jewish causes and Israel…. WAKE UP FRIEDMAN……..ISRAEL IS OUR JEWISH HOME LAND NO MATTER WHAT THE PALESTINIANS THINK

  8. Dan Silagi says:

    Israel's legitimacy to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza is that they won it in a war — the same way we in the United States won the West (it was ceded by Mexico after we whupped the Mexican's rear ends, after there were many Indian tribes to contend with). The difference is that the U.S. annexed these areas, made them part of the Union, while Israel has not, so for the time being they're occupied territories. Mr. Nass would have you believe if you're in favor of a two-state solution, you're anti-Israel. That's a bunch of BS, and contrary to the beliefs of most Israelis.

  9. I met Mr. Adelson and accompanied him on his tour of the Begin Center. He doesn't smell, well, not like you, Dan.

  10. Dan Silagi no, even if you do not think history, culture, religion or the Bible preovide legitimacy to Zionism, the League of Nations's 1922 Mandate, based on San Remo and the Balfour Declaration and bolstered by the 1919 Versailles Peace Conference, did include Judea and Samaria as gthe historic Jewish national home. We didn't need the 1967 war.

  11. Dan Silagi says:

    Yisrael Medad Say that to my face, Yisrael. But be sure to brush up on your krav maga first, putz.

  12. Dan Silagi says:

    Yisrael Medad I take it you're not in favor of the 2-state solution. So what do we do with the 5+ million Arabs who live in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza once we annex those areas? Put 'em on reservations?

  13. Millie Kashuk says:


  14. Are you jealous that he has money.?Work hard…you too can have money if you work hard and spend wisely.

  15. Jonathan Weber says:

    Dan Silagi I have a suggestion, go live in Gaza and then try to disagree with Hamas like you disagree with Israel's right to its G_d given land. Abbas has said on numerous occasions that NO JEW will be allowed to live in Palestine! Abu Mazen is a holocaust denier – his college thesis was based on it! When Arabs controlled the Kotel, no Jew was allowed to pray there! The #3 man in the Palestenian government has publicly stated he wants to assemble all the Jews in Israel and kill them all! These are your friends Dan?

  16. I adore you!!! Friedman is a stupid self-hating Jew!

  17. MR. Adelson, give a billion dollars to Yeshiva University. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

  18. Dan Silagi says:

    So, since the Palestinians (or at least Hamas) are evil, we should round 'em all up, put 'em in shipping containers, send 'em off to Auschwitz and kill 'em all with some leftover Zyklon-B. After all, if we don't kill 'em all, including babies and farm animals, they'll get all of us. That sound familiar to you, ******? Isn't that exactly what God (there's an "o" in the middle) commanded of King Saul, and when Saul had a heart and didn't completely carry out your God's genocidal wishes, God punished him by removing him from his throne.

    I have less than no use for Palestinians, or Muslims in general, but that doesn't excuse genocide or something very close to it. And NONE of those advocating a dual state are willing to give up the Kotel, or even close.

  19. Michael Jaffee says:

    Dan, your a self-loather who is ultra-left winger who is a gold member of J-street. Enough said.

  20. Dan Silagi says:

    I see from your Facebook profile you're a fan of Pink Floyd. Calling me an ultra-lefty is equivalent to the pot calling the kettle black.

  21. Hey Dan. Come up for air. And get the lice out of your mouth.

  22. Dan Silagi says:

    And be sure to bribe foreign governments, especially those which aren't our allies, so you can operate a bunch of casinos there. Works every time.

  23. Dan Silagi says:

    Michael Jaffee Is that what you call saying it to my face, buttboy? Because if you said that to my face, girlie-man, you'd be in dire need of a good reconstructive dentist.

  24. Michael Jaffee says:

    Dan Silagi, you are a a pos and a Jstreet gold member. I just said it to your face. Go fy and learn to be polite to Yisrael Medad.

  25. Dan Silagi says:

    I saw your picture on Facebook. You're about 2/3 my size. So I guess insulting me from afar is about all you're capable of doing.

  26. Nothing worse than a Jew who hates himself

  27. Josh Nass, I am sure that you are a perfectly intelligent young man. But in the league of Tom Friedman you ain't. Worse, you seem to have completely missed the nuance. Sheldon Adelson is a super rich Zionist Jew. He made his money in Chinese gambling casinos. He has been interfering in the U.S. political process. He has been in league with Netanyahu against Obama. That gives Obama and Rouhani something in common. I could further enlighten you but I'd rather that you and Sheldy just keep stumbling along the way that you are going. Like two drunks on a dark night.

  28. Tarek Saba says:

    I love all the Nazi’s zionist cheerleaders on here

  29. me a Pink Floyder? don't believe the Internet.

  30. Dan Silagi says:

    Not you, Jaffee.

  31. Dan Silagi says:

    There's nothing wrong with being super-rich, being a Zionist Jew, or both. There's plenty wrong with using one's money to buy elections or candidates, and that's what Herman Munster Adelson's been doing. To me, it's quite sickening for people from Shmuley Boteach to Newt Gingrich to Chris Christie to kowtow to Adelson. I don't care what that SOB's stand on the issues is, or whether or not I agree with him. Elections are for the people to decide, not for someone to buy an office.

  32. Dan Silagi says:

    Newsflash, lady! Thomas Friedman IS Jewish. Is your definition of a Jew someone who kowtows to Sheldon Adelson?

  33. Jonathan Weber says:

    Dan Silagi excuse me… but putting people in box cars and shipping them off to Auschwitz is exactly what Hamas and many Palestinians want to do to us Jews! I think your name calling reflects what kind of person you really are. Not nice, not respective of any one else but yourself.

