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January 19, 2017 / 21 Tevet, 5777
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Brandeis’s Dishonor Diaries

The Muslim terrorist ambushed Van Gogh in a street in broad daylight, shot him eight times, sliced his neck until his head was barely hanging on by a flap of skin, and pinned a note to his mutilated body with a knife. The note was for Ali. It read: “You’re next.”

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Imam Suhail Webb who boasted his Muslim community persuaded Brandeis President Fred Lawrence to withdraw an invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Imam Suhail Webb who boasted his Muslim community persuaded Brandeis President Fred Lawrence to withdraw an invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
Photo Credit: YouTube

Imam Suhaib Webb was a happy man last Wednesday. The radical Islamist leader of Boston’s Saudi-funded mega mosque boasted that his Muslim community persuaded Brandeis University President Fred Lawrence to withdraw a Brandeis honorary degree from Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the courageous, Somalia-born human rights activist who fled – and who campaigns against – the horrors radical Islam inflicts on women.

Webb blasted out thanks to his tens of thousands of social media followers, to the Brandeis Muslim Student Alliance and to Brandeis Professor of Islam Joseph Lumbard for their activist work. He cheered: “Great job, Umma!” Umma is the Muslim community.

If you watch the videos of his sermons, If you watch the videos of his sermons, you might conclude that Webb is homophobic, anti-Semitic and a misogynist, a man who claims that uncovered women are “bad people.” His mosque’s website once had instructions for men on how to beat their wives.

Ali’s brave words expose this kind of abuse of women in the Islamic world. She threatens to contest – and to expose – Islamist ideology for what it truly is. So Webb sought to have her silenced. And he succeeded. If Brandeis President Fred Lawrence lived in a world not drenched in post-modernist political correctness, he would be Ali’s most natural champion. But he is owned and ruled by that canon.

It’s a topsy-turvy world. Most Jews older than 40 don’t have a clue about the fast-flowing river of politically correct thought that runs beneath and undermines our society’s foundations of history, reason, morality and logic. They do not fully understand that the mental world in which our children – and our elites — are steeped. They don’t know that the 1960s ideologies were the victors in the culture wars, so much so that our public schools and popular culture rehearse and extol them daily. That’s why so many were shocked that a “Jewish” and “liberal” university could publicly dishonor a black woman who fights for human rights.

Only by knowing today’s secular theology with its complex hierarchy of values could one understand how Webb, a white man, can call a black woman an idiot, question her qualifications to teach at Harvard and not be relegated to social hell.

Only threatened by the twisted idea of “Islamophobia” – that you are a racist if you object to an unreformed medieval way of life — could Lawrence publicly shame and dishonor a woman who escaped her medieval society – after having been genitally mutilated, forced by her devoutly religious family into marriage, and threatened with death – and who now bravely faces down her murderous enemies. Only under PC insanity can Webb, the white son of an Oklahoma bank executive, claim greater victimhood and moral sanction from Lawrence than a brutalized but brave African woman simply because he adopted a fake accent and converted to Islam while Ali converted out of it.

Parents considering the huge tuitions that colleges now fetch are persuaded to pay through the nose in part because, yes, they deem it practical, but also because they are moved by glowing phrases about the glory and power of ideas. They have yet to understand that the ideas in power on today’s campus can turn on a black heroine and give victory to an Islamist because the president of a “Jewish,” “liberal” center of learning needs to be in line with the Islamist, even though this particular Islamist is on record claiming that Jews were Muhammad’s “greatest antagonizers” and that animosity toward the Jews is understandable.

It was almost exactly a year ago – just after Rabbi Ronne Friedman of Boston’s Temple Israel publicly endorsed his “depth, sincerity and religious scholarship” in an expression of Jewish interreligious “tolerance” — that Webb attacked Ali. He did it from the podium at the annual banquet of the Council on American- Islamic Relations (CAIR), the extremist Hamas front group that led the hateful campaign on Brandeis to snub her. Webb called Ali – a black African woman who converted away from Islam – an “idiot” and wondered: “How can she teach at the University of Phoenix, let alone Harvard?” (Ali is a fellow at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.) Perhaps the endorsement from the rabbi of Boston’s largest Jewish house of worship gave Webb the confidence to call a black female intellectual “stupid.” The Jews, he might well have thought, would never criticize him for it. They’ve been “Islamophobia-d,” mentally mutilated, rendered capons.

Charles Jacobs and Ilya Feoktistov

About the Author: Charles Jacobs is president and Ilya Feoktistov is research director of Americans for Peace and Tolerance (www.peaceandtolerance.org).

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  1. I say you cant fix stupid or Crazy or Insane people ! Ever !

  2. Ira Abramson says:

    At Brandeis of all places. The film about the female genetile mutilation can’t be shown. It offends the Muslims who are afraid of the truth.