  34. Dan Silagi says:

    So, we should do that to them first, is that your polnt? And if you want to castigate someone for name-calling, look in the mirror first.

  35. Jonathan Weber says:

    Dan Silagi I guess you just like to insult people. I NEVER proposed that! You're the one who said put them in box cars. You just proved my point!

  36. Dan Silagi says:

    I made a rhetorical point and even you are smart enough to know that, although I'm sure there are plenty of settler scum reading this who would like to do just that to the Palestinians. Now I'll ask you again, if Israel annexes the occupied territories, what should be done with the Arabs living there?

  37. Jonathan Weber says:

    Dan Silagi : I don't know what to do about the Arab population. I am not an expert in this area and neither are you. It is very complex. In many Arab countries,they threw the Jews out – (875,000 of us!) – - not calling for this – just making a point how one-sided the world is against the Jews. Everywhere we've pulled out of, the Arabs try to kill us instead of negotiating and history shows if we gave them Sumaria and Judea that will not change. The settlers aren't scum as you call them, just as our Haredi brothers are not scum. I think you need to take an anger management course. Smile Dan. You don't need to keep throwing invectives at everyone you disagree with :)

  38. Dan Silagi says:

    Both the settlers and the haredim are poster children for anti-Semitism, and that's why I despise them, especially the latter. As Friedman points out (I actually read the article), people like Adelson lend credence to the BDS-holes of the far left. I wonder how Michael and Judy Steinhardt (especially the latter) feel about Adelson usurping their great idea and turning it into political propaganda.

  39. Dan Silagi says:

    I'm speaking, of course, of Birthright Israel.

  40. Joey Heller says:

    This article is an atrocity. It calls itself "a reponse to Thomas Friedman" yet it never even directly quotes anything Friedman says. It also fails to address any of the points Friedman raises in his article. For the uninitiated Friedman wrote a critique on Sheldon Adelson's ideology. Joshua "responded" by listing Sheldon Adelson's donation receipts. Its hard to blame Nass though, when your head is that far up Sheldon Adelson's rear end it must be hard to read.

  41. Jonathan Weber says:

    Dan Silagi It's too bad you don't like an organization that connects Jews with their land. But that is your choice and most of the readers of the Jewish Press will disagree with you. Going to work – over and out!

  42. Dan Silagi No, Dan, they are at war at us, and they will fight us to their death.

  43. Dan Silagi says:

    I don't dislike Birthright Israel at all. In most ways it's excellent. I am appalled at what it's turned into, and I'm especially speaking of the Mega Event last year which was a celebration of Adelson's birthday. Those relatives of mine who went on Birthright trips, in the first decade of this century and those who went most recently, would agree with me to a man (or woman).

  44. Dan Silagi says:

    I rarely agree with Friedman, especially with his global warming screeds, but on this he was spot-on. Adelson and his ilk are poster children for anti-Semitism, and for Israeli intransigence, some, but not all of which, is totally justifiable. What Friedman said was not to endorse the Palestinians, who are about as interested in peace as the North Koreans, but to castigate Adelson for his making it easy for those who don't have a dog in this fight to dislike Israel — and Jews.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Dan Silagi you are a ******. i doubt if you are Jewish, but some sycophant of Obama, paid to monitor what loyal Jew's are thinking. Long live Sheldon Adelson. We need more Adelson's and less Soros or Silagi.

  46. Marty Appel says:

    Wow, and he even said yes when you asked to take a picture with him! Did you get his autograph? What a shameful suck up column this is.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Dan Silagi There are only 1.5 million Arabs in Judea and Samaria. Why do you accept the Arabs lies? They may take their material possessions and leave, which is more than what they allowed Sephardic Jews in their countries.

  48. Anonymous says:

    And Soros, silagi and Obama.

  49. Why not call those lands what they really are, liberated territories. For 20 years, from 1967 to 1987 the population was brought forward 2000 years. Arafat did not like the fact that the Israeli's treated these people better than any other country in the region and decided to stir things up and brought the people back down.

  50. Please recognize the fact that some people support Israel but think that Sheldon is a fool. He supported Newtie for president! Sheesh.

  51. Anonymous says:

    JUst once I would like to read what Friedman, to me NO BETTER than a Jews for Jesus follower, …what ole Tommy "LOVES" and "Respects" about the wonder of ISRAEL!!! NO YOU WON'T HEAR THAT…because he sacrifices his own people for the sake of the almighty buck!!! He poses as "The Good Jew" for the ISRAEL HATERS!!!!

  52. Robin Rosenblatt says:

    We need more Jews to support Israel!

  53. if I wrote what i think of thomas friedman no one would publish it. seriously. it's that bad.

  54. Shi Yuehan says:

    Someone still reads the N.Y. Times?

  55. Dan Silagi Which office did he buy? His candidates certainly did not win the 2012 presidential election. Liberals and Conservatives both contribute to political campaigns but the voters still decide who wins. Adelson isn't interfering in the elections anymore than the TV and radio networks which are all liberal, except for Fox, do.

  56. Dan Silagi says:

    Steven Phillips The fact that Adelson was unsuccessful in (1) getting Boteach to beat Pascrell (2) making Newtie the Republican nominee and (3) making Romney president just means the voters had more sense than Adelson did. And CBS, NBC, and ABC don't spend hundreds of millions to get their candidates elected, they just run ads paid for by others.

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The author, Josh Nass, and Sheldon Adelson.

Apparently Thomas Friedman needs a history lesson to learn why those aren’t “occupied territories.”

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