  3. The American Jews should stop funding Brandeis.

  4. Ira Abramson says:

    Why is it that the Muslims are not happy where they are and move to the U.S. And are not happy here? At least here they have freedom of speech. Why do they try to restrict the freedoms of others who they disagree with?

  5. Ira Abramson says:

    Let the Muslims fund Brandeis. Let the Muslims contribute to society.

  6. Karin Moore says:

    Brandies becomes Muslim dhimmies! SCREW Islam religion of Satan.

  7. Fear, Scare mongering. Is this the religion that professes peace yet mutualizes & subjugates their women into being less than nothing. It is worse when their Imans stand from a pulpit, preach this message & no one does anything about it. What also scares me the most is there is a terrorist council right under the nose of the Anti Terrorists branch of the FBI. Go figure!!

  8. Lani Lowell says:

    he's KKK without the hood

  9. Gene Strong says:

    Do not.attemd or donate to Brandeis university

  10. Before Americans decide what is better – Islam or Judeo Christianity- they might look to the success of each and ask themselves what they want for the future of their children… if it is Islam than they might look at 1400 years of Islam in over 50 once non Islamic countries…

    If it is Judeo Christianity they might choose to look at America’s 300 year history and related success …

    Informed reason, according to Plato, is the faculty best suited to make all the right and necessary decisions in a person’s life. As a just and healthy person is governed by knowledge and reason, a just society must be under the control of society’s most cultivated and best informed minds, its “lovers of wisdom.”

    It is doubtful that there has ever been a more miserable human refuse than Jewish survivors after World War II. Starving, emaciated, stateless—they were not welcomed back by countries where they had lived for generations as assimilated and educated citizens. Germany was no place to return to and in Kielce, Poland, 40 Jews who survived the Holocaust were killed in a pogrom one year after the war ended. The European Jew, circa 1945, quickly went from victim to international refugee disaster.

    Yet within a very brief time, this epic calamity disappeared, so much so that few people today even remember the period. How did this happen in an era when Palestinian refugees have continued to be stateless for generations?

    In 1945, there were hundreds of thousands of Jewish survivors living in DP Camps (displaced persons) across Europe. They were fed and clothed by Jewish and international relief organizations. Had the world’s Jewish population played this situation as the Arabs and Palestinians have, everything would look very different today.

    To begin with, the Jews would all still be living in these DP camps, only now the camps would have become squalid ghettos throughout Europe. The refugees would continue to be fed and clothed by a committee similar to UNRWA—the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (paid for mostly by the United States since 1948). Blessed with one of the world’s highest birth rates, they would now number in the many millions. And 66 years later, new generations, fed on a mixture of hate and lies against the Europeans, would now seethe with anger.


  11. Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Islamic antisemitism

    There are a few things I believe about the Israel/Palestinian situation and people’s reaction to it:

    1. The roots of the dispute are in the soil of religion, not territory or politics.

    2. The above is evidenced by the historic and sworn statements of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the profound and pervasive antisemitism of Arab countries—itself seen daily in their public media.

    3. Western liberals are willing to overlook Arab anti Semitism to concentrate entirely on the faults of Israel (and I grant that there are some of those), faults which do not include state-endorsed anti-Islamic propaganda. This double standard reflects, I think, some anti Semitism itself.


    Legal Rights and Title of Sovereignty of the Jewish People

    Howard Grief


  12. It needs to be shown, this is the USA and free speech is part and parcel of the way of life here.

  13. We can take cre of that.

  14. We can have an Ewtn outlet here so they get there Money.

  15. We can have an Ewtn outlet here so they get there Money.

  16. store to sell. here in Amherst mA,

  17. Instead of defense training.

  18. A few years ago I saw someone defend Hirsi Ali online. A Muslim on the forum who had been friendly to that time responded that she 'looked like a giraffe with the face of a baboon." Quite revealing as to attitude of a young, intellectual Muslim towards women & Africans.

  19. 🙁 And jews should not go there to study.

  20. Sad on so many fronts.

  21. President of Brandeis should be ashamed of his weakness and cowardice.

  22. You said that so well. It’s like alice in wonderland. Everything is turned upside down..it’s unbelievable that so many embrace this cultural deceitfulness. G d help us

  23. Fred Lawrence was undoubtedly threatened,if only by suggestion, with violence for noncompliance with CAIR's demand.

  24. Yetta Tropp says:

    Brandeis University should be ashamed of their President and his cowardice. These universities who dishonor themselves should be outed for their complete disregard of what is good and fair and right

  25. Yetta Tropp says:

    Brandeis University should be ashamed of their President and his cowardice. These universities who dishonor themselves should be outed for their complete disregard of what is good and fair and right

